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Dupre to Ladies Who Judge: You're No Better Than a Hooker

'Get real and get over yourself': Spitzer babe

(Newser) - Ashley Dupre has a message for the ladies out there "who just love to judge" her $4,300 romp with a sitting governor: you're no better than hookers. The onetime Eliot Spitzer call girl blogged a rant about women who look down on her but "target guys with...

'Celebs' Who Need a Lil Twitter
 'Celebs' Who Need a Lil Twitter 

'Celebs' Who Need a Lil Twitter

(Newser) - Though it may seem every celebrity and pseudo-celebrity out there is oversharing on Twitter, there are a few who haven’t started up an account yet—but they really should, writes Andrew Belonsky for Gawker. The top names who would benefit from a little shameless self-promotion:
  • Burt Reynolds: “Burt

Spitzer Eying Return to Politics: Insiders

Others close to ex-guv dispute claim

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer is tossing around the possibility of a comeback bid, mulling a run for New York state office next year, insiders tell the New York Post. The ex-governor is said to be eying the state comptroller's job or Kirsten Gillibrand’s Senate seat. But it’s all informal at...

Why Sanford May Avoid Spitzer's Fate

(Newser) - The calls for Mark Sanford to resign are growing louder, but recent history suggests that the South Carolina governor has a chance to hold on, writes the Washington Times. While every politician who admits an affair faces calls to quit, only those who have committed real crimes are hounded from...

Rihanna, Chris Want to Get Closer
 Rihanna, Chris 
 Want to Get Closer 

Rihanna, Chris Want to Get Closer

Plus, director dishes on 'handsome' JFK, and more

(Newser) - Rihanna doesn’t want any protection from Chris Brown—the pair think the court’s no-contact clause is “unnecessary and ridiculous,” a source tells the New York Daily News, adding that even though “they aren't looking to hook back up,” they’re “solid” now as...

8 Infamous Hotel Rooms
 8 Infamous Hotel Rooms 

8 Infamous Hotel Rooms

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer put Washington’s Renaissance Mayflower Hotel on the map with his Ashley Dupre tryst—and before Spitzer, televangelist Jim Bakker did a similar service for Florida’s Sheraton Sand Key Resort with Jessica Hahn. Travel + Leisure takes a look at a few other famous—or infamous—hotels:...

Teary Spitzer on Comeback: 'My Obituary's Written'

Disgraced ex-governor dismisses second act

(Newser) - When Eliot Spitzer joined Vanity Fair writer John Heilpern for a hot dog in Central Park, New Yorkers swarmed with cameraphones and shouted "You're one of the best, governor!" With his Wall Street antagonists on the ropes and his successor, David Paterson, polling at record lows, New...

Spitzer: I Love New York Senate Mayhem
Spitzer: I Love New York  Senate Mayhem

Spitzer: I Love New York Senate Mayhem

(Newser) - Madness has descended on Albany, NY. When two Democrats switched sides at the last minute, the Democrats literally locked the Republicans out of the state senate, followed by name calling, court action, and threats to hold a session in an empty field. And that’s actually an improvement, writes Eliot...

Spitzer Used Aliases, Paid With Money Orders: Court

Other details revealed at last sentencing

(Newser) - The takedown of former New York governor Eliot Spitzer was not politically motivated, it was revealed yesterday at the sentencing of the last Emperor’s Club VIP defendant. Rather, the IRS noticed suspicious bank transfers from Spitzer's personal account to the account of a shell company used by the prostitution...

Spitzers Go Out, Holding Hands, No Less

First public appearance together since scandal lasts whole 30 minutes

(Newser) - Hooker? What hooker? Disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer and wife Silda gave no indication they were ever involved in a prostitution scandal last night, the New York Daily News reports. The Spitzers went to an Education Through Music gala together—their first public outing since the ex-gov’s resignation. They...

