Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

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Underwear Bomber Spilling 'Chilling' al-Qaeda Intel

GOP complains FBI's revealing too much about what he's saying

(Newser) - Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is continuing to provide the FBI with vital—and chilling—information now that he's talking, intelligence sources say. Officials say that the underwear bomber, who started cooperating after family members were flown in from Nigeria, has provided details about his al-Qaeda handlers in Yemen. He believes there... More »

Abdulmutallab Now Cooperating With Feds

Authorities get 'useful, current' info from underwear bomber

(Newser) - The so-called “underwear bomber” is now cooperating with US authorities, who have acted upon the “useful, current” information Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has given them, sources tell Politico . Abdulmutallab is said to have clammed up when he was given his Miranda rights less than an hour into questioning after... More »

Obama's Tone Deaf on Terror

'President is ignoring citizen security fears'

(Newser) - The Obama administration's policy on captured terrorists seems like it's aimed more at pleasing America's critics than making Americans feel safer, writes Richard Cohen. Blunders like trying to hold the KSM trial in New York and giving the "underwear bomber" suspect his Miranda rights show that the administration is... More »

Underwear Bomber's Treatment a Travesty

Detroit suspect read Miranda rights without counter-terror chiefs' approval

(Newser) - Charles Krauthammer finds the Obama administration's handling of accused bomb plotter Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab more scandalous with every new bit of information that emerges. The Justice Department decided to read the underwear bomber his Miranda rights after just 50 minutes of questioning and they didn't consult with the heads of... More »

US Now Thinks Abdulmutallab Had Accomplice

Man saw to it that Detroit-bound bomber 'did not get cold feet'

(Newser) - Though authorities initially downplayed one eyewitness account that the so-called “underwear bomber” had an accomplice with him at Amsterdam’s airport, they’re now hunting for the well-dressed Indian man who was with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Christmas Day. And the reversal seems to have been buried by mainstream... More »

Bin Laden Claims Detroit Bomb Attempt

Al-Qaeda leader vows new attacks, may be trying to re-assert importance

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas in a new audio message released today that threatened more attacks on the United States. The message suggests the al-Qaeda leader wants to appear in direct command of the terrorist group's many affiliates when some... More »

Muslim Cops Slam Brit Anti-Terror Strategy

Say stigmatizing community fosters far-right violence

(Newser) - British anti-terrorism strategy is wrong to focus on Muslims when far-right extremists actually pose a far greater threat to national security, says a Muslim police officers' association previously backed by PM Gordon Brown. The group warned that anti-terrorism strategies that stigmatize Muslim communities are racist and could increase far-right violence... More »

UK Bans Flights From Yemen

Yemenia flights suspended pending security improvements

(Newser) - The British government yesterday ordered an immediate halt to direct flights from Yemen to the UK as a security precaution. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, describing the country as "both an incubator and potential safe haven for terrorism," also announced the creation of an expanded no-fly list of people... More »

Detroit Bomber Bought Return Ticket

Nothing about ticket would have raised red flag

(Newser) - Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's intention may have been to gain a one-way ticket to paradise by blowing up a Northwest Airlines flight, but the terror suspect purchased a return ticket, congressional aides were told yesterday. It had been widely reported that Abdulmutallab had bought a one-way ticket, something experts said should... More »

Rich Kids Who Went Terribly Wrong

From John Hinckley to Abdulmutallab, sometimes privilege corrupts

(Newser) - Being born with a silver spoon doesn't automatically make you a golden child—or adult. Newsweek takes a look at children of privilege who took an extremely sharp turn away from very-well-to-do families and toward lives of terrorism and murder:
  • Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: The son of one of the wealthiest
... More »

Beware the Jihadi Intellectuals

Al-Balawi, Hasan, Abdulmutallab didn't rise from desperation of poverty

(Newser) - Educated, well-off Muslims who espouse jihad are far removed from illiterate Taliban warlords in almost every way—but they're proving to be just as much of a threat, writes Anne Applebaum. People like 31-year-old Defne Bayrak, proud wife of the suicide bomber who killed eight CIA agents, are eloquent, intelligent,... More »

78% of Americans Favor Full-Body Scans

Most value possible anti-terrorist effect over privacy

(Newser) - A huge majority of Americans support the use of full-body scanners in airports, casting privacy concerns aside for the chance of increased air security, a USA Today poll finds. More than two-thirds of frequent fliers say they are comfortable going through the scanners, and a whopping 78% say they should... More »

'Captain Obvious' Deduces Terror's Alive, Well

National security crises are not the time to play it cool, Obama

(Newser) - "No Drama Obama" reacted to the attempted Christmas bombing with characteristic cool—he "reviewed the reviews, analyzed the intelligence every which way," then he "came down from the mountaintop" to declare what we already know, writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times . "We are... More »

Abdulmutallab Pleads Not Guilty

Detroit terror suspect makes first court appearance

(Newser) - Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab entered a not guilty plea today to charges of attempting to blow up an airplane en route from Copenhagen to Detroit. Appearing for the first time before a federal court, the 23-year-old Nigerian was polite in his brief exchanges with the judge, who entered the plea. The... More »

Double Agent Far Scarier Than Underwear Bomber

Detroit incident gets the headlines, but Afghan attack is worse for US

(Newser) - Public reaction to the two recent terrorist attacks has Joe Klein puzzled. The underwear bomber failed but is getting all the attention. The successful suicide attack against CIA agents in Afghanistan has far more profound implications, but it's slipping off the radar. "Make no mistake: it has to be... More »

Obama Should Get Over His Gitmo Obsession

And Detroit terror suspect should be in military custody

(Newser) - Charles Krauthammer finds the White House decision to try the Detroit terror suspect as a civilian nothing short of idiotic: A guy who was "singing quite freely" when he was seized was suddenly "lawyered up and shut up." Even if they wanted to try him eventually as... More »

Biggest US Error Was to Miss Yemen Threat

Seems we didn't know they were capable of launching terrorists

(Newser) - In all the news yesterday about US intelligence lapses, one "startling concession" stands out to Marc Ambinder: Security chief John Brennan admitted that the US didn't realize al-Qaeda's organization in Yemen—al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula—had "progressed to the point of actually launching individuals here." As... More »

Forget Underwear, Fear the Butt Bomb

Explosives hidden in the rectum could prove undetectable

(Newser) - The Detroit Christmas bombing may have failed, but like the shoe-bombing attempt, it could have lasting implications for travelers, this time in the form of pat-downs that "are a little more, shall we say, intimate," writes Michael Crowley. How else, after all, to detect an unobtrusive amount of... More »

Bomber Report Out Today a Shocker: Jones

Yemen confirms attacker met Awlaki; explosives Nigerian

(Newser) - The public will feel “a certain shock” at the security failures outlined in the unclassified report on the Christmas Day attack being released today, says national security adviser Jim Jones. In an interview with USA Today , Jones doesn’t downplay the miscues, saying President Obama is “legitimately and... More »

Fed Terror Boss Skied Through Bomb Crisis

Could be downhill from here on for Michael Leiter

(Newser) - The director of the National Counterterrorism Center remained on his ski vacation despite news that a passenger had tried to blow up a Detroit-bound jetliner. Michael Leiter, the top official in charge of analyzing terror threats, didn't return to the Virginia center's "bat cave" near the CIA until several... More »

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