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Screens Mess With Our Sleep—Even If We Get 8 Hours

'Blue light' affects melatonin levels, which can have dangerous long-term effects: study

(Newser) - Your iPad or smartphone could well be hurting your sleep patterns, even if you're getting in a full eight hours of shuteye, researchers say—and the effects could be long-term. Over a five-night period, researchers in Boston had some subjects read for four hours a night on an iPad;...

Software Update Prevents iPhones From Making Calls

Apple quickly pulls iOS 8.01 amid complaints

(Newser) - Apple had to quickly yank an update to its mobile software today after the upgrade caused more problems than it was supposed to fix, reports the Verge . The company released iOS 8.01 this afternoon, hoping to get rid of widely reported bugs with iOS 8. But about an hour...

Apple Won't Unlock Devices for Police— Because It Can't

New encryption code keeps everyone—even Apple—out of private user info

(Newser) - Even cops with a warrant to pull private user data off of someone's fancy new iPhone or iPad might be out of luck—Apple says that with the release of iOS 8, it's now not physically possible for even the company itself to access that info, reports the...

Tom Hanks Made the App Store's No. 1 iPad App

Hanx Writer mimics an old typewriter

(Newser) - Tom Hanks: beloved actor, slam poet , space enthusiast , and ... iPad app developer. And not just any developer, but developer of the most popular iPad app of the moment, Time reports. As of this writing, the Hanx Writer app, launched Thursday, sits in the No. 1 spot among free apps on...

iPad-Toting Tortoises: Art or Abuse?

Protesters want to block museum exhibit in Aspen

(Newser) - Tortoises Big Bertha, Gracie Pink Star, and Whale Wanderer are supposed to walk around a museum opening Saturday in Aspen with iPads on their backs, but a petition hopes to stop the art installation in its very slow-moving tracks. "Animals are living creatures, not art supplies," wrote one...

Doctors: iPad to Blame for Boy's Bad Rash

His device was found to contain nickel, which can cause allergic reaction

(Newser) - Nickel frequently causes allergic reactions, and the metal is found in all kinds of gadgets. Case in point: an iPad. An 11-year-old boy suffered a rash so bad he had to stay home from school and was eventually treated at a hospital in San Diego, and it turns out the...

Autistic Teen's Grad Speech Wows

Dillan Barmache uses a tablet to speak to his peers

(Newser) - Another one to add to the list of this year's memorable graduation stories : A nonverbal autistic teen got a standing ovation yesterday when he addressed his fellow graduates, reports KABC-TV . "Living without a voice creates almost no way to be heard, but there are people who refuse to...

Apple Unveils New Operating Systems

HealthKit, HomeKit, and Family Sharing among the changes

(Newser) - Apple fans, dig in: Company CEO Tim Cook today unveiled the new iOS 8 and OS X operating systems at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The software won't be out until fall, but behold a few highlights, beginning with iOS 8:
  • A HealthKit app is

Boy Records Kids Bullying Him, Gets Charged for It

Now his parents are pursuing a civil lawsuit

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania high school student who recorded alleged bullying on an iPad was punished for his efforts—and now his parents are fighting back. The 15-year-old boy, who has learning disabilities, recorded his tormenters in class after enduring regular bullying, his mother tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review . South Fayette High School...

Fearing US Spies, Top Russians Dump iPad

Government officials swap for Samsung tablets

(Newser) - Apple just lost some high-ranking customers: Russian government officials have admitted they've dumped their iPads due to security concerns after they were spotted yesterday without them in tow, the AFP reports. Minister Nikolai Nikiforov said he read "American special services... will significantly increase the volume of information they...

12 Key Tech Products of the Past 2 Decades

Walt Mossberg lists most important devices, software

(Newser) - Walt Mossberg has been reviewing consumer technology for the Wall Street Journal for 22 years, and now he's signing off—but not before reflecting on the most important gadgets and software in his time with the paper. And a very fruitful period it has been. A timeline of the...

