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Petraeus Got a Way Better Deal Than Other Leakers

Letter points out 'profound double standard'

(Newser) - When Stephen J. Kim , a former State Department contractor, leaked classified information about North Korea to Fox News in an effort to bring attention to the danger that country poses, he was given a 13-month sentence. Yet David Petraeus gave his journals, which contained top-secret notes, to the lover writing...

Ex-CIA Man Kiriakou Gets 2.5 Years for Leaks

Judge says she would have given him worse sentence if not for plea deal

(Newser) - Former CIA officer John Kiriakou was sentenced today to more than two years in prison by a federal judge who rejected arguments that he was acting as a whistleblower when he leaked a covert officer's name to a reporter . A plea deal required the judge to impose a sentence...

The CIA's Hypocrisy on Secrets
 The CIA's Hypocrisy on Secrets 

The CIA's Hypocrisy on Secrets

Author Ted Gup says the agency's only secretive when it wants to be

(Newser) - On Thursday, ex-CIA deputy director Jose Rodriguez publicly protested that agents had only used water bottles when waterboarding detainees, not the buckets shown in Zero Dark Thirty. Disclosures like that must chafe John Kiriakou , the ex-agent facing 30 months in prison for passing info to a reporter. "The contrast...

Ex-Operative Admits Leaking CIA Agent's Name to Media

John Kiriakou gets 2-plus years in jail

(Newser) - A former CIA agent who soured on waterboarding has pleaded guilty to leaking the name of a secret agent to a journalist, reports Reuters . John Kiriakou admitted to the single count today as part of a deal that will send him to prison for 30 months. Kiriakou leaked the CIA...

Feds Charge Ex-CIA Man With Leaking Terror Secret

John Kiriakou allegedly talked about an agent who used waterboarding

(Newser) - The federal government charged a former CIA agent today with leaking secrets related to waterboarding, the AP reports. Authorities say John Kiriakou, 47, told a New York Times journalist about a covert agent who had helped interrogate al-Qaeda financier Abu Zubaydah 10 years ago. Asked by FBI agents last week...

CIA Agent Who Said Torture Works: I Lied

In book, John Kiriakou admits that he had passed on hearsay

(Newser) - John Kiriakou, the ex-CIA operative who rocked the torture debate back in 2007 by claiming that waterboarding swiftly drew information from Abu Zubaydah, now admits that he made it all up. Back then Kiriakou said that one waterboarding broke Zubaydah. “From that day on, he answered every question,”...

Ex-CIA Agent: Waterboarding Useful Torture

He saw a key prisoner break in 35 seconds; intel saved many lives

(Newser) - The highly controversial use of waterboarding in terrorist interrogations has "probably saved lives" but is torture, a former CIA officer told ABC News last night and the Today show this morning. John Kiriakou watched a prisoner break down under waterboarding in 35 seconds, he said, and "from that...

7 Stories
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