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Noxious Gas Hits Moscow
 Noxious Gas Hits Moscow 

Noxious Gas Hits Moscow

Media reports say it's hydrogen sulphide

(Newser) - A noxious gas descended on Moscow today as officials warned people to stay indoors—and added that the stinky stuff isn't the least bit harmful, Mashable reports. Local media identified the gas as hydrogen sulphide, which smells rotten and can be quite toxic, while the nation's emergencies ministry...

New EU Sanctions Hit Maker of AK-47
New EU Sanctions Hit
Maker of AK-47

New EU Sanctions Hit Maker of AK-47

EU freezes assets of 24 more politicians, rebel leaders

(Newser) - The European Union today moved to further punish Moscow for its intervention in Ukraine—in the form of a new set of sanctions . The EU announced it will ban the export of technology for military use to Russian arms-maker Kalashnikov (maker of the AK-47) along with eight other companies, restrict...

Russia to Ukraine: No Money, No Gas

 Russia Cuts Off 
 Gas Supply to Ukraine 

Russia Cuts Off Gas Supply to Ukraine

After rejecting $1B offer

(Newser) - Relations between Russia and Ukraine are set to slide even further downhill after Kiev and Moscow failed to make a breakthrough in a bitter dispute over natural gas, with Russia today cutting the gas supply to the country. Russian gas exporter Gazprom says the deadline for Ukraine to pay a...

Russia, China Sign Landmark, Secretive Gas Deal

Total price tag said to be $400B

(Newser) - China today signed a landmark agreement with Russia that will see it buying a reported $400 billion in natural gas over 30 years. The decade-in-the-making deal will have Gazprom supply China's state-owned gas company with up to 38 billion cubic meters of gas each year starting in 2018, reports...

Russia Jacks Ukraine's Gas Price 40%

And NATO boss says Russia hasn't moved troops yet

(Newser) - Russia's state-owned energy giant Gazprom is increasing the price of the natural gas it sells to Ukraine by 40%, it announced today, in what Reuters sees as an attempt to increase economic pressure on Kiev. But Gazprom didn't explain the move in terms of geopolitics; the company said...

Greenpeace: Russia Boarded Our Ship, Took Us Captive

Activists were trying to board Gazprom oil platform

(Newser) - Russian security forces boarded and took control of a Greenpeace ship in the Arctic yesterday, holding its crew at gunpoint, the activist group has announced. Greenpeace's Arctic Campaign coordinator Christy Ferguson tells CBC News that at least 15 Russian coast guard officers rappeled down onto the Arctic Sunrise ship...

Putin's Gas Strategy Backfires as Prices Fall

(Newser) - The very strategies that made Gazprom an international force are now causing the energy giant—and consequently, Moscow—unaccustomed financial stress, the New York Times reports. Vladimir Putin built Gazprom into a goliath by aggressively dominating natural gas supplies, but to do it, he entered into long-term contracts to buy...

Russian Gas Again Flows to Europe Through Ukraine

Supplies had been cut for 2 weeks amid political squabbles

(Newser) - Gas is again flowing from Russia to Ukraine, a major gas gateway for Europe, after disputes between the two countries shut down supplies for two weeks, Reuters reports. Leaders couldn’t agree on a 2009 gas contract amid political tensions over Ukraine’s wish to join NATO; 20 European countries...

EU Strikes Deal to End Russian Gas Freeze

Thousands of eastern Europeans left in the cold by Russia-Ukraine dispute

(Newser) - Gas could be flowing back to a frozen Europe within days after Russian and Ukrainian officials agreed yesterday to an EU-brokered plan to have independent observers monitor pipelines, the Guardian reports. Russia cut off all its gas supplies via Ukraine Wednesday over a pricing dispute, leaving hundreds of thousands scrambling...

Russia Halts All Gas to Europe Via Ukraine

Last pipeline shut as shortages spread as far as France

(Newser) - Having slowed to a trickle yesterday, Russia today shut off all its gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine, the latest move in a pricing dispute that has affected fuel deliveries to a dozen countries during a winter cold snap. Gazprom, the Russian state gas company, blamed Ukraine for shutting down...

