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US Drones Infected With Virus
 US Drones Infected With Virus 

US Drones Infected With Virus

Someone is logging the keystrokes of drone operators

(Newser) - America’s robot assassins have all been infected with a “keylogger” virus that tracks every move their pilots make, sources tell Wired . The military isn’t sure how the computers at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada—the nerve center that controls most drone missions—got infected, or who...

Google Warning Virus Victims
 Google Warning Virus Victims 

Google Warning Virus Victims

Search-hijacking malware hits 2M computers

(Newser) - Google has gone on the offensive, warning users against malware that hijacks searches. Internet surfers hit with the virus find a yellow warning at the top of their Google search results telling them that their computer appears to be infected, the BBC reports. They're then directed to fake anti-virus...

20% of Your Facebook Friends Are Strangers
20% of Your Facebook
Friends Are Strangers
study says

20% of Your Facebook Friends Are Strangers

60% are just acquaintances, study finds

(Newser) - A fifth of your Facebook friends are people you don’t even know—and three-fifths are just acquaintances, a study finds. The fact that only 20% of your friends are your actual friends may not come as a surprise to the average Facebook user, notes , but it’s...

Facebook Hoax Warns of 'Christmas Tree' Virus

Supposedly malicious bug has yet to surface

(Newser) - A message circulating widely on Facebook that warns of a virus called "Christmas Tree" appears to be a fake, Mashable reports. "Of course, with the message spreading as quickly as it is, it wouldn’t surprise us if someone actually created a malicious app bearing that or a...

Iran Arrests 'Nuclear Spies' Amid Stuxnet Worm Scare

It provides few details, says systems are safe

(Newser) - Iran sought to reassure its residents today that the nation's nuclear programs are safe from Stuxnet , which might be the scariest computer virus known to man. The intelligence chief said authorities had arrested "nuclear spies," though he didn't say who, how many, or where they're from, reports the...

60 Arrested in Scheme to Hack Bank Accounts

Group allegedly used virus to steal passwords

(Newser) - More than 60 people have been arrested in connection with an alleged global scheme to steal US bank accounts with computer viruses. Court documents allege that Eastern European hackers used a virus called the Zeus Trojan to access bank data for several US small to mid-size businesses and municipalities, the...

Virus Attacking Iran Has Israeli Calling Card

Esther mention could point finger at Israel, or be red herring

(Newser) - Computer experts have found a clue that might indicate the origin of Stuxnet , the rogue super-virus that’s believed to target Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor. One file in the code is named “Myrtus,” which can be read as a reference to Esther, the Old Testament heroine who...

Search Term 'Free' Leads to More Online Viruses

(Newser) - A McAfee study finds that searching for free stuff online—particularly entertainment-related content—dramatically increases your odds of landing on a site littered with malware. By inserting the search term "free" when looking for music ringtones, the study reports a 300% increases in the chances of hitting a malicious...

'Here You Have' Virus Slams Major Firms

Spam worm halts work at NASA, Comcast

(Newser) - An email spam virus swept through corporate America's inboxes yesterday, causing servers to be shut down at major operations including Comcast, AIG, Disney, and NASA. The virus spread through emails with the subject line "Here you have," which contained a link that downloads a virus that sends the...

Search for Diaz, Biel at Your Own Risk

 Search for 
 Diaz, Biel at 
 Your Own Risk 

most dangerous celebs

Search for Diaz, Biel at Your Own Risk

McAfee ranks most dangerous celebrity search terms

(Newser) - Searching for Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, or Jessica Biel is risky business, warns online security company McAfee. The stars top the company's annual list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online, the AP reports. The celebs are used as bait by scammers seeking to lure people to malicious...

Hackers Target Power Plants
 Hackers Target  Power Plants 

Hackers Target Power Plants

Homeland Security assembles cyber-response teams

(Newser) - Hackers worldwide have been stepping up efforts to break into the systems of power plants and other infrastructure, security experts say. The first malware specifically designed to attack the software used to control power grids was recently uncovered. The Department of Homeland Security has created teams of experts who can...

Facebook Hit With 'Truth About Coke' Scam

Whatever you do, don't click on 'horrific video'

(Newser) - If one of your Facebook friends posts a link to a video that promises to reveal “the TRUTH about Coke!!!” do NOT click on it. The link has been spreading around Facebook, accompanied by a message that reads, “I am part of the 98.0% of people...

Beware Video Phishing Attack on Facebook

If the video is "most hilarious ever," don't click on it

(Newser) - Facebook users, watch out for yet another weekend phishing attack. This one involves a video titled something along the lines of "Most Hilarious Video Ever" posted on Facebook walls. Click on it and it directs you to a fake Facebook login page, where it tries to steal passwords (possibly...

Scientist Infects Self With Computer Virus

(Newser) - A computer virus has infected a human for the first time—sort of. British cybernetics expert Dr. Mark Gasson had a chip implanted in his hand that can open security doors and unlock his cell phone. However, before he implanted it, he deliberately infected it with a computer virus that...

Massive Cyberattack Hits 75K Computers

Sophisticated attack targeted health, tech firms in 196 countries

(Newser) - One of the largest cyberattacks ever discovered has hit more than 75,000 computers worldwide, targeting email, credit card information, corporate data and logins at health and tech companies in 196 countries. The attack, originating from a crime ring based in Eastern Europe, shows that criminal groups are becoming as...

Status-Stealing Spammers Lurk on Twitter, Facebook

Hijacked accounts leave sting of shame

(Newser) - These days a computer virus can hijack not just your hard drive but also your online identity. Twitter and Facebook users are often mortified to learn that viruses have stormed their accounts, sending out messages to all their friends and followers. And all the more embarrassing when co-workers and loved...

.Com the Second Riskiest Domain

McAfee roots out the world's sketchiest domains

(Newser) - It may be the most familiar domain, but .com is also the extension second most likely to screw with your computer—beaten only by Cameroon's .cm. A whopping 32.2% of .com addresses pose a security risk, according to McAfee’s third annual “Mapping the Mal Web” report, compared...

iPhone Hacker Gets Job Writing Apps

21-year-old is hired by an Australian tech company

(Newser) - The 21-year-old who created the first-ever iPhone worm has landed a job developing apps for the phone. Ashley Towns revealed via his Twitter account that he's been hired by Australia's monogeneration. Towns has said he created the "ikee" worm—it changed users' wallpaper into a photo of Rick Astley—...

Your PC May Be Rife With Kid Porn

Victims face tough fight to clear names

(Newser) - Pedophiles troll the darkest corners of the Internet for abhorrent images—images that PC viruses let them download, store, and access on your computer until the police come knocking on your door. Lives and reputations are being ruined as unwitting users take the fall for images they were unaware of,...

Twitter Overflows With Malware
 Twitter Overflows With Malware 

Twitter Overflows With Malware

One in 500 tweets links to malicious software, experts say

(Newser) - Twitter is the perfect malware delivery system, enabling cybercriminals to lure users with a quick tweet on a hot topic and a shortened URL that hides a shady website’s identity. One in 500 URLs posted on Twitter links to live malware, says Kaspersky international, which make a program that...

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