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Cops: Guy Attacked Flight Attendant, Tried to Storm Cockpit

'If he did actually get into that cockpit, Lord knows what would have happened'

(Newser) - Passengers on a flight into New Jersey from DC had a scare as the United Express plane started to land in Newark on Thursday evening, reports NBC New York . Passenger Mike Egbert says that Matthew Dingley got up and went into a "full sprint" toward the cockpit, ramming into...

Attendant Makes Incredible Accusation Against 2 Pilots

Renee Steinaker is suing Southwest Airlines

(Newser) - Flying Southwest? You might be on candid camera. A Southwest Airlines attendant claims she saw two pilots watching livestream video of the plane's lavatory during a 2017 flight, USA Today reports. In a lawsuit, Renee Steinaker says she noticed the livestream on a cockpit iPad while the captain took...

Coffee Spill in Cockpit Diverts Flight

Report suggests using a lid or a cup holder next time

(Newser) - It's like spilling coffee in your car—only worse. Coffee spilled onto a control panel forced a flight carrying 326 passengers and 11 crew members from Germany to Mexico to divert to Ireland. Cups of coffee without lids had been brought to the cockpit for the crew, USA Today...

In Final Moments, Silence From Lion Air Captain

Off-duty pilot rectified identical issue a day before

(Newser) - New insights into the October crash of Lion Air Flight JT610 have arrived via two grabby headlines, shedding further doubts on the Boeing 737 MAX's flight-control system.
  • Reuters cites three people with knowledge of the contents of the cockpit voice recorder , describing the first officer searching for a solution

He Wanted to Charge His Phone. In the Plane's Cockpit

The man on the IndiGo flight was 'offloaded'

(Newser) - It's a story that forces Business Standard to state the obvious: "Passengers are prohibited from entering the cockpit of a commercial flight." But what's obvious to most apparently wasn't to one man "offloaded" from a plane in India on Monday after police and airline...

Heads Roll After Pilots Let Playmate Fly a Plane

Surprise: Both pilots are now out of a job

(Newser) - Two pilots for Argentine carrier Austral Lineas Aereas are out of a job after they acted a little too generously with a passenger who just so happened to be a Playboy model. Victoria Xipolitakis tweeted photos, since removed, showing her sandwiched between pilots Patricio Zocchi Molina, 33, and Federico Matias...

Pilots May Have to Fly Jetliners All Alone

NASA funds study to consider historic change

(Newser) - Imagine peeking into a jetliner cockpit and seeing a single pilot in there, responsible for flying all of those people. Well, NASA wants to seriously consider that option with a new $4 million study, the Wall Street Journal reports. Contract winner Rockwell Collins Inc. will look at whether a second...

Pilot's Bathroom Break Forces Landing

Door jammed so he couldn't get back inside cockpit

(Newser) - A sillier reason to ground a plane than a woman singing Whitney Houston songs ? How about the pilot locking himself out of the cockpit? An Air India flight was forced to divert and land after a pilot went for a bathroom break ... and couldn't get back to his...

Minutes After Takeoff, Flight Returns to New Orleans

United Airlines pilot reported smoke in cockpit

(Newser) - And the airline mishaps continue —luckily, with more safe endings. United Airlines Flight 497 to San Francisco returned to New Orleans minutes after takeoff today after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit, the FAA said. As soon as the plane was on the ground, flight attendants shouted "...

Man Tries to Storm Cockpit on Flight from UK

Passenger believed to be suffering from panic attack

(Newser) - A Spanish man was arrested after trying to force his way into the cockpit of a Thomson Airways flight from Cardiff to the Canary Islands. The man was overpowered and restrained by passengers and crew until the flight safely reached its destination, the BBC reports. Spanish authorities say the man...

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