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The Kilogram Is Different, as of Today
The Kilogram Will
Never Be What It Was
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The Kilogram Will Never Be What It Was

As of Monday, it will no longer be determined by a physical piece of metal

(Newser) - Before Monday, a kilogram equaled about 2.2 pounds. After Monday, it equals ... well, about 2.2 pounds. But Monday also marks a scientific milestone for the metric mass—from now on, it will be measured differently, more precisely. No longer will be it based on an actual physical object,...

Change for a Unit Humanity Uses to Measure Its World

The kilogram is getting an update

(Newser) - The kilogram is getting an update. No, your bathroom scales won't suddenly become kinder and a kilo of fruit will still weigh a kilo. But the way scientists define the exact mass of a kilogram is about to change. Until now, its mass has been defined by the granddaddy...

Metrologists to Redefine the Kilogram

The weight of the physical object is changing

(Newser) - The weight of a kilogram is changing—and metrologists want it to stop. The kilogram isn’t just an ephemeral standard of measurement; it’s a physical cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy, cast in 1879 and squirreled away under lock and key at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in...

3 Stories
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