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Villagers Thought 'Angel' Fell From Sky. It Was a Sex Toy

'They have no Internet,' a police chief explains

(Newser) - A sex toy found by a fisherman in a small Indonesian village was taken home, dressed up, and worshipped as an angel for weeks, the BBC reports, proving yet again that the world is a strange and wonderful place. According to the San Francisco Chronicle , the 21-year-old fisherman found the...

Car-Crash 'Angel' Identified
 Car-Crash 'Angel' Identified 

Car-Crash 'Angel' Identified

The Rev. Patrick Dowling came to Katie Lentz's aid

(Newser) - A mysterious priest who showed up to pray at the scene of a Missouri car crash may have been heaven-sent, but he only traveled about 150 yards to get to there. It turns out the "angel" priest who prayed with Katie Lentz, 19, then seemingly disappeared last Sunday is...

Ex-FBI Employee: I Saw Angels at Flight 93 Site

Lillie Leonardi has written a book about her visions

(Newser) - Lillie Leonardi arrived on the scene of the United Airlines Flight 93 crash about three hours after it occurred on Sept. 11. The former FBI employee remembers smelling burning pine and jet fuel, taking in the debris-filled crater, and seeing ... angels? Apparently. Leonardi shares her visions in a new book...

Netherlands' Angel Statue Will Take Your Call

Couple set up phone number for modern church sculpture

(Newser) - A Dutch town has a guardian angel—and her cell phone gets 30 calls a day. The Little Angel, a sculpture outside the ancient St. John the Evangelist Cathedral in 'S Hertogenbosch, was born out of a 1997 design contest to replace the church's worn-down figures. In addition...

Biblical Angels Were Just 'Lucid Dreams': Sleep Study
 Biblical Angels 
 Were Just 
 'Lucid Dreams' 
says sleep study

Biblical Angels Were Just 'Lucid Dreams'

Most dreamers in study had Elijah-like experience

(Newser) - What if Biblical characters who saw angels were all simply dreaming? Researchers in Los Angeles tested that theory by asking participants to re-enact the experience of Elijah, the prophet who was awakened by an angel carrying much-needed bread and water. Following instructions, volunteers at the Out-of-Body Experience Research Center tried...

In US, 77% Believe in Angels
 In US, 77% Believe in Angels 

In US, 77% Believe in Angels

Poll reveals even majority of non-Christians believe

(Newser) - Hark! A sizable majority of Americans believe the herald angels really might be practicing their chorus. A new AP-GfK poll shows that 77% of adults think angels are real. That’s significantly lower than the 92% who professed belief in God in a May poll, but a lot higher than...

Scientist: Angels Can't Fly
 Scientist: Angels Can't Fly 

Scientist: Angels Can't Fly

Don't even bother asking about fairies

(Newser) - A British scientist has become a real Debbie Downer for angel fans with his pronouncement that the heavenly creatures as depicted in art would never get off the ground. Flight is simply not in the stars, given their human bodies and bird-like wings. “Even a cursory examination of the...

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