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'Sophisticated' Border Tunnel Stuns Officials

It has ventilation, water, electrical, you name it

(Newser) - An incomplete tunnel found stretching from Mexico to Arizona appears to be "the most sophisticated tunnel in US history," authorities said. The tunnel intended for smuggling ran from a neighborhood in San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico, to San Luis, Arizona, where it stopped short of reaching the... More »

5 Kinds of Drugs Found in San Diego Smuggling Tunnel

Tunnel from Tijuana had its own rail system

(Newser) - Authorities in San Diego have found another cross-border smuggling tunnel long enough to rival the only subway portion of the city's transit system—along with a lot more drugs than usual. Federal agents say they found drugs worth almost $30 million in the 2,000-foot tunnel, which connected warehouses... More »

Authorities Stunned by Border Smuggling Tunnel

It is the longest ever found

(Newser) - US authorities on Wednesday announced the discovery of the longest smuggling tunnel ever found on the Southwest border, stretching more than three-quarters of a mile from an industrial site in Tijuana, Mexico, to the San Diego area. The tunnel featured an extensive rail cart system, forced air ventilation, high voltage... More »

Officials: Man Paid $390K for Old KFC, Used It in 'Conspiracy'

Drug tunnel discovered under it

(Newser) - A 600-foot tunnel was discovered leading from under a bed in Mexico to the kitchen of a former KFC restaurant in Arizona—and authorities do not believe a fast food aficionado was responsible. Authorities say the cross-border tunnel was used to smuggle drugs including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl, the... More »

Feds Find Longest-Ever Mexico-Calif. Drug Tunnel

San Diego business was selling a lot more than wooden pallets

(Newser) - Federal authorities say they've discovered a cross-border tunnel that runs a half-mile from a Tijuana, Mexico, house equipped with a large elevator to a lot in San Diego that was advertised as a wooden pallet business, resulting in seizures of more than a ton of cocaine and 7 tons... More »

2 More Big Drug Tunnels to Mexico Uncovered

They ran from Tijuana to San Diego

(Newser) - Federal agents discovered two more major drug tunnels between California and Mexico this week, reports USA Today . Each began under a warehouse in Tijuana and ended under another in San Diego. The discovery holds a lesson for cartels: If you're going to spend millions building these things, you might... More »

Intricate US-Mexico Drug Tunnel Found

It had lighting, own rail system

(Newser) - Imagine the frustration: You've just finished your "highly sophisticated" drug smuggling tunnel when the feds find it and shut it down before you can even use it. The latest US-Mexico tunnel to be uncovered ran between San Diego and Tijuana, and it had lighting and even a rail... More »

'Extraordinary' US-Mexico Drug Tunnel Found

Arizona tunnel was built by professional engineers, DEA says

(Newser) - One of the biggest and best-engineered cross-border drug tunnels yet has been found by drug enforcement agents in the US. The 755-foot tunnel linked a warehouse in southwestern Arizona with a derelict ice-making plant behind a strip club in Mexico, reports the Los Angeles Times . It could only be accessed... More »

Feds Find Another Huge Drug Tunnel

It connected warehouses in Mexico and California

(Newser) - Another massive tunnel used for drug smuggling that stretches across the US-Mexican border is out of operation. The subterranean passageway connected a warehouse in Tijuana to a warehouse in San Diego and is the latest and most significant among a string of hidden drug-smuggling corridors located by authorities, reports AP... More »

San Diego Tunnel Yields 17 Tons of Pot

Cross-border tunnel linked US site to Tijuana warehouse

(Newser) - Who needs drug mules when you have drug moles? Federal agents seized a total of 17 tons of marijuana after discovering a tunnel linking warehouses in Tijuana and San Diego, the Los Angeles Times reports. The tunnel, believed to be the work of the Sinaloa cartel was the length of... More »

Arizona Cops Find Find High-Tech Mexico Drug Tunnel

Underground drug freeway fitted with lights, water pumps, ventilation

(Newser) - Investigators have discovered a sophisticated drug cartel tunnel linking Mexico to Arizona, complete with lights and a ventilation systems. The tunnel connects an abandoned building in Noglales, Mexico, to Nogales, Arizona, and is 15 feet underground. "This tunnel is more sophisticated than others," said an investigator. "They... More »

Police Bust 'Sophisticated' Drug Tunnel in San Diego

It's the second such discovery in the region this month

(Newser) - Just weeks after uncovering a drug smuggling tunnel some six football fields long , officials in San Diego have busted a second such passageway. The half-mile tunnel runs from a home in Tijuana to a San Diego warehouse—which happens to be located near the building that housed the entrance to... More »

Drug Bust Uncovers 1,800-Foot Tunnel

25-ton seizure is one of the largest in San Diego history

(Newser) - US officials seized more than 25 tons of marijuana from drug warehouses in San Diego and Tijuana after finding a 1,800-foot tunnel linking the two. The lighted, ventilated tunnel—which is about six football fields long—was discovered after officials found 10 tons of marijuana in a suspicious tractor-trailer,... More »

Drug Smugglers Burrow Under Border

Arizona town stands over network of tunnels to Mexico

(Newser) - Drug smugglers have found a new way to sneak their merchandise across the US-Mexico border : Under it. The heart of the burrowing business are the Nogales—two towns bearing the same name on either side of the border, notes the New York Times . There, in an old network of drainage... More »

Massive Drug Tunnel Found Under Mexico Border

Elaborate smuggling tunnel to Arizona has electricity, ventilation system

(Newser) - The US Border Patrol has uncovered one of the biggest and most sophisticated smuggling tunnels under the Mexican border it has ever seen, CNN reports. The 83-foot tunnel to Arizona from Nogales, Mexico, was still under construction when it was found after a tipoff from somebody who heard construction sounds.... More »

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