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Dane Cook Returns to Comedy

Comic talks about grief over his parents' deaths, return to road

(Newser) - Ready or not, world, Dane Cook, standup comedian is back. It's been four years since the controversial comic went on tour. In the middle of that drought, in 2011, he told Amy Kaufman at the LA Times that he'd essentially retired. (Though apparently, he did get on stage... More »

Chappelle Freaks Out After 10 Minutes Onstage

Smoked, read audience member's book for remaining 25 minutes, witnesses say

(Newser) - Dave Chappelle is no stranger to meltdowns , and his behavior last night apparently drove that point home. Some 10 minutes into his act in Hartford, the comedian stopped telling jokes and scolded the audience for being too loud ... then spent the next 25 minutes smoking and reading an audience member'... More »

Louis CK Makes a Cool Million off Web Video

And comedian is giving more than half of that to charities, employees

(Newser) - The wild success story of Louis CK and his self-produced comedy album gets even wilder : The album, available via his website for just $5, sold 200,000 copies as of Tuesday, grossing the comedian a cool million ... in just 12 days. A quarter of that money will go to the... More »

Tracy Morgan Blasted for Anti-Gay Rant

Says he'd stab his son over sexual preference

(Newser) - Tracy Morgan is facing serious heat for a violently homophobic diatribe he allegedly made at a stand-up show last Friday. According to an audience member’s account of the rant, the comedian said that if his son was gay, he’d stab him to death. For years, Morgan has said... More »

Seinfeld Puts His Comedy Online... Slowly

Comedian concerned with 'portion control'

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld wants to give his stand up to the world—eventually. He’s gathered up more than 1,000 clips of his comedy for the new site he’s launching Friday, but he only intends to release three of them a day. “I don’t want... More »

Comic Must Pay $16K for Lesbian Insults: Court

Jokes during amateur's show were discriminatory, says victim

(Newser) - A Canadian human rights tribunal has ordered a stand-up comedian to pay a woman $15,700 after he insulted her and her partner at a show. Lorna Pardy says amateur comic Guy Earle discriminated against her based on gender and sexual preference, the Vancouver Sun reports. The owner of the... More »

Conan O'Brien to Launch Comedy Tour

Coco fans go wild in frenzy of ticket buying

(Newser) - Fans dying for more Coco will get their wish on April 12, when the ex-Tonight Show host begins his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour. The red-coifed one announced the tour on Twitter today, saying, “Hey Internet: I’m headed to your town on a half-assed comedy... More »

Comedy Club Invites Palin to Perform

VP was impressed with Tonight Show stand-up routine

(Newser) - At least one person was impressed with Sarah Palin’s stand-up routine on the Tonight Show, and he wants her to bring it to his comedy club. “Based on her appearance, Zanies Comedy Club would like to book Sarah Palin to perform at the club,” the establishment’s... More »

Actually, Dane Cook Is Funny

Fellow comedian makes the case for much-maligned superstar

(Newser) - He knows he's branding himself unhip, but Steve Macone isn't backing down on the subject of Dane Cook: "Yes, he is probably more popular than he should be. Yes, there are other comedians equally deserving of fame." But "at this juncture, it's wrong to say, 'Dane Cook... More »

Comedy Club Battles Church in Texas Mall

Comedians sick of too-loud gospel music; church cries bigotry

(Newser) - It sounds like a sitcom setup: A comedy club and a boisterous church move in next to each other in the same Texas strip mall and can’t stand each other. Hilarity ensues. But it’s a scenario that’s actually playing out in Austin, the Wall Street Journal reports,... More »

Daily Show's John Oliver Gets Series

Comic to host stand-up variety show

(Newser) - Comedy Central has ordered six episodes of a new series starring Daily Show correspondent John Oliver. Each installment of John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show will feature performances from four comedians of Oliver's choosing—Janeane Garofalo, Brian Posehn, and Paul F. Tompkins are confirmed. "It's the most worthwhile way... More »

Hollywood's Least Funny Comics

These guys get no respect, and they deserve it

(Newser) - You rarely see Carrot Top or Gallagher anymore, but showbiz is still full of guys who just aren’t funny. Sarah Bell of Newsweek points out the worthiest tomato targets:
  • Larry the Cable Guy: A really, really poor man’s Jeff Foxworthy, minus any actual jokes.
  • Carlