Chinese New Year

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Trump Offers Late New Year Message to China

He says he wants a 'constructive relationship'

(Newser) - President Trump has issued well-wishes to China for the Lunar New Year, the most important holiday in the world's most populous nation, saying he hoped to work with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to build a "constructive relationship." But his card must've gotten lost in the...

World's Largest Human Migration Underway Again

Chinese head home for Lunar New Year

(Newser) - Thought it was hectic traveling at Christmas or Thanksgiving? That was nothing to what some travelers will encounter with Chinese New Year celebrations kicking off Friday. In what Bloomberg dubs the "world’s biggest human migration," hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens will be on the move for...

China Tries to Ax New Year's Fireworks —Over Smog

Beijing advises against them as several cities ban them outright

(Newser) - Setting off fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year may be a centuries-old tradition, but the country's authorities are urging people to light fewer of them this week as cities fight a losing battle against relentless, toxic air pollution. Dozens of cites in China have outright banned lighting fireworks today...

Chinese Rush to Give Birth Before Year of the Sheep

It's seen as an inauspicious year to be born

(Newser) - Hospitals in at least three provinces in China have reached full capacity as births spike. Both C-section and abortion consults have soared as well. And high demand for birth certificates has caused some hospitals to stop issuing them and other organizations to nearly run out of them. Why? At least...

China Bidding Farewell to Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year is tomorrow

(Newser) - Tomorrow marks the Chinese New Year, and the BBC provides this nugget to give a sense of just how big of a deal it is: So many people head home to celebrate in Asia that it's considered to be the biggest mass migration on the planet. The celebration, also...

Warren Buffett Jams on Ukulele

Sings 'I've Been Working on the Railroad'

(Newser) - Festivities for China's biggest holiday are in full swing, and Warren Buffett is getting in on the fun. The 81-year-old billionaire played ukulele and sang "I've Been Working on the Railroad" for one of the most-watched TV programs in the world—China Central Television's New Year'...

China Braces for Dragon-Year Baby Boom

Expect huge diaper sales

(Newser) - Babies born in the Chinese year of the dragon are believed to have lives marked by success and fortune—so China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries are expecting a baby boom to begin right around Jan. 23. That's the first day of the Chinese New Year, and this...

In China, Bunny Frenzy Breeds Trouble

Buyers scramble for lucky but troublesome pets for Year of the Rabbit

(Newser) - The Year of the Rabbit begins tomorrow, and China is facing something that wasn't an issue for the Year of the Tiger: a surplus of New Year pets. Rabbits represent beauty and wealth in Chinese tradition, and the country has seen a frenzy of rabbit-buying in recent weeks. But many...

UK Pol Kicks Kid in Dragon Costume

Ex-Cabinet minister apologizes for actions during Chinese New Year parade

(Newser) - A former UK Cabinet minister has apologized for charging into a Chinese New Year parade and kicking a boy in a dragon costume. Norman Tebbit, 78, "ran after the dragon and kicked it," says the owner of a restaurant on the route of the 20-year-old parade in Suffolk....

Best Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Is your family 'young, gifted and attractive?' Who knows!

(Newser) - Fortune cookie fortunes can be insightful, obscure, and oftentimes both. Slashfood has compiled a list of the 10 best its editors have come across:
  1. "You are magnetic in your bearing."
  2. So, naturally, "The night life is for you."
  3. But remember to "Face facts with dignity.

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