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For This New Tourist Site, You Need a Hazmat Suit

Ukraine makes Chernobyl control room open for short visits

(Newser) - Not every vacation requires you to receive not one but two tests for radiation exposure, but not every vacation involves a visit to the control room at Chernobyl. Officials in Ukraine are now letting tourists make five-minute visits to the room where the infamous meltdown took place in 1986, reports... More »

Nuclear Workers Were Killed in Rocket Explosion: Russia

Radiation levels spiked after accident

(Newser) - An explosion Thursday during a rocket engine test that caused radiation levels to jump in northern Russia killed five nuclear workers, the country's nuclear energy agency said. It was the first official word that the agency, Rosatom, was involved, Reuters reports. Three other employees were injured, the agency said.... More »

'Rogue' Email Warns About Grand Canyon Radiation

For 18 years, tourists, workers may have been exposed to 3 buckets of uranium in park building

(Newser) - A whistleblower at Grand Canyon National Park has made a startling disclosure in what the Arizona Republic calls a "rogue" email: Three 5-gallon paint buckets of uranium ore were stored for 18 years in one of the park's buildings, possibly exposing tourists and workers to radiation. In a... More »

North Korean Defectors Reveal 'Ghost Disease' Back Home

They say people's health is suffering from radiation exposure due to country's nuclear tests

(Newser) - Horrific tales are being shared by North Korean defectors who fled their homes near the Punggye-ri nuclear testing site, with stories of sickened residents and wildlife, and even a deformed baby born without genitals and murdered soon after birth. Lee Jeong Hwa, who got out in 2010 from her home... More »

Book: US Secretly Exposed Americans to Radiation Tests

Three congressmen want answers

(Newser) - Three members of Congress are demanding answers after a St. Louis scholar's new book revealed details of secret Cold War-era US government testing in which countless unsuspecting people, including kids, pregnant women, and minorities, were fed, sprayed, or injected with radiation and other dangerous materials. The health ramifications of... More »

Every Belgium Resident to Get Iodine Ration

Amid fears of an ISIS dirty bomb or nuclear plant meltdown

(Newser) - Last month's terrorist attacks in Brussels heightened already existing fears of ISIS building and setting off a dirty bomb in Belgium, and now the government is taking no chances. Health Minister Maggie De Block announced Thursday that iodine pills—which counteract radiation buildup in the thyroid gland, the part... More »

World's Nuclear Waste Could Find Home in Australian Outback

Storage in South Australia could bring in $183B

(Newser) - If the world is looking for another dumping ground for its nuclear waste, it may soon find a willing volunteer in South Australia. A report by the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission offered tentative findings that storing spent fuel rods—429,900 tons now being temporarily stored in areas around... More »

Japan Paying 1st Fukushima Worker With Cancer

Country concedes possible radiation link, awards compensation

(Newser) - A Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant worker is the first diagnosed with cancer from possible radiation exposure and will receive compensation under the country's labor laws, the Japanese health and labor ministry said Tuesday, per the Wall Street Journal . The unnamed man, said by various sources to be in his... More »

Surgeon General: Quit Tanning Now

Country's top doctor says skin cancer is 'major public health problem'

(Newser) - Your doctor, your mom, and your shade-obsessed friends have probably all told you already about the dangers of suntanning—and now the surgeon general is jumping on the anti-bronzing bandwagon for the first time. Boris Lushniak today called skin cancer a “major public health problem,” and pointed a... More »

6 Busted in Mexico Radioactive Truck Theft

They're hospitalized, tested for exposure

(Newser) - Six people have been arrested in the theft of a truck carrying radioactive material in Mexico, an official tells the AP . All were admitted to a hospital in Pachuca, central Mexico, where they're being tested for radiation exposure. Another official says all six are dizzy and showing skin irritation,... More »

Radiation May Not Kill You, but Fear of It Might

David Ropeik: Our dread of nuclear accidents exceeds the facts

(Newser) - Seems like there's a new story every week about a new radioactive leak or accident at Japan's shuttered Fukushima nuclear plant. The headlines may sound terrifying, but David Ropeik in the New York Times points out that scientists have said repeatedly that the radiation has been relatively harmless... More »

Mars Couple's Radiation Shield: Their Own Feces

It'll line the walls, alongside food, water

(Newser) - When you're on a budget-conscious mission to Mars, you can't waste anything—including your own, well, waste. The lucky couple tapped for Inspiration Mars' private voyage to the red planet will be tasked with lining the walls of their vessel with their own poop to shield themselves from... More »

Fukushima Fallout: Scads of Mutant Butterflies

Radiation link clear, scientists say, and it's only the beginning

(Newser) - The radiation that poured out of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor last year looks like it's doing a number on Japan's animal populations, researchers warn, after discovering rampant mutations among butterflies. Scientists collected 144 adult pale grass blue butterflies—which would have been overwintering as larvae during the... More »

Kids' CT Scans Boost Cancer Risk

But in many cases, 'benefits outweigh risks': researcher

(Newser) - The radiation from CT scans can increase a child's risk of brain cancer and leukemia, a study finds, with risk increasing along with the amount of radiation. The radiation in two or three CT scans triples brain cancer risk for a kid under 15, while five to 10 scans... More »

Radiation Found in Japanese Baby Formula

Levels not high enough to pose health risk, parents told

(Newser) - Nearly nine months after the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami wrought havoc on Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, the country's nuclear nightmare is continuing. Traces of radiation have been found in infant formula for the first time and while government experts say the levels aren't high enough to... More »

Senator: Put Bigger Health Warnings by Airport Scanners

Susan Collins wants more study into radiation concerns: ProPublica

(Newser) - Maine Senator Susan Collins wants the TSA to put more prominent health warnings near those big full-body scanners at airports, reports ProPublica . What she really wants is for the agency to conduct an independent study on the potential dangers posed by radiation, but because the TSA is balking, she'll... More »

Japanese Seethe Over Hushed Radiation Forecasts

Thousands exposed because gov't agencies refused responsibility

(Newser) - Anger is growing in Japan over the government hiding radiation forecasts from the public, causing unnecessary exposure to thousands, letting contaminants into the country's food supply, and not acknowledging that there even was a meltdown for three months after the initial disaster, reports the New York Times . Thousands of... More »

First Fukushima Worker Dies

But no radioactive material found on body of man, in his 60s

(Newser) - More bad news out of Fukushima: A worker at the plant died today, the first casualty since the stabilization effort began. A TEPCO rep says the man's body did not show any signs of radiation overexposure and no radioactive material was found on his body, but the cause... More »

Livid Parents Give Officials Bag of Radioactive Dirt

Fukushima parents angered by decision to raise radiation exposure levels

(Newser) - Parents outraged by the Japanese government's decision to raise the acceptable radiation exposure for children 20-fold presented government ministers in Tokyo with a bag of radioactive dirt from a school playground. The government says the move to increase the safety level from one to 20 millisieverts per year is... More »

Japan Bans Entering Evacuation Zone

Residents barred from returning amidst radiation fears

(Newser) - The 12.5 miles surrounding the foundering Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant are now officially off limits, the Japanese government announced yesterday. Until now, the government had merely advised people that entering the evacuation zone was a bad idea, but many residents ignored that advice, venturing in to retrieve their possessions... More »

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