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Hybrid, Electric Car Sales Running Out of Gas

Market isn't living up to expectations

(Newser) - Gas prices have been pretty flat lately, and the automobile industry is responding with its best August sales figures in a decade. But hybrid and electric cars appear to be the casualty, with sales accounting for 3.6% of all vehicles sold thus far in 2014, down from 3.7%... More »

Hybrid Cars Don't Pay: Study

Except for a few models, hybrids and electric cars take years to pay off

(Newser) - Thinking of buying a hybrid or electric vehicle to ease the pain at the pump? You may want to think again: A study commissioned by the New York Times shows that, except in three cases, fuel-efficient technology is so expensive that these types of cars take years to... More »

Here Comes the Plug-In Cadillac

It'll use the same drive train as the Chevy Volt

(Newser) - Looking to ride like an environmentally conscious gangster? Well good news: GM has officially greenlighted its long-rumored plug-in Cadillac, sporting a slightly suped up version of the Chevy Volt’s drivetrain. It’ll be based on the Cadillac Converj concept car it first showed off two years ago , though it’... More »

Ford to Build Its First Hybrid-Only Vehicle

...but it's a minivan

(Newser) - Ford is making a minivan that will become its first US vehicle sold only as a hybrid. While the automaker sells hybrid versions of some cars, it's got nothing like the hybrid-only Toyota Prius. Ford's new minivan is based on a five-passenger van, the C-Max, which is a... More »

Chevy Volt Wins Car of the Year

Plug-in hybrid gets love from nation's largest auto show

(Newser) - If the desire to go green wasn’t enough to convince you to buy a Chevrolet Volt, maybe this will: The $41,000 plug-in hybrid was named North American Car of the Year at the country's largest auto show. The Volt beat out Nissan’s all-electric Leaf and Hyundai's Sonata... More »

Electric Car Hardly Electrifying

'Unremarkable' Chevrolet Volt as much publicity stunt as vehicle

(Newser) - The Chevy Volt is “the quintessential halo product," a loss leader intended to associate GM with innovation. With the pressure to make money off, the plug-in electric car's designers had the chance to create a vehicle that would make people "coo and stare," Cliff Kuang writes.... More »

Here Come Electric Cars— But Cities Aren't Ready

People without driveways or garages have nowhere to charge

(Newser) - If electric cars are ever going to put a meaningful dent in America's fuel habits, cities must start getting proactive now, writes Robert Gammon. Automakers are busy preparing plug-ins for the road, but the logistics of keeping them charged will leave many buyers out of the loop. Specifically, apartment and... More »

Big Cities Charged Up for Electric Cars

Demand high despite inconveniences in New York, Paris, Shanghai,

(Newser) - Big city drivers are chomping at the bit to buy an electric car, despite the significant inconveniences the initial models would be saddled with. A new report from consulting firm McKinsey found that demand in the three “megacities” it surveyed—New York, Paris, and Shanghai—was so high that... More »

Cadillac Pitches Hybrid as 'Personal Headquarters'

40-mile electric range is comparable to Chevy Volt

(Newser) - Cadillac is getting into the trendy hybrid market with a new concept car, the XTS Platinum, a plug-in model expected to get about 40 miles off a single charge and hit the road in 2012. After that charge gives out, it takes about 5 hours to top off the battery... More »

9 Stories
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