NY Prefers Spitzer to Paterson: Poll

Only 19% think Paterson is doing a good job

(Newser) - Gov. David Paterson is so unpopular in New York that most would prefer to see his hooker-loving predecessor Eliot Spitzer running Albany, the Daily News reports. A Marist College poll showed that 51% would rather see Spitzer as top dog, while only 19% of New Yorkers said Paterson was doing...

7 Men Who Led Double Lives

Suspected Craigslist killer joins list of adulterers, con men

(Newser) - Alleged Craigslist killer Philip Markoff is just one of many men whose double lives were exposed by the law, ABC News reports:
  • Eliot Spitzer seemed a dedicated governor and family man until he was pinned in a prostitution ring.
  • Christophe Rocancourt pretended to be a Rockefeller heir to defraud the

New York Times Garners 5 Pulitzers

Spitzer scandal among winners in rare bright spot for newspaper

(Newser) - The New York Times received five Pulitzer Prizes today, including one for breaking the call-girl scandal that destroyed Gov. Eliot Spitzer's career. The Las Vegas Sun won for public service for exposing a high death rate among construction workers on the Las Vegas Strip. America's top journalism awards were announced...

Spitzer Walks Long Road to Redemption

Ex-guv working on normal life; his future is unclear

(Newser) - As he returns to the public eye, Eliot Spitzer is working on being a normal person—a daunting task for a man long accustomed to power, Jonathan Darman writes in a Newsweek cover story. He’s grown less image-conscious, often spotted jogging around New York in sweatpants. And he makes...

Spitzer Executes a Textbook Comeback
Spitzer Executes a Textbook Comeback

Spitzer Executes a Textbook Comeback

He's made all the right moves—with an assist from the financial crisis

(Newser) - Six months ago—to say nothing of a year—predicting an Eliot Spitzer comeback would’ve been laughable. But the financial crisis has speeded up rehab for the disgraced former governor, giving him a chance to use his expertise as “the Sheriff of Wall Street,” writes Politico. Apologizing...

Paterson to Push for Gay Marriage

But bill's passage through the NY legislature is not certain

(Newser) - Gov. David Paterson plans to introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, the New York Times reports, doing so without the customary cultivation of legislative support in the wake of laws legalizing gay unions in Iowa and Vermont. Sources close to the governor say he feels New York should plow...

Spitzer Eyes 2010 Run for AG

(Newser) - Is Client No. 9 getting back into politics? Eliot Spitzer is considering a 2010 bid for his old job as New York’s attorney general, sources tell the New York Post—assuming Andrew Cuomo vacates the post to run for governor. “My record as governor was disappointing,” Spitzer...

Spitzer: 'What I Did Was Egregious'

Former guv has tried to address his 'gremlins'

(Newser) - Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer opened up about his “egregious” call-girl dalliance and subsequent resignation on NBC's Today this morning. Spitzer, who also discussed his re-emergence as a Slate columnist, claimed that he didn’t hire prostitutes frequently—“not long in the grand context of my life”...

DC Still Turns Blind Eye to Banks: Spitzer
DC Still Turns Blind Eye to Banks: Spitzer

DC Still Turns Blind Eye to Banks: Spitzer

Regulators attempt to save face after failing to prevent crisis

(Newser) - There’s a reason the government seems to have no control—darn the luck—over the banks it’s poured billions into: It’s trying to save face, writes Eliot Spitzer for Slate. Washington has struck a tacit bargain with Wall Street, the ex-governor says: Taxpayers bail out the financial...

Spitzer Returns to Blast AIG
Spitzer Returns to Blast AIG

Spitzer Returns to Blast AIG

Disgraced ex-guv admits his mistakes on CNN, but slams insurer's payments

(Newser) - A humbled Eliot Spitzer re-entered the limelight last week with an interview on CNN, admitting that he "failed in a very important way." But the former New York governor, ousted by a prostitution scandal last year, also took aim at AIG, calling it "at the center...

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