EU Faces Crisis as Russia Cuts Off Gas

Spat with Ukraine leaves half of continent short of fuel

(Newser) - European nations from Austria to Greece lost most or all of their gas supplies today, as a showdown between Russia and Ukraine imperiled the entire continent. Last night Gazprom, the Russian state gas company, cut its supply by 60% to punish Ukraine for allegedly stealing fuel that should flow through...

The Pride of Russia, Tanking Gazprom Seeks Bailout

A symbol of Moscow's resurgence a year ago, the natural gas giant is foundering

(Newser) - Just a year ago, Russian natural gas titan Gazprom was burning through global competition on its way to becoming the world's largest corporation. Now the state-owned darling of investors worldwide is deep in debt and flirting with a government bailout. A symbol of Russia’s resurgence as a global economic...

Russian Soccer's No. 1 Fan? The Kremlin

Russian nationalism plays out on the pitch, and politicians pay out off it

(Newser) - Russia's soccer team takes the field against Spain today in the Euro 2008 quarterfinals with an unlikely and ardent cheering section—the Kremlin. The team, resurging after years in decline, can thank the hefty monetary backing of an oil magnate afraid to run afoul of Moscow. And, as Josh Patashnik...

Industrial Spying Charges Deepen Russia-UK Flap

Two with ties to Britain arrested for espionage in Moscow

(Newser) - Two brothers, one with ties to a UK-Russia joint oil venture, have been arrested in Moscow and accused of industrial espionage, the BBC reports. Ilya and Alexander Zaslavsky were charged after yesterday's raid on oil giant TNK-BP, but analysts say Russia's interest in the matter goes beyond spying, as the...

Russia, Ukraine Settle Gas Flap
Russia, Ukraine Settle Gas Flap

Russia, Ukraine Settle Gas Flap

Agreement reached; export flow to Europe not in danger

(Newser) - Ukraine and Russia announced today that their natural-gas companies had settled the dispute that had caused Russia to cut gas supply to Ukraine by 50%—and spurred worries that the flow of gas to Western Europe would be disrupted, the AP reports. "The restrictions on deliveries for Ukrainian consumers...

Heir Not Just Putin's Puppet
 Heir Not Just Putin's Puppet

Heir Not Just Putin's Puppet

Medvedev favors Western style and outlook

(Newser) - The man hand picked by Vladimir Putin to be his successor and a virtually certain victor in this Sunday's election has been portrayed in the West as the Russian president's personal puppet. But Dmitri Medvedev, who plans to appoint Putin as his prime minister, may be more independent, reform-minded and...

Putin Pick Hits Campaign Trail
Putin Pick Hits Campaign Trail

Putin Pick Hits Campaign Trail

Medvedev launches bid with 79% support in polls, virtually no competition

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin's hand-picked replacement has launched his presidential campaign with a 2-day visit to Russia's far west. Dmitry Medvedev has seen his popularity soar since the president announced he would like to see him as his successor: he's now polling 79%, higher than Putin did before his 2004 landslide victory,...

Russia's Gas Giant Faces Big Squeeze

Powerful Gazprom has too little oil to meet demands

(Newser) - Russia faces a threat to its international trump card as Gazprom—its powerful natural gas company—struggles to meet massive worldwide demand, Newsweek reports. The company gets much of its oil dirt cheap from former Soviet republics in Central Asia, then resells it a handsome profit to Europe. Now those...

Putin Names Favored Successor
Putin Names Favored Successor

Putin Names Favored Successor

Business-friendly Medvedev would 'carry on the course'

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin ended months of speculation today by naming Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as his chosen successor, the AP reports. A Putin loyalist, Medvedev is a business-friendly lawyer with ties to prominent natural gas company Gazprom, AP reports. Putin’s choice is expected to be the prohibitive frontrunner in...

Brits Win Little EU Support For Russian Battle

Moscow weighs 'targeted' response in clash over spy murder

(Newser) - Britain turned to its European allies for support in its diplomatic battle with Russia over a sensational radiation murder in London, but the response has been tepid, the Guardian reports. Only the French expressed support yesterday, as Germany, with powerful economic ties to Russia, suggested that the UK had overreacted,...

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