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John Edwards' Daughter Cate Marries Trevor Upham
 Cate Edwards Gets Married 

Cate Edwards Gets Married

John Edwards' daughter marries college sweetheart Trevor Upham

(Newser) - If anybody has reason to steer clear of the institution of marriage it's probably Cate Edwards, but John Edwards and his oldest daughter marched down the aisle yesterday nonetheless. With a candle at the altar lit in memory of mom Elizabeth, Cate Edwards married her college sweetheart Trevor Upham...

Elizabeth Edwards: I'm More Than a 'Cuckolded Wife'

She compares herself to Sandra Bullock on Today Show

(Newser) - Elizabeth Edwards still thinks she married “a marvelous man”…but John Edwards “is no longer the person who I married.” In her first appearance since their split, she tells Today , “I still admire an enormous number of things about him.” She also compares herself...

'Lost, Lonely' John Edwards Drops Out of Sight

Ex-senator isn't even hitting on women in bars anymore

(Newser) - Without his political career and largely without his family, John Edwards seems unmoored. He spends lots of time with his lawyers and lots of time ducking process servers working for the lawyer of his former right-hand man, Andrew Young—who's being sued by Edwards' former mistress, Rielle Hunter. Edwards isn't...

Elizabeth Edwards Plots to Keep 'Stepmom Rielle' From Her Kids

She worries lover will take over after her death

(Newser) - Elizabeth Edwards is doing everything in her power now to keep her estranged husband's mistress from becoming her children' stepmom, friends reports. Edwards hopes her eldest daughter will become the guardian of her younger children if she succumbs to her late-stage breast cancer, reports the New York Daily News. "...

Elizabeth Edwards May Sue Andrew Young
 May Sue 

for causing divorce

Elizabeth Edwards May Sue Andrew Young

John Edwards' estranged wife wants aide to zip it

(Newser) - North Carolina is one of 7 states that allow a member of a divorcing couple to sue a third party for busting up the marriage, and Elizabeth Edwards has threatened to do just that—to Andrew Young. Usually, a lover—Rielle Hunter, anyone?—would be the defendant in the suit,...

Enquirer: John Edwards Punched Elizabeth

Pal: Edwards hit cancer-stricken wife in 'marriage-ending' fight

(Newser) - John Edwards hit his wife in a "horrific marriage-ending fight" over the Christmas holidays, according to the National Enquirer . "Elizabeth told me the argument became so heated with John striking her," a friend of Elizabeth's tells the tabloid. "He forcefully punched her in the ribs."...

Why the Edwards Split Bums Us Out
 Why the Edwards 
 Split Bums Us Out 

Why the Edwards Split Bums Us Out

For some reason, we can't cheer Elizabeth's departure

(Newser) - The peanut gallery cheered when Jenny Sanford left Mark, and it’s been urging Elin Nordegren and Silda Spitzer to follow suit. But for some reason, the Edwards divorce has been greeted as sad news. “No two marriages are alike,” writes Belinda Luscombe of Time. This one had...

John Edwards Confirms Split
 John Edwards 
 Confirms Split 

John Edwards Confirms Split

He 'still cares deeply' about wife Elizabeth

(Newser) - John Edwards confirmed his separation from wife Elizabeth yesterday, calling it “an extraordinarily sad moment.” Elizabeth has had divorce papers ready for a year, but an insider says trust issues finally pushed the couple over the edge. “John feels like, 'I can't live with you checking my...

Elizabeth Edwards Leaving John: Tab

After Rielle Hunter, love child, Edwards is at 'breaking point'

(Newser) - After months of rumors, denials, and eventual confessions, Elizabeth Edwards may have finally had enough of hubby John’s dalliances. In its new issue, People’s cover story claims that Elizabeth told her sister “I’ve had it” and is kicking John out of her life. The magazine has...

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