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Anne Frank Charity Battles ... Anne Frank Charity

Group compares rivals to Nazis

(Newser) - Two organizations bearing Anne Frank's name are in a bitter dispute over the possession of the Frank family archive, in an echo of a court battle they fought in the 1990s over which one had the right to trademark the Holocaust victim's name. The conflict between the Basel,...

Steve Jobs' Superyacht Impounded

Over a bill issued after he was dead

(Newser) - Dead people are always such deadbeats. That includes Steve Jobs, whose Dutch-built "superyacht" has been impounded in Amsterdam, the AFP reports, over two bills issued after he died. The yacht's designer, Philippe Starck, says Jobs' estate is stiffing him; the estate says Starck should only get a percentage...

Now Banned in Amsterdam: Smoking Pot at School

Kids will just have to take their weed elsewhere

(Newser) - It's kind of amazing that this wasn't illegal already: Students will no longer be able to smoke pot in Amsterdam's schools, the city's mayor announced today. Just as amazing: It's the first city in the Netherlands to introduce such a ban, reports the AP . A...

Tourists Can Smoke Pot in Amsterdam After All

Mayor rejects law to ban use in coffee shops

(Newser) - Vice-seeking tourists won't have to give up on pilgrimages to Amsterdam for weed: The city is ditching plans to bar tourists from smoking the stuff in the city's coffee shops. The Netherlands' incoming government left the decision to local authorities, and Amsterdam's mayor opposes it. Such a...

Amsterdam Airport Closed by Bomb—From WWII

Schiphol also deals with a false hijacking report

(Newser) - It's been a relatively crazy day at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, which has had to deal with a bomb threat—straight out of World War II—and a hijacking ... that apparently never happened.
  • Terminal C and part of Terminal D were shuttered today after construction workers found something unusual

Fur Flies Over Artist's Dead Cat Helicopter

How he loved the birds, says owner

(Newser) - Me-ouch. Animal lovers are spitting mad about a Dutch artist's project turning his dead cat into a flying machine. Bart Jansen is presenting his pet, Orville—stuffed and morphed into a helicopter—at the ongoing KunstRai art fair in Amsterdam, reports CBS . The Orville-copter actually flies with the help...

Dutch Judge: Pot Tourism Ban Goes Live on Tuesday

Coffee shop owners plan to appeal

(Newser) - Sorry, tourists, but it looks like the Netherlands is remaining firm on a ban that will prevent foreigners from buying pot in its famous cannabis cafes. A judge upheld the new law, due to go into effect in three southern provinces on May 1 and throughout the country by the...

Amsterdam Will Ditch 'No Toking' Signs

Because technically smoking weed is illegal everywhere

(Newser) - After an only-in-the-Netherlands legal reverse, the city of Amsterdam says it will likely have to stub out the "no toking" signs it introduced in a crackdown on marijuana-smoking youth. The Dutch government's top legal adviser has ruled that the city had no right to establish official zones where...

Dutch Banning Tourists From Buying Pot
 Dutch Banning 
 Tourists From 
 Buying Pot  
in case you missed it

Dutch Banning Tourists From Buying Pot

Coffee shops to become Dutch-only establishments

(Newser) - The hazy days of drug tourism in Holland are numbered. The Dutch government has unveiled plans to ban foreigners from buying cannabis in the country's famous coffee shops, reports the Los Angeles Times . The coalition government's plan, backed by Geert Wilders' far-right party, requires the shops to become...

Man Opens Fire With Machine Gun at Dutch Mall

Seven dead, fifteen wounded

(Newser) - At least seven people were killed and another 15 wounded today when a man opened fire with a machine gun at a crowded mall in an Amsterdam suburb, the AP reports. The gunman, who witnesses describe as a blond haired man around 25-years-old, was found lying dead in front of...

Dutch Prostitutes' New Caller: The Taxman

Age of austerity falls on red-light ladies

(Newser) - The working girls of Amsterdam’s red light district are about to get a really unwelcome gentleman caller: the taxman. Prostitution has been legal in the Netherlands for a decade, but authorities are just now getting around to taxing it, as part of the austerity push sweeping across Europe, the...

Terror Suspect Busted at Dutch Airport

Brits tip off cops about suspect flying from Liverpool

(Newser) - A Somali-born British terrorism suspect from Liverpool was busted in Amsterdam as he sat on a plane waiting to fly to Uganda. Dutch security swooped in after a tip from British authorities. He is suspected of involvement with an unspecified foreign terror organization, reports the Guardian . It wasn't immediately clear...

Dutch Release Yemeni Terror Suspects

Prosecutor: 'No reason to hold men any longer'

(Newser) - Dutch prosecutors say two Yemeni men arrested Monday in Amsterdam amid fears they were conducting a dry run for an airline terror attack have been freed without charge after investigations turned up no evidence to link them to a terror plot. The prosecutor's statement today said that because of the...

Anne Frank's Beloved Tree Falls

Chestnut she watched from attic window is no more

(Newser) - A tree beloved by Anne Frank is gone, toppled by a storm today in Amsterdam. The chestnut tree stood outside the window of the attic where Frank hid, and she often wrote about it in her diaries. In the years since her death, the 150-year-old “Anne Frank Tree” became...

Dutch 'Decoy Jews' Fight Hate Crimes

Officer in skullcaps deployed to tackle rise in anti-Semitic attacks

(Newser) - Dutch police are tackling a rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes by donning robes and skullcaps. Officers are being sent onto the streets of Amsterdam as "decoy Jews" to cut the number of verbal and physical attacks on Jews, the Telegraph reports. The city's police say similar operations using decoy...

Holland Seeks Pot Ban for Tourists
 Holland Seeks 
 Pot Ban for Tourists 
in case you missed it

Holland Seeks Pot Ban for Tourists

Court told ban would violate free trade deals

(Newser) - Holland's famous cannabis cafes will only be open to Dutch smokers if government officials win a case at the European Court of Justice. Attorneys for the government—seeking to clamp down on cross-border drug tourism—say the nation has the right to ban foreigners from coffee shops that serve pot....

Last of Anne Frank's Guardians Dead at 100

Miep Gies kept girl's papers, helped father assemble diary

(Newser) - The last surviving member of the Dutch group that protected famed diarist Anne Frank and her family in Amsterdam during World War II died today at 100. Miep Gies assembled Anne’s papers after she and her family were discovered by the Nazis in 1944 and, because they were Jewish,...

Napolitano Backtracks, Says System Failed

Homeland Security chief changes stance; visa oversight probed

(Newser) - Facing a storm of criticism for saying "the system worked" in the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253, Janet Napolitano reversed course today. "Our system did not work in this instance," the Homeland Security secretary said. She added, "No one is happy or satisfied with...

Prez Orders Air Security Review

Obama demands review of 'watch lists,' chemical detection

(Newser) - Despite US officials' insistence that the airline security system works, President Obama is demanding an investigation into how a Nigerian managed to sneak the incendiary chemical PETN onto a transatlantic Northwest flight to Detroit. Suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was on a US security watch list and a dossier had been...

Incident on Northwest Flight 'Nonserious': Feds

Detroit-bound Nigerian passenger not believed to be a threat: feds

(Newser) - After two security alerts in 3 days on the same Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, officials now say today's incident was "nonserious." The behavior of a passenger who spent an hour in the bathroom alarmed the crew, but he does not appear to be dangerous, reports CNN...

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