Apple Maps: Less of a Disaster Than You Think

Has taken 23 million users from Google, despite problems

(Newser) - Remember when Apple launched its own maps app on the iPhone and iPad, a program so error-ridden the CEO apologized , the project leader was fired , it became the butt of jokes for months, and everyone celebrated when Google finally relaunched its much-loved maps app? Turns out, it hasn't been...

Apple: Profits Fall, iPhones Keep Selling

Tech giant's earnings decline for 3rd straight quarter

(Newser) - Apple's latest quarterly earnings fell 9% as more people bought the company's lower-priced iPhones and iPads, according to fourth-quarter results announced today. The numbers included early sales of the latest iPhones released late last month. The models, called the 5S and 5C, helped Apple Inc. increase its iPhone...

Why the iPad Will Destroy Its Rivals
 Why the iPad 
 Will Destroy 
 Its Rivals 

Why the iPad Will Destroy Its Rivals

New prices, single platform mean world domination: Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - The iPad is poised for a bright future—and it just might be "indomitable," writes Farhad Manjoo in the Wall Street Journal . At the very least, it should continue to control a healthy portion of the tablet market. But after this week's presentation , Manjoo is willing to...

Wake Up, Apple: Your Prices Are &#39;Absurdly High&#39;
Wake Up, Apple: Your
Prices Are 'Absurdly High'

Wake Up, Apple: Your Prices Are 'Absurdly High'

Troy Wolverton: The company seems to have 'lost its way' on cost

(Newser) - Apple proved once again yesterday as it unveiled the iPad Air and other upgrades that it still knows how to produce snazzy products. It also proved that it remains clueless when it comes to putting a price tag on those products, writes Troy Wolverton at the San Jose Mercury News...

Apple Unveils Slim &#39;iPad Air&#39;
 Apple Unveils Slim 'iPad Air' 

Apple Unveils Slim 'iPad Air'

New device will be thinner, more powerful, and pricier

(Newser) - Apple today unveiled its latest take on the iPad concept: The iPad Air. This new edition clocks in at just 7.5mm thick and weighs a single pound, the Verge reports. It's got the same screen as the previous iPad—a 9.7-inch Retina Display—and the same 64-bit...

Kids, Hack Your School iPads
 Kids, Hack Your School iPads 

Kids, Hack Your School iPads

We should want students to master tech, Katherine Mangu-Ward argues

(Newser) - Last year, some previously technologically illiterate Ethiopian children taught themselves to hack tablet computers provided by the One Laptop Per Child program. So it shouldn't have been surprising when, more recently, tech-savvy LA high school kids swiftly circumvented the controls on their school-issued iPads—controls that had prevented them...

9-Year-Old Assaults Teacher After She Takes iPad: Cops

It takes four adults to restrain boy

(Newser) - Lots of schools are using iPads and other gizmos in the classroom, but now a few downsides are surfacing. Widespread hacking might be expected, but teacher assault by a 9-year-old? The Smoking Gun reports that police in Rock Hill, South Carolina, were summoned when a boy erupted into a rage...

Schools Hand Out iPads; Kids Hack Them in a Week
Schools Hand Out iPads;
Kids Hack Them in a Week

Schools Hand Out iPads; Kids Hack Them in a Week

Los Angeles district is reassessing its policy

(Newser) - Los Angeles school officials began rolling out their ambitious plan to equip every kid in the district with an iPad last week, but they've quickly run into a problem—the kids are pretty computer savvy. It seems that the first high school students who brought the iPads home easily...

iOS 7 Is Causing Motion Sickness

Users report headaches, nausea, dizziness

(Newser) - Some Apple users are sick of the company's new iOS 7 operating system. Literally. The new zoom and slide animations, and the 'floating" icons on the home screen, are causing motion sickness in many people with vestibular disorders—conditions that affect balance and vision, the Guardian reports. "...

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