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New Study Has Scientists Wondering Why Universe Exists

The search for a difference between matter and antimatter continues

(Newser) - It's not often a new discovery has scientists sounding like a bunch of nihilists, and yet CERN physicist Christian Smorra had this to say to Cosmos regarding a study published this month in Nature : "All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is... More »

Scientists Produce 'Coldest Cubic Meter in the Universe'

Project in Italy linked to study of matter and antimatter

(Newser) - If you're dreading the winter cold, know that things could be a lot worse. Scientists in Italy have cooled 880 pounds of copper to a temperature approaching absolute zero; that's 0 Kelvin, or -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, Science Daily reports. The copper reached a temperature of -459.66... More »

Scientists Pin Down Antimatter

CERN researchers move closer to solving key physics mysteries

(Newser) - Scientists at CERN have found a way to “trap” antimatter for some 16 minutes—enough time to examine it. It’s a big step forward in attempting to solve one of nature’s biggest questions, the Telegraph notes. When particles of matter and antimatter collide, they’re destroyed. Around... More »

Electrons: Nearly Perfect Spheres

New research can help us understand antimatter, scientists say

(Newser) - What is the most round natural object in the universe? Quite possibly the electron, new research finds. London scientists have taken the most accurate measurement to date of the subatomic particle’s shape, and discovered that it is a nearly perfect sphere. It’s off by only 0.000000000000000000000000001cm, meaning... More »

Thunderstorms Spawn Antimatter

'This is a fundamental new discovery about how our planet works'

(Newser) - Scientists have been amazed to discover that thunderstorms on Earth send bursts of antimatter into space. The phenomenon was spotted by NASA researchers using the Fermi space telescope, the Los Angeles Times reports. Scientists at CERN have only been able to produce antimatter—the mirror image of matter, with the... More »

Antimatter Captured for First Time

CERN: Experiment is 'science fiction become science fact'

(Newser) - Atoms of antimatter are instantly destroyed when they come into contact with matter, so capturing them by the dozen was no easy task, say scientists at CERN. A team of scientists at the European institute managed to capture 38 of the atoms for a fraction of a second, each in... More »

6 Stories
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