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Stylists Aren't Sure That Was Hair Dye on Giuliani's Face

He may have touched up sideburns with mascara

(Newser) - In a lawyers' press conference that President Trump said would set out a clear "path to victory," what got the most attention were the streams of dark liquid on a clear path from Rudy Giuliani's hair to his collar. Giuliani had been sweating heavily as he alleged...

Hair Dye-Cancer Link: 'The Results Do Not Surprise Me'

Government study finds tie between permanent hair dye, chemical straighteners and breast cancer

(Newser) - A government study involving nearly 50,000 US women has found a link between those who use permanent hair dyes and chemical straighteners and an increased risk of breast cancer, Fox News reports. Research by scientists with the National Institutes of Health, published in the International Journal of Cancer , involved...

School's Alleged Threat: Dye Hair or Get Out

Japanese student suing over physical, mental anguish

(Newser) - A high school student has filed a lawsuit calling attention to strict dress codes in Japan—but her complaint doesn't actually involve clothes. The 18-year-old says administrators at Kaifukan High School in Osaka threatened to expel her in 2015 if she didn't dye her hair black, then kicked...

How Hair Dye Could Help Cops Catch Perps

New technique identifies brand of dye on microscopic hair

(Newser) - If you dye your hair and plan on committing a crime, be warned: A new procedure allows scientists to determine if a single microscopic hair has been dyed, if that dye was permanent or temporary, and even what brand of dye was used. Scientists used surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, or SERS,...

Going Punk: Your Pets
 Going Punk: 
 Your Pets 

Going Punk: Your Pets

Groomers offer doggie tattoos, hair dye

(Newser) - Colored fur, tattoos, trendy haircuts: The punk look isn't just for humans anymore. Temporary tattoos are increasingly popular in the canine world, says an association of "creative groomers." "People love it—it's hilarious," says one groomer. Adds another: "People are amazed—they do...

Mom in Coma After Using Hair Dye

She may have suffered severe allergic reaction to chemical

(Newser) - A British woman collapsed within minutes after using hair dye and is now in a coma, marking the second such tragedy in less than a month, the Daily Mail reports. Julie McCabe, 38, has just an 8% chance of survival and is likely to suffer permanent brain damage if she...

Cancer Didn't Take Me, but It Did Take My Red Hair

Mary Elizabeth Williams explains why it's not a petty concern

(Newser) - When Mary Elizabeth Williams found out that the cancer on her scalp had been successfully removed, her first feeling was relief … followed quickly by, “What do you mean I can't color my hair?” Williams, who has been chronicling her cancer experience on Salon , had a circle of skin...

Anderson Cooper Offered $1M to Dye Hair

Would he still be Anderson Cooper without the gray?

(Newser) - Dear Anderson Cooper: “Brunette fox” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. A hair dye company is offering the CNN anchor $1 million to use their Go Away Gray product to get rid of his trademark silver hair for five years, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. But...

Need a Real Change? Dye Your Hair

 Need a Real Change? 
 Dye Your Hair 
NEW YEAR, new you

Need a Real Change? Dye Your Hair

Hair color is the cheapest, quickest transformation around

(Newser) - New Year’s resolutions pretty much never stick, and if they miraculously do, they take time—with one exception: hair dye. “Resolutions to eat more fruit and meditate every day and read Virgil are fine for the long-range self-improvement plans,” writes Mary Elizabeth Williams for Salon , but “...

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