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As Bobsled Sped Toward Him, He Opted to Jump

Track worker fled just in time at World Cup event

(Newser) - A voice yelled "Get out of the way! Get out of the track!" By then, a track worker at a World Cup bobsled event in Lake Placid, NY, didn't need telling. He was already heaving himself over the edge of the track as a 4-man bobsled barreled... More »

African Bobsled Team Makes History in 2 Ways

They'll be Nigeria's first Winter Olympics entrants

(Newser) - An amazing achievement by the Nigerian women's bobsled team had more than one person speculating about Cool Runnings 2 this week. The team—driver Seun Adigun and brakemen Ngozi Onwumere and Akuoma Omeoga—qualified for the 2018 Winter Olympics after completing their final qualifying races in Calgary, ESPN reports.... More »

After Young Bobsled Champ Found Dead, a Potential Cause

Pulmonary congestion could be it, though formal determination is weeks off

(Newser) - America's best bobsled pilot was found dead at age 37 on Saturday, and we have an early indication of what may have killed Steven Holcomb. Pulmonary congestion has been listed as a potential cause of death for the 37-year-old, per the Adirondack Medical Center's preliminary report, USA Today ... More »

US Bobsled Champ Found Dead at 37

Steven Holcomb was 3-time Olympian, legendary driver

(Newser) - Steven Holcomb was ordinary and remarkable. America's best bobsled pilot was a self-described computer geek who rubbed elbows with Hollywood stars. He was never exactly in the best shape, yet was a world-class athlete. He attempted suicide years ago, then revealed his story in hope of helping others. He... More »

Twins Killed Sledding on Olympic Track Had Worked There

Jordan and Evan Caldwell were Hill Ambassadors

(Newser) - The twin 17-year-olds who died early Saturday after sneaking onto the bobsled track at Calgary's Canada Olympic Park and trying to sled down it once worked there, the CBC reports. Jordan and Evan Caldwell served "as Hill Ambassadors during last winter's season," per the CEO of... More »

Twins Killed Sledding on Olympic Bobsled Track

Teenagers broke into Calgary track, crashed

(Newser) - Twin 17-year-old brothers were killed early Saturday at Calgary's Olympic park after they snuck onto the bobsled track with a group of friends and tried to sled down it, reports Sky News . "Part way down, the group hit a large gate used to separate the bobsled and luge... More »

Russian Men Sweep Bobsled Gold

Driver Zubkov, 39, wins gold in 4-man after 2-man victory

(Newser) - Russian bobsledder Alexander Zubkov was given a daunting assignment for his home Olympics. His task: Take to Russian ice and make history, against drivers who have been beating him for years. Do svidaniya, world! Zubkov was uncatchable. He drove Russia to victory in the four-man bobsled race today, adding that... More »

Jamaican Bobsled Team Gets Cool Theme Song

Called, what else? 'The Bobsled Song'

(Newser) - Jamaica's incredible bobsledding run to the Winter Olympics now has a theme song to go with it—named, appropriately, "The Bobsled Song," the AP reports. The upbeat tune by Sidney Mills and Jon Notard plays perfectly in sync with the team's 4,921-foot run in Sochi... More »

Olympic Worker Struck by Bobsled in Track

He breaks both legs, say IOC officials

(Newser) - An Olympic track worker who was struck by a bobsled today broke both legs and may have a concussion, according to IOC officials. The worker was on the track when he was hit by a forerunning sled near the finish line at the Sanki Sliding Center, just before the start... More »

Bobsledder Gets Trapped Again—in Elevator

Johnny Quinn, locked doors at odds

(Newser) - Johnny Quinn seems to be having quite the spate of bad luck. First, the American bobsledder got stuck in a locked Sochi bathroom Saturday, and had to break his way out. Today, the hopefully-not-claustrophobic Olympic hopeful got stuck in an elevator. And, yes, he knows what you're thinking: No... More »

Locked in Bathroom, US Bobsledder Bashes Door

Sochi bathrooms are just not getting a ton of good press

(Newser) - Johnny Quinn found himself yesterday in a position we can all relate to: On the wrong side of a locked door. But the door in question was to one of Sochi's now-storied bathrooms , and Quinn is an American bobsledder and former NFL player in possession of more than a... More »

Internet Heaps $187K on Broke Jamaican Bobsledders

Team is crowdfunding its Sochi trip

(Newser) - If you're a fan of Cool Runnings, consider this: You can help send this year's Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics. The team qualified for the games for the first time since 2002 , but needs to raise tens of thousands of dollars to actually travel to Sochi. Fortunately,... More »

Lolo Jones Makes US Olympic Bobsled Team

2 track stars complete the switch to Winter Games

(Newser) - Lolo Jones and fellow former track star Lauryn Williams are set to make history at the Sochi Olympics as the ninth and tenth Americans to compete in both Summer and Winter Olympics. The two women, who have five Summer Olympics between them, were named as members of the US Olympic... More »

Lolo Jones' New Diet: Double Bacon Cheeseburgers

Eating 9K calories a day to bulk up for bobsledding

(Newser) - Since former Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones joined the US bobsled team , she's been on a very different training regime: downing 9,000 calories a day to build up the bulk required to push her 400-pound sled. Jones just hit 157 pounds, up from her track weight of 133 pounds.... More »

Lolo Jones' Jokey Video Sparks a Brawl

Rant about $741 bobsled paycheck doesn't go over well

(Newser) - Track-star-turned-bobsledder Lolo Jones is doing some speedy damage control after she made a Vine video this week snarking about a measly paycheck of $741.84 from her new sport. "Seven months with bobsled season. The whole season. That's it," she says, reports the Christian Science Monitor . Then,... More »

Lolo Jones Makes US Bobsled Team

Olympic hurdler could head to winter games

(Newser) - From hurdles to ... bobsledding? Yes, Olympian and famous virgin Lolo Jones showed up in Lake Placid three weeks ago, unsure where her first foray into bobsledding could lead. The answer might be another Olympics—only this time, the winter one. Jones, a two-time Olympic hurdler, was one of 24 athletes... More »

US Bobsledder: Whistler Track 'Stupid Fast'

Swiss Olympian pulls out for 'safety reasons'

(Newser) - Calling the Olympic sliding track "stupid fast," American bobsledder Shauna Rohbock said the venue that took Nodar Kumarishtavili's life could generate speeds too dangerous for racing. "I think they went a little overboard on this track," Rohbock said last night. The silver medalist at the 2006... More »

Aussie Bobsledder Crashes on Track Where Luger Died

Duncan Harvey hospitalized with injuries

(Newser) - An Australian bobsled pusher was hospitalized late last night following a crash on the same track where Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died last Friday. Duncan Harvey was conscious and not believed to have sustained serious injuries in his crash on the first night of training for the Olympic two-man competition.... More »

Deadly Luge Track Design Driven by Tourism

High-traffic location meant Whistler run had to be steep and narrow

(Newser) - The harrowing speed and difficult turns of the sliding track at the Vancouver Olympics that claimed a luger’s life last week are the result more of the bottom line than any premeditated design decision. Seeking to keep revenues up after the Games, officials located the track at tourist-friendly Whistler... More »

Cheeky Butt-Busting Bobsledder Goes Viral

Olympian's assets on display for salacious YouTubers

(Newser) - In the latest testament to the refined tastes of YouTubers, video of a British bobsledder's butt splitting her skin-tight lycra suit has gone viral. The uniform tragedy occurs just as hapless Gillian Cooke bends down in full camera view to push off her sled at the World Championship competition in... More »

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