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People Allergic to the World Flock to Snowflake, Arizona

Snowflake is safe haven for those with 'environmental illness'

(Newser) - Named in the 1870s after Mormon pioneers Erastus Snow and William Jordan Flake, the small town of Snowflake, Ariz., has become not just an etymological contradiction but, more recently, something of a safe haven for people afflicted with what they call "environmental illness." Residents on the outskirts of...

Woman Wins Disability Payout for WiFi 'Sensitivity'

She claims that electromagnetic radiation is causing health problems

(Newser) - Electromagnetic radiation has been around since the universe first formed; it is, in its "most familiar form," light, reports the World Health Organization . But as cellphone towers and gadgets proliferate, electromagnetic radiation has increased, and some claim a sensitivity to it. One woman in France is now getting...

West Virginia Town Full of Those Sickened by WiFi

Green Bank residents say they have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

(Newser) - Most Americans hate being out of range of a cell phone tower, but not the residents of Green Bank, West Virginia. A growing number of Americans are moving to this mountain town, population 143, specifically because cell phones and WiFi signals are banned there, lest they interfere with the gigantic...

NASA: Get Ready for Space Storm Havoc

Sun is 'waking from deep slumber'

(Newser) - There's stormy weather ahead for the sun and that spells trouble for 21st-century society, NASA scientists say. The sun will wake "from a deep slumber" and enter a period of increased activity sometime around 2013, hitting the Earth with magnetic energy that has the potential to disrupt everything from...

Man Sensitive to Wi-Fi Sues His Neighbor

Santa Fe resident says her gadgets could kill him

(Newser) - A New Mexico man who says he can’t stand electromagnetic waves bombarding his head has sued his neighbor for not shutting off her wireless gadgets. Arthur Firstenberg claims to have electromagnetic sensitivity, which his lawsuit says produces “life-threatening reactions” and constant pain. As a result, he's now sleeping...

5 Stories
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