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Prez Orders Air Security Review

Obama demands review of 'watch lists,' chemical detection

(Newser) - Despite US officials' insistence that the airline security system works, President Obama is demanding an investigation into how a Nigerian managed to sneak the incendiary chemical PETN onto a transatlantic Northwest flight to Detroit. Suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was on a US security watch list and a dossier had been...

Incident on Northwest Flight 'Nonserious': Feds

Detroit-bound Nigerian passenger not believed to be a threat: feds

(Newser) - After two security alerts in 3 days on the same Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, officials now say today's incident was "nonserious." The behavior of a passenger who spent an hour in the bathroom alarmed the crew, but he does not appear to be dangerous, reports CNN...

'Disruptive' Amsterdam-to- Detroit Passenger Arrested

Cops meet Northwest flight; route is the same as in Christmas incident

(Newser) - Police met a Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit today after the crew reported a "verbally disruptive" passenger, CNN reports. The flight was on the same route that saw a Nigerian passenger set himself on fire in an attempted terrorist attack Friday. The unruly passenger on today's flight, who...

Jet Passenger Tried to Ignite Powder

Nigerian claims ties to al-Qaeda; plane lands safely in Detroit

(Newser) - Authorities have taken a Nigerian man into custody after he reportedly tried to ignite a powdery substance—initially reported as firecrackers—aboard a Northwest jet that landed in Detroit from Amsterdam today. The man told federal officials he had links to al-Qaeda and wanted to blow up a plane over...

Only Footage of Anne Frank Hits YouTube

Film of neighbor's wedding in 1941 was given to Holocaust victim's family in the 50s

(Newser) - The Anne Frank House has posted the only surviving video of the young diarist and Holocaust victim on YouTube. “The footage is very moving and very unique because these are the only moving images of Anne Frank,” a museum representative tells the Guardian. The film, of an Amsterdam...

Europe's Sleaziest Tourist Destinations

From Paris to Athens, avoid (or enjoy) these sex-and-drugs zones

(Newser) - Ah, Europe, home of landmark cafés, glorious historic churches—and stinking, dangerous red-light districts rife with hookers, drug dealers, and pickpockets. Correspondents for the Times of London highlight the continent's most tawdry areas.
  • Reeperbahn, Hamburg: Germany's decorous port town turns as seedy as it gets here. Pimps fight turf

Digital Rembrandt Show Restores Lost Details

Controversial reproductions aim to show the works at they were

(Newser) - The life work of Rembrandt, including all 317 known paintings, goes on display next week in full-sized digital reproductions that attempt to re-create the works as they emerged from the artist's studio. The Complete Rembrandt, Life Size, in Amsterdam, restores sections lopped off of canvases, transforms colors, and brightens up...

Amsterdam's 'Beer Bikes' Drive Into Trouble

(Newser) - “Beer bikes”—party vehicles that combine two of Amsterdam's favorite things—are under scrutiny after two recent accidents involving the gizmos, Reuters reports. Each large conveyance seats 10 peddlers at a central bar while a non-drinker steers. “This beer bike is completely legal,” said a transport...

Seoul's Airport Is World's No. 1

None in North America makes top 10

(Newser) - Incheon International airport in Seoul, South Korea, is the world's best, according to a British survey that took into account passengers' experiences with check-in, departures, transfers, and arrivals. Two other Asian airports, in Hong Kong and Singapore, finished second and third, the BBC reports.

7 Busted in Amsterdam Bomb Plot

Shops shut, concert canceled as tipster warns of 'many casualties'

(Newser) - Amsterdam police have busted seven people linked to a large-scale bomb plot in the city, authorities announced. An anonymous tipster told police the terror gang was planning an action aimed at "claiming casualties in busy places"; targets included megastores, reports the BBC. Several stores and a movie theater were...

Pilots Reacted Late in Turkish Air Crash

Pilots were expected to intensely monitor auto landings

(Newser) - The pilots aboard a Turkish Airlines jet that crashed in Amsterdam last week, killing nine people, let their plane slow to a dangerously low speed, a preliminary investigation revealed. Recorded conversations note the trio—who are among the dead—acknowledging a faulty altimeter, but reacting too slowly when the plane...

Amsterdam Survivors Recount 'Miracle'

Witnesses say plane seemed to lose power before slamming into field

(Newser) - Nothing seemed amiss on a Turkish jetliner heading for Amsterdam yesterday until the big plane suddenly "lurched downward" with a sickening pull and smoke poured into the cabin, a passenger told the Guardian. "People were panicking and then we hit the ground," said the traveler, whose daughter...

Pilots Among 9 Dead in Amsterdam Crash
Pilots Among 9 Dead
in Amsterdam Crash

Pilots Among 9 Dead in Amsterdam Crash

Officials say crew's bodies will remain on plane as they investigate what happened

(Newser) - All three pilots died in the crash of a Turkish Airlines jet at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport this morning, the Times of London reports. Six others perished and 84 people were injured, six critically and 25 severely. The plane, which carried 135 people, remains in a rain-soaked field 3 miles from...

9 Dead in Amsterdam Jet Crash
 9 Dead in 
 Jet Crash 

9 Dead in Amsterdam Jet Crash

Passenger jet from Istanbul broke into three parts

(Newser) - At least nine people died and more than 50 were injured when a Turkish Airlines flight with 135 people on board crashed while attempting to land at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport today, reports the Guardian. The Boeing 737, believed to have been coming from Istanbul, split into three sections as it...

Sorry, Greenies, Americans Still Like Sprawl

(Newser) - When urban planners dream, they dream that Americans will give up on the suburbs in favor of a dense, environmentally friendly, less auto-dependent lifestyle. And it’s never going to happen, David Brooks writes in the New York Times. “Amsterdam is a wonderful city, but Americans never seem to...

Amsterdam to Halve Brothels, Marijuana Shops

City to become all around less fun

(Newser) - Apparently being the world’s sex and drugs capital isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Amsterdam is hoping to shut down about half of its brothels and half its marijuana shops, the Daily Telegraph reports. Already this year, 109 of the city’s 482 sex “windows”...

Amsterdam Weeds Out Pot Cafes Near Schools

Liberal city chokes on measure handed down by Dutch government

(Newser) - The city of Amsterdam will close some of its famous cannabis-selling coffee shops, AFP reports, targeting cafes that operate near schools in keeping with a new directive from the Dutch government. The law, which will shutter 43 of the city’s 228 such establishments, isn’t terribly popular with city...

Camels Walk a Mile for Escape-Artist Giraffe

Circus chain gang cuts loose in Amsterdam

(Newser) - Fifteen camels, two zebras, lamas and potbellied swine went on the lam from a Dutch circus—with a giraffe masterminding their flight to freedom. The gang wandered around an Amsterdam neighborhood when the escape artist kicked a hole in the animals' cage, reports AP. They were all rounded up after...

Dutch Smoking Ban Leaves Pot Users in a Fog

Cannabis in coffee houses is fine, but take that butt outside

(Newser) - Effective tomorrow, the Netherlands bans smoking tobacco in public places, and the new law means big changes for Amsterdam's famously relaxed coffeehouses, reports USA Today. Because the law doesn't cover cannabis or hashish, users can continue to smoke them inside. But those who prefer their pot mixed with tobacco, as...

Dutch Hope US Model Will Integrate Schools

Plan was used during American civil rights movement

(Newser) - Dutch leaders believe an integration program honed during the American civil rights movement can curb the racial and class divisions rampant in Amsterdam’s classrooms. Waves of immigrants have swept into the Netherlands, but they haven’t always mixed successfully with native Dutch, reports the Christian Science Monitor. “Segregation...

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