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For 1st Time, Video Captures Giant Squid in US

It's all thanks to the Medusa, which uses red light underwater

(Newser) - For the first time, a living giant squid has been caught on video in US waters. The video, which Science Alert calls "haunting," shows the squid emerging from the darkness, 2,500 feet below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico, and then vanishing back into it after... More »

Giant 'Sea Monster' Finally Surfaces

12-foot squid gets ogled in Japan's Toyama Bay

(Newser) - Huge sea creatures steeped in ancient lore don't often hang out by the shore with spectators—but one did in Japan this Christmas Eve. People on a pier in Toyama Bay saw a giant squid swim up near the surface, slip under boats, and tangle harmlessly with a local... More »

Kraken! Scientists Capture First Giant Squid Footage

And Discovery is airing tape this month

(Newser) - Discovery is about to release the Kraken: Until now, the giant squid had never been caught on video in its natural habitat. But Japan's National Science Museum has managed to capture the footage, and it's headed for the small screen on the country's public television. Then, on... More »

Taxi-Sized Squid Caught off Louisiana

20-foot creature is the first giant squid ever netted by Gulf researchers

(Newser) - Scientists studying whale diets in the Gulf of Mexico unexpectedly hauled in a giant squid half as long as a school bus, Reuters reports. The 19.5-foot-long creature dragged up from 1,500 feet below the sea off Louisiana is the first giant squid found in the area in over... More »

Collosal Squid Has World's Biggest Eyes

They're the size of dinner plates, 'largest ever recorded'

(Newser) - With eyes bigger than dinner plates and orange-sized lenses, a colossal squid being dissected by New Zealand scientists boasts the biggest peepers of any animal—and larger relatives could lurk in the deep, the Telegraph reports. It's "certainly not the largest specimen out there," said one marine biologist,... More »

Scientists Thaw Colossal Squid for Probe

Researchers begin thawing 34-foot creature, aim to determine its sex

(Newser) - New Zealand scientists have begun defrosting a colossal squid, caught last year, so they can dissect the little-known species. They aim to start by determining the sex of the 34-foot long animal, a native of Antarctica that weighs half a ton. "They're incredibly rare—this is probably one of... More »

Giant Squid Storms Australia

Mysterious 26-foot sea beast is longer than a bus and weighs a quarter-ton

(Newser) - A giant squid that weighs 550 pounds and measures 26 feet from the tip of its body to the end of its fearsome tentacles washed up on an Australian beach today. The rarely spotted sea creature is the largest specimen encountered since February, when fishermen in New Zealand netted a... More »

7 Stories
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