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Sharron Angle Raises $14M in 3rd Quarter

Campaign says it's 'testament to the hatred of Harry Reid'

(Newser) - Sharron Angle raised a whopping $14 million in the three months between July 1 and September 30, the Washington Post reports. The bumper quarter shows both the power of Tea Party backing in the current environment and the headwinds faced by her incumbent rival, the Angle campaign said. "This...

Sharron Angle: Sharia Law Taking Over US Towns

'I don't know how that happened,' Senate candidate tells Tea Party crowd

(Newser) - America's political battles slipped further into uncharted territory this week after GOP Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle charged that Islamic Sharia religious law has "taken hold" of US cities. "Dearborn, Mich., and Frankford, Texas, are on American soil and under constitutional law—not Sharia law," Angle told...

Sharron Angle: Down With Maternity, Autism Coverage

Democrats find another old misstep to attack Nevada tea partier with

(Newser) - Harry Reid has found another nugget from Sharron Angle’s past with which to bash her. This time, Democrats are circulating a video shot at a Tea Party rally last year, in which Angle slammed a recent Nevada law mandating that insurers cover autism and maternity leave, the Las Vegas ...

Reid Ad: Angle Sided With Domestic Abusers

Majority leader skewers rival over anti-restraining order vote

(Newser) - Republican Sharron Angle loves her some domestic abusers, and sided with them, "not the abused," while in the state legislature, according to the latest hard-hitting ad Harry Reid's campaign is unleashing on Nevada. The ad highlights Angle's vote against a bill that would force Nevada to honor restraining...

Angle Fought Against 'Evil' Black Jerseys: Columnist

She says he's a lying Harry Reid supporter

(Newser) - Sharron Angle is embroiled in her weirdest controversy yet, with a small-town newspaper columnist who alleges that she once led a religious crusade against black football jerseys. Bill Roberts of the Pahrump Valley Times recalls that in 1992, the year Angle first entered politics with a school board run, she...

Angle: Let Clergy Endorse Candidates From Pulpit

Senate hopeful opposes gay adoption, all abortions

(Newser) - Sharron Angle wants to do away with a law banning political endorsements from tax-exempt places of worship, according to a questionnaire obtained by AP . The Nevada Senate hopeful—whose views on the separation of church and state have become an issue in the race—said clergy should be allowed to...

Sharron Angle: Media Should Ask Only Questions I Like

That's why she often avoids reporters

(Newser) - Sharron Angle is raising eyebrows again for her public comments, this time for explaining why she often avoids the media (and the resulting public comments): “We needed to have the press be our friend," she tells Fox News. When the network's Carl Cameron tells her that sounds "...

Reid Pulls Ahead of Sharron Angle

Attacks portraying her as extremist seem to be working

(Newser) - Harry Reid has opened a significant lead over Sharron Angle in a new Mason-Dixon poll, after relentlessly attacking his Republican opponents for over her far-right views. “He’s had five perfect weeks,” the pollster tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal . “The race has been all about her, and...

Obituary: No Flowers Please, Just Vote Against Reid

Woman campaigns from the grave

(Newser) - Charlotte McCourt was active in politics throughout her life, and now she’s campaigning from beyond the grave as well. Her obituary, published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal , ends by saying, “We believe that Mom would say she was mortified to have taken a large role in the election...

Reid Closes Gap to Virtual Dead Heat

Senate leader now within 3 points of Sharron Angle

(Newser) - Republican fears that Sharron Angle is too extreme of a candidate to take down a vulnerable Harry Reid may be coming true: The latest Rasmussen poll shows her lead down to 3 points (46% to 43%), within the poll's margin of error, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal . She led by...

Reid Defies Order, Posts Angle's First Website

He rejects cease-and-desist letter

(Newser) - Harry Reid's campaign fight with Sharron Angle is staying predictably nasty. The latest twist goes like this, as per Talking Points Memo : After Tea Party darling Angle won the GOP primary, she toned down her website. Reid's camp then reposted the original site as The Real Sharron Angle . Her attorneys...

Angle to Rape Victims: Don't Abort, Trust 'God's Plan'

Reid's opponent also gives first interview to mainstream media

(Newser) - A little thing like rape isn't a good enough excuse for an abortion, as far as Sharron Angle's concerned. Harry Reid's conservative, Tea Party-backed opponent gave an interview in January, in which she told conservative host Bill Manders that rape victims need to trust in God's plan. “Is there...

Sharron Angle: We're Headed for Armed Revolt

Second Amendment lets people protect selves from 'tyranny'

(Newser) - Democrats have fielded no shortage of crazy talk from Sharron Angle, the GOP candidate taking on Harry Reid, but here’s a doozy. In January, Angle actually floated the possibility of an armed conservative insurrection, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post reports. Asked about the Second Amendment on a right-wing...

Nevada Senate Candidate to GOP: I'm No Nut

Sharron Angle's response to Harry Reid has party on edge

(Newser) - Sharron Angle is headed to Washington to try to convince Republicans that she can indeed defeat Harry Reid, and won’t be painted as a right-wing extremist. Republicans are worried that Angle hasn’t responded aggressively enough to Reid’s attacks, they tell Politico . Reid took aim the moment Angle...

Poll: Tea Partier Will Trounce Reid
 Poll: Tea Partier 
 Will Trounce Reid 
LEADS 50% to 39%

Poll: Tea Partier Will Trounce Reid

And she was supposed to be the 'easy' opponent

(Newser) - Sharron Angle was supposed to be the easiest possible opponent for Harry Reid, but the rumors of his resurrection may be greatly exaggerated. A day after Angle’s primary victory, a Rasmussen poll shows her jumping to an 11-point lead over Reid, with 50% of the vote to his 39%....

Harry Reid Has Lucked Out
 Harry Reid Has Lucked Out  

Harry Reid Has Lucked Out

Tea Party has handed embattled majority leader a 'softball' opponent

(Newser) - The Tea Party movement may have just saved Harry Reid's bacon, writes Dana Milbank. The Senate majority leader was widely seen as a dead man walking not so long ago, but now Nevada's Republican Party has chosen Sharron Angle —whose policies include bringing more nuclear waste to the state,...

Tea Party Choice to Face Reid in Nevada

Outsider Angle wins GOP Senate nomination

(Newser) - Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle has won the Republican nomination for US Senate in Nevada, setting up an epic showdown with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Angle, a former state assemblywoman, took the nomination after a tough primary in which opponents painted the outsider as too extreme to appeal to...

Nevada GOP Candidate Makes Palin Look Smart

'Chickens for check-ups?'

(Newser) - The GOP front-runner in Nevada's senate race is taking flak for a health care policy idea so stupid it makes Sarah Palin seem like "a pointy-headed policy wonk," writes Eugene Robinson. Sue Lowden has seriously suggested that the people in her highly urbanized state barter with doctors like...

Sarah Palin's Pop Stumps for Nevada Senate Candidate

Chuck Heath backs Tarkanian as 'true conservative'

(Newser) - Politics is turning into an all-family affair for the Palins as Sarah Palin's father features in an ad for one of the many Republicans seeking a chance to unseat Nevada Sen. Harry Reid this fall. Chuck Heath endorses Republican Danny Tarkanian as the "true conservative" choice in the radio...

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