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Ta-Nehisi Coates: Kanye's Ignorance Is 'Deep' and 'Dangerous'

Essayist calls out artist for comments on slavery

(Newser) - Add Ta-Nehisi Coates to those criticizing Kanye West over his assertion that slavery was a "choice," along with West's previous statements about race in the US. The African-American essayist is out with a long, critical piece in the Atlantic , in which he writes that "West's... More »

Georgia Man Still Has No Clue Who Our New President Is

And Joe Chandler doesn't want to know

(Newser) - A Georgia man has taken "ignorance is bliss" to a whole new (seemingly impossible) level, and he definitely earns his standing in UPI's "Odd News" category. WGN reports that as of Sunday, Joe Chandler, an artist from Brunswick, still had no clue who won the presidential election—... More »

29% of Us Can't Name the VP

And this 'American ignorance' threatens our nation: Andrew Romano

(Newser) - Newsweek recently gave the US citizenship test to 1,000 US citizens, and 38% failed. A full 73% didn't know why we fought the Cold War; 44% couldn't define the Bill of Rights; 29% couldn't even name the vice president. "Civic ignorance is nothing new," writes Andrew... More »

O'Reilly Returns to Space, Defends God-Tide Theory

Fox host asks how the Moon got there in first place, calls critics 'pinheads'

(Newser) - Over the past month, the moon has made a complete orbit around the Earth, but Bill O'Reilly is no closer to believing the science behind it. In fact, O'Reilly is expanding on his earlier claims that the tides are completely unexplainable —apparently not the result of gravitational effect of... More »

Sarah Palin Could Learn Something From Marilyn

Maureen Dowd: We shouldn't aspire to be ignorant

(Newser) - One of Sarah Palin's greatest sins is that she's "made ignorance fashionable," writes Maureen Dowd. Palin, in fact, revels in it. "You struggle to name Supreme Court cases, newspapers you read and even founding fathers you admire? No problem." It just proves you're not some Ivy... More »

Americans Flunk History

One-quarter of Americans don't know who got the short end of Revolution

(Newser) - On July 4th, Americans from all walks of life will gather to celebrate their independence from … someone or other. According to a new poll, more than 1 in 4 Americans can’t name England as the country the colonists fought in the Revolutionary War, CNN reports. That figure includes... More »

6 Stories
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