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NFL Lockout Over, London's Calling

Tampa, Chicago will play league's fifth regular-season game at Wembley

(Newser) - With the lockout over, the NFL will return to London for a fifth straight year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play the Chicago Bears at Wembley Stadium on Oct. 23 in the fifth regular-season game in the British capital. The game had been under threat because of negotiations over a... More »

NFL, Players Strike Deal

NFLPA board, 32 team reps unanimously approve the terms

(Newser) - The 136-day-old NFL lockout is finally ending: Owners and players hit on a deal this morning after negotiations over the weekend, the AP reports, and the NFL Players Association executive board and 32 team reps have voted unanimously to approve the terms. The final pact is for 10 years and... More »

NFL Deal? Not Without the Players

Players' reps peeved at owners' power play

(Newser) - There appears to be a little glitch in the NFL owners' agreement to end the lockout—only one party agreed to anything, reports Pro Football Talk . "There is no agreement between the NFL and the Players at this time," reads an email sent yesterday by the players' association... More »

NFL Owners Take Big Step to Ending Lockout

If players agree, team facilities could open on Saturday

(Newser) - It's possible the NFL will be open for business again in a matter of days. League owners approved a proposed 10-year labor agreement this evening, and the 4-month lockout will be over if the players follow suit, reports USA Today . It's not exactly a cinch, however, at least... More »

NBA Locks Out Players

Next year's basketball season might be in jeopardy, too

(Newser) - American sports fans might need some new hobbies soon: The NBA now has a lockout, too, along with the NFL . Basketball owners locked out players today when the latest talks to reach a collective bargaining deal failed, reports AP . The current contract expires at midnight, and the two sides remain... More »

Congress Should Force NFL to Play Ball

Arlen Specter: Congress should step in to break gridlock

(Newser) - NFL owners and players can't seem to figure a way of their legal fight , raising the very real possibility that we'll have no season this year. This goes way beyond sports, writes former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter in the New York Times . It would be a devastating economic... More »

Top Summer Jobs for Locked Out NFL Stars

From comedy to coffee, here's how players are getting by

(Newser) - With the NFL lockout dragging on, a lot of players might just be looking for work. Thankfully, Bleacher Report is here to help. Here are some gigs that top players are trying out:
  • Comedian—You don’t need to do years of standup to get a comedy gig; you just
... More »

Court: NFL Lockout Will Stay

Appeals panel backs measure til at least June 3

(Newser) - The 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals today decided that the NFL's lockout of players should stay in place until a full appeal is heard on whether it is legal—at least the first week of June and possibly much longer. The 2-1 decision said it believed the NFL... More »

NFL PLayers Locked Out Again

Lockout restored evening after players return to work

(Newser) - The NFL locked its players out again on last night after a legal victory in its battle with players over the future of the business, capping one of the most chaotic weeks in football history. An appeals court granted the league's request to reinstate the lockout and issued a... More »

Judge Orders End to NFL Lockout

And the league plans to appeal

(Newser) - A federal judge today ordered an end to the NFL lockout, giving the players an early victory in their fight with the owners over how to divide the $9 billion business. US District Judge Susan Richard Nelson said she was swayed by the players' argument "that allowing the League... More »

NFL Players Stuck Paying for Health Care, Training

League withholds benefits, makes life tough

(Newser) - NFL players are starting to feel the lockout squeeze. Earlier this month, the league stopped covering their health insurance—a step it never took during the 1982 and 1987 strikes, the Washington Post reports. That’s left players paying not just $2,000 to $3,000 a month in health... More »

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