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Jackass Star Vincent 'Don Vito' Margera Dead at 59

Uncle of Bam Margera succumbed to kidney, liver failure: family

(Newser) - In what TMZ describes as a "double blow" for Jackass star Bam Margera, his uncle, Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, died early Sunday at age 59, April Margera (Bam's mother and Vincent's sister-in-law) tells TMZ . Vincent, also known as his character "Don Vito," "struggled... More »

5 Fatal Celebrity Car Accidents

Including one whose death was predicted by a fellow celeb

(Newser) - With Tracy Morgan recovering after a car accident that killed friend and fellow comedian James McNair, Radar looks back on 11 more deadly crashes involving celebrities. Five notable ones:
  • Ryan Dunn: The 34-year-old Jackass star had a blood alcohol level of .196 and was going 130mph when his Porsche flew
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19 Reality TV Tragedies

The genre has seen suicides, murders, overdoses

(Newser) - Reality TV isn't all relationship drama and crazy fights , as Gia Allemand's recent suicide sadly proves. Radar rounds up 18 more genuine tragedies that have come out of the genre:
  • Bruce Beresford-Redman, the Survivor producer accused of killing his wife, has been ordered to return to Mexico and
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Johnny Knoxville Blogs Tribute to Ryan Dunn

'Dear friend' was a good laugher, equally good listener

(Newser) - At Ryan Dunn's memorial last week, Johnny Knoxville found himself unable to do anything other than mumble and try not to cry. He makes up for it with a touching tribute to his friend and co-star on his blog , writing that his world is "about 134% less funny"... More »

Bar Won't Be Charged in Jackass Star's Death

Ryan Dunn didn't seem drunk when bar served him, police say

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania bar where Ryan Dunn spent four hours drinking before the crash that killed him and his passenger won't be facing charges, police have decided. The Jackass star—whose blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he crashed his Porsche—did not appear intoxicated while at Barnaby'... More »

Cops: Ryan Dunn Was Drunk, Going 140 MPH

'Jackass' star had blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit

(Newser) - Ryan Dunn's blood-alcohol content was twice the legal limit, and he was driving as fast as 140 mph when he crashed his Porsche Monday morning, killing the Jackass star and his passenger, according to police. The legal BAC limit in Pennsylvania is .08, and Dunn's level was .196,... More »

Crash's Violent Impact Killed Jackass Star

Ryan Dunn's Porsche may have been traveling more than 100mph

(Newser) - Jackass daredevil Ryan Dunn and his passenger died from the impact of the violent car crash and the resulting fire, according to a coroner's report yesterday. Blunt force trauma and thermal trauma were the official causes of death for both men. Toxicology results will take four to six weeks... More »

Ebert: 'Jackass' Tweet Meant to Be True, Not Cruel

Also: Movie critic's Facebook page briefly taken down

(Newser) - Roger Ebert shifted away from Twitter and took to a place where he could address the "Jackass" situation in more than 140 characters: his Chicago Sun-Times blog. There, the movie critic wrote, "I regret that my tweet about the event was considered cruel. It was not intended as... More »

Dunn Pals Rip Roger Ebert for Harsh Jackass Tweet

'He drank, he drove, 2 people died,' the movie critic tweeted

(Newser) - Pals of Jackass star Ryan Dunn are furious Roger Ebert took advantage of news of his car-crash death to make a point about the stuntster's drunk driving. "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive," Ebert tweeted. Cops have not yet mentioned drinking as a cause of... More »

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