Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal

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For Gay Man Kicked Out of Army in 1955, Vindication

Ohio's Donald Hallman was discharged as 'Class II homosexual'

(Newser) - An 82-year-old Ohio veteran is receiving an honorable discharge more than a half-century after the Army kicked him out for being gay, the AP reports. Donald Hallman of Columbus requested a reversal of his 1955 undesirable discharge status after President Barack Obama repealed the military's "Don't Ask...

Gay Veterans: Upgrade Our Discharges to 'Honorable'

After being kicked out of military, gay veterans fight for recognition

(Newser) - Kicked out of their units, rejected by their churches, denied veterans' benefits and job opportunities after being interrogated about the most personal details of their lives. This was the plight of many of the estimated 100,000 gay US service members discharged between World War II and 2011, when the...

Ginsburg: Supreme Court Will Likely Tackle Gay Marriage

Meanwhile, happy first anniversary of Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is likely to weigh in on the constitutionality of gay marriage bans sooner rather than later, Ruth Bader Ginsburg told students at the University of Colorado yesterday. When asked if the court might legalize gay marriage under the equal-protection clause, Ginsburg smiled and demurred, saying she couldn'...

Pentagon Saluting Gay Pride Month

Military planning event to honor gay service members

(Newser) - Don't Ask, Don't Tell must be spinning in its grave: This is gay pride month at the Pentagon. With gays and lesbians now allowed to serve openly, the military has decided to mark the month just as it marks celebrations honoring other groups, reports AP . Defense Department officials...

Military Schools See 1st Openly Gay Graduates

Students bring same-sex partners to major events

(Newser) - It's graduation time at America's military academies, and for the first time, gay students are celebrating without having to keep their sexual orientations a secret. For many, that means bringing same-sex dates to end-of-year events. In the past, notes a West Point cadet, "I had to do...

Gay Kiss Is Milestone, but Military Must Do More
Gay Kiss Is Milestone,
but Military Must Do More

Gay Kiss Is Milestone, but Military Must Do More

Racism, sexism, homophobia still exist: LA Times

(Newser) - When Marissa Gaeta stepped off the USS Oak Hill after a three-month deployment and gave her girlfriend the "first kiss" , it was just one example of the "exemplary progress" the US military has made in "modernizing its culture," declares the Los Angeles Times in an editorial....

Gay Troops Sue Over DOMA
 Gay Troops Sue Over DOMA 

Gay Troops Sue Over DOMA

Lawsuit to be filed today

(Newser) - Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell may be gone, but married gay and lesbian service members aren’t done fighting for equal rights: Six active troops and two veterans are filing suit today to challenge the Defense of Marriage Act. Lead plaintiffs Shannon McLaughlin, a Massachusetts Army National Guard...

Obama: Don't Just Sit There When People Boo a Soldier

President fires away at GOP contenters at gay rights fundraiser

(Newser) - Ah, election season—when politicians remember that they once had guts. President Obama swung hard at GOP presidential hopefuls last night, blasting them for not condemning the crowd that booed a gay soldier at a Republican debate on Sept. 22, reports the Hill . "We don’t believe in the...

Pentagon Allows Gay Weddings on Military Bases

And will allow military chaplains to perform them

(Newser) - The Defense Department today issued guidance to military chaplains saying that they are free to perform gay marriages on or off military bases in states where it’s legal. The memos are quick to add that these weddings can’t be official Defense Department events, and that “making DoD...

Viral Video: Gay Soldier Tells His Father That He's Gay on YouTube
 Soldier Tells Dad 
 He's Gay on YouTube 
in case you missed it

Soldier Tells Dad He's Gay on YouTube

'I still love you, son,' replies his father

(Newser) - After the official press conferences and announcements, it's a viral video on YouTube that might be the stealing the show regarding the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. In it, an unidentified gay soldier stationed in Germany films himself telling his father that he's gay, notes...

Debate Audience Boos Gay Iraq Vet

 Boos Gay 
 Iraq Vet 
GOP Debate

Debate Audience Boos Gay Iraq Vet

Rick Santorum would repeal the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

(Newser) - First they cheered letting the uninsured die —then they booed a gay soldier. The audience at last night's GOP candidates debate didn't keep it classy when an Iraq war vet asked Rick Santorum on a YouTube clip where he stands on this week's repeal of the...

Discharged Gay Soldiers Suing for Full Severance

Fight over half-pay has outlived Don't Ask, Don't Tell

(Newser) - "Don't Ask Don't Tell" wasn't cold in its grave before Obama administration lawyers were in court opposing giving full severance pay to service members honorably discharged under the policy. The American Civil Liberties Union filed the case on behalf of 142 people discharged under the policy...

Daily Show Applauds Our New Gay Army

Jason Jones reports... in short-shorts

(Newser) - The Daily Show reported on the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell last night with its customary level of sobriety and dignity. Which is to say, Jason Jones was wearing short-shorts and rubbing his belly under a too-small camouflage T-shirt. “The nightmare is real!” Jones declared,...

Navy Officer, Partner Wed as 'Don't Ask' Ends

Pair marry in Vermont the minute policy becomes history

(Newser) - Navy Lt. Gary Ross, like every other gay and lesbian service member, was free to disclose his sexuality as of midnight—and he did it in style. The 33-year-old lieutenant and his partner of 11 years traveled from their home in Arizona to Vermont so they could marry as the...

'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Dies at Midnight

Pentagon says it's prepared

(Newser) - After 18 years, "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is finally headed for the scrap heap. At 12:01am tomorrow morning, the military will be legally allowed to sift through an outstanding pile of applications from openly gay recruits, the AP reports. "No one should be left with...

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal to Be Certified by Leon Panetta
 Panetta to Certify DADT Repeal 

Panetta to Certify DADT Repeal

New defense chief to start 60-day repeal countdown

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will sign the death warrant for "Don't Ask Don't Tell" soon after he is officially sworn in today, according to Pentagon sources. Panetta and other defense chiefs will certify that the military is ready to ax the policy barring gays from serving openly,...

Obama Urges Court to Reinstate DADT
Obama Urges Court
to Reinstate DADT

Obama Urges Court to Reinstate DADT

... so it can die in a more 'orderly' way

(Newser) - The Obama administration says repeal of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy is going smoothly—but it wants a court to reinstate the ban on gays in the military as soon as possible. For a little while anyway. The Justice Department filed a motion yesterday asking a...

Court Scuttles 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Ruling kills policy ahead of military repeal certification

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has hammered what could be the final nail into the coffin of the Pentagon's ban on gays serving openly in the military. The court reinstated an earlier injunction blocking the military from enforcing the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, reports the San ...

Obama on Gay Marriage: 'Evolving,' Warming

President may be considering an endorsement of the issue

(Newser) - Barack Obama was in favor of gay marriage before Senator Obama was against it, and now President Obama is again considering the issue, having said publicly that his views are "evolving." Obama will headline a pair of events for the gay community in coming weeks, and as he...

Half Military Now Trained on DADT Repeal

And it's going quietly

(Newser) - More than a million troops have now been trained on the law allowing gays to serve openly and military officials say that with around half the force now trained, the turmoil some had predicted is nowhere to be seen. "So far this seems to be a non-event," the...

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