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Santorum, DeMint Throw Weight Behind Todd Akin

'Simply put, we cannot afford six more years of Senator McCaskill.'

(Newser) - Seems like only last month that Republicans were fighting each other over who got to throw Todd Akin under the bus first, but today the embattled Senate candidate has picked up endorsements from Jim DeMint and Rick Santorum. The über-conservatives are throwing their support to Akin, urging supporters to...

Wife Compares GOP Treatment of Akin to 'Rape'

Akin family should shut their mouths about rape, says 'Washington Post'

(Newser) - The man who rocketed to infamy discussing " legitimate rape " on the campaign trail was treated badly by the GOP ... just like female American colonists who were raped by the Brits, says Akin's furious wife. The Republican Party dumped Rep. Todd Akin like a hot potato after his...

Congrats, Todd Akin: 83% Now Know Who You Are

And more stumbles in the 'legitimate rape' controversy

(Newser) - Todd Akin certainly upped his profile when he made his now-infamous comments about "legitimate rape" : A full 83% of registered voters are aware of the comments, despite the fact that Akin wasn't a national name before he made them, according to a new Public Policy Poll. And 85%...

Ryan: 'Forcible' Rape Was Stock Language

He explains bill he co-authored with Akin

(Newser) - After a week of deflections, Paul Ryan has finally explained the use of the term "forcible rape" in a bill he co-sponsored with controversial Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, reports the Huffington Post . Ryan told Fox that he wasn't trying to redefine rape, but it was "language that...

Pregnancy From Rape Like Illegitimate Kid: GOP Hopeful

Tom Smith is running for Senate in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - Well, it turns out that if legitimate rape could result in pregnancy, it's basically the same thing as an unmarried woman being pregnant, at least according to the latest ill-advised Republican to touch the subject with a 10-foot pole. The Republican in question is Tom Smith, who is running...

GOP Doesn&#39;t &#39;Get&#39; Women

 GOP Doesn't  
 'Get' Women 
kathleen parker

GOP Doesn't 'Get' Women

Conservative columnist berates 'suicidal' party

(Newser) - From Sen. Susan Collins to Herbert Hoover's great-granddaughter, leading conservative women are stumped by the GOP's recent record on women's issues, writes one of their leading voices. Instead of treating women as equals, top Republican men see them as "totemic and unknowable," notes Kathleen Parker...

Rapists Can Assert Child Custody in 27 States

New York, Minnesota among states that offer no protection to victims

(Newser) - Think Todd Akin's comments about "legitimate rape" were medieval? Even scarier, and less-discussed, is the fact that many US states allow alleged rapists to apply for parental rights of children conceived by sexual assault, write Dana Liebelson and Sydney Brownstone at Mother Jones. "It sounds unfathomable,"...

Akin's New Logic: McCaskill Should Drop Out

Camp says McCaskill's 10-point lead shows weakness

(Newser) - The "legitimate rape" controversy has turned conservative Todd Akin from frontrunner to a 10-percentage-point trailer—48% to 38%—in the Missouri Senate race, reports ABC News . But despite the pounding in the polls and losing the support of the Republican Party, Akin is not about to drop out. In...

Reporter: Mitt Barred Me From Asking About Abortion

Campaign denies it, but Denver TV backs up writer

(Newser) - A Denver reporter assigned to an interview with Mitt Romney was banned by the campaign from asking any questions about abortion or Rep. Todd Akin and his "legitimate rape" comments, reports the Huffington Post . "I had about five minutes with him, and we got through a fair amount...

Capitol Police, FBI Investigate Threats to Akin

Congressman and family under fire after his rape comments

(Newser) - Capitol Police and the FBI are looking into threats made against Missouri Congressman Todd Akin—and his family—in the wake of his "legitimate rape" comments, reports KSDK-TV . A police spokesperson says there is "an active, open investigation," though she declined to give details, reports AP . An...

Akin Has Month to Go It Alone
 Akin's New Battle: Fundraising 

Akin's New Battle: Fundraising

Senate candidate lost a promised $10M in funding, has $500K in bank

(Newser) - Shunned by his own party, Todd Akin has a month to decide if he is capable of going it alone and winning Missouri's Senate race, reports USA Today . Under Missouri law, a candidate has until Sept. 25 to withdraw from the ballot and allow state party committees to select...

Obama: Akin 'Missed Science Class'

He mocks congressman at basketball fundraiser

(Newser) - President Obama attended a fundraiser packed with current and former NBA stars last night, and he couldn't resist scoring a few points off Todd Akin, joking that the embattled congressman "missed science class," Politico reports. "The interesting thing here is that this is an individual who...

Akin to Skip GOP Convention
 Akin to Skip GOP Convention 

Akin to Skip GOP Convention

But he still insists he will stay in the race

(Newser) - Todd Akin will honor Reince Priebus' request that he skip the Republican National Convention, he told George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America today. When asked if he'd also heed GOP leaders' calls to exit the race, he left the door open the barest crack, but appeared adamant about staying...

Mitt Hailed Doctor Behind 'Legit Rape' Theory in 2007

He praised Jack Willke in last campaign

(Newser) - Though Mitt Romney is giving Rep. Todd Akin grief for his " legitimate rape" birth control theory , he once hailed the doctor who cooked up the idea in the first place. Dr. Jack C. Willke, considered the father of the anti-abortion movement, believes the trauma that occurs during a "...

As Deadline Passes, Akin Signals Mitt to Butt Out
 Akin to Romney: Butt Out 

Akin to Romney: Butt Out

'Why couldn’t he run his race and I’ll run mine?'

(Newser) - Todd Akin remained defiant yesterday as the deadline for him to easily withdraw from the US Senate race in Missouri passed. Mitt Romney urged him to pull out of the race but Akin suggested he mind his own business, accusing the presidential candidate of raising a bigger ruckus than necessary...

Romney Says Akin Should Drop Out

He speaks out after Senate candidate vows to stay in

(Newser) - Just hours after Senate hopeful Todd Akin reaffirmed that he's not dropping out over his "legitimate rape" gaffe , he learned that the party is not about to forgive and forget. Mitt Romney just released a statement saying Akin should abandon his run in Missouri against incumbent Claire McCaskill....

Todd Akin: I'm Staying in Race

Missouri Senate candidate tells Mike Huckabee he won't quit

(Newser) - "Legitimate rape" brouhaha or no, Rep. Todd Akin said again today that he's staying in Missouri's Senate race. Akin has been under intense pressure from fellow Republicans to drop out, but he told Mike Huckabee that those pleas seemed like "a little bit of an...

Akin's Next Move: TV-Ad Apology

Senate candidate asks 'for your forgiveness'

(Newser) - Todd Akin has been backtracking all over the place since he said that "legitimate rape" victims don't get pregnant , but now he's offered a mea culpa in the form of a new campaign ad. "Rape is an evil act. I used the wrong words in the...

Piers Morgan Slams 'Gutless' Akin After No-Show

And RNC chief doesn't want Akin at convention

(Newser) - Facing a firestorm over his rape comments , GOP Rep. Todd Akin backed out of a planned appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday, leaving the angry host addressing an empty chair. "Congressman, you have an open invitation to join me in that chair whenever you feel up to it,"...

Huckabee: Rapes Create Some Amazing People

He tries to make Todd Akin feel better

(Newser) - Rapes are "horrible," but sometimes they produce "extraordinary" people, one-time GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told Missouri Rep. Todd Akin during his radio show yesterday . “Ethel Waters, for example, was the result of a forcible rape,” Huckabee said of the late singer. “I used...

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