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AP Photographer Killed by Afghan Cop

And AP reporter wounded in shooting

(Newser) - A veteran Associated Press photographer was killed and an AP reporter was wounded today when an Afghan policeman opened fire while they were sitting in their car in eastern Afghanistan. Anja Niedringhaus, 48, an internationally acclaimed German photographer, was killed instantly, according to an AP Television News freelancer who witnessed... More »

BBC Convoy Attacked by Pro-Gadhafi Forces

Incident shows Tripoli far from stable, reporter says

(Newser) - Despite the advances made by Libyan rebels yesterday, Tripoli continues to see heavy fighting—and a BBC convoy recently found itself in the middle of the violence. Reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was accompanying rebels into the city center when, he says, “we came under ambush … pro-Gadhafi forces drove out... More »

Slain Libyan Journalist's Wife Has Baby, Posts Video

Mo Nabbous was killed by sniper while working

(Newser) - A Libyan citizen journalist and CNN contributor who started his own Livestream news channel was killed by a sniper while reporting—but his legacy lives on, thanks to a tribute from his wife and baby daughter. Perdita Nabbous, who was pregnant when Mohammed “Mo” Nabbous died, posted a video... More »

Four NYT Journalists Missing in Libya

Reporters were in Ajdabiya as it was overrun

(Newser) - Four New York Times staffers are missing in Libya, the newspaper says . They were in the Ajdabiya as it was overrun by government forces yesterday, and the paper has gotten unsubstantiated reports they were taken by government forces. “We have talked with officials of the Libyan government in Tripoli,... More »

BBC Team Detained, Beaten by Gadhafi Forces

Journalists subjected to mock executions

(Newser) - A team of BBC journalists has been flown out of Libya after being detained, beaten, and subjected to mock executions by Libyan security forces. The three were taken to a military barracks near Tripoli after being stopped at a checkpoint near Zawiyah, scene of fierce fighting between rebels and pro-Gadhafi... More »

Lara Logan Beaten With Flagpoles, Fists

Recovering reporter was stripped in mob of 200 men

(Newser) - Harsh new details of Lara Logan's attack in Cairo: The CBS reporter was stripped and battered with fists and makeshift flagpoles, reports the Times of London, via the Daily Mail . She was pinched so hard by her attackers that the red marks that covered her body were initially thought to... More »

ABC Reporter Beaten in Bahrain

Miguel Marquez attacked mid-broadcast by riot police

(Newser) - The unrest in the Middle East has been accompanied by a surge in violence against journalists—and has claimed yet another victim. The latest is ABC 's Miguel Marquez, who was beaten mid-broadcast when he was caught in the middle of Bahraini security forces' surprise attack on protesters in a... More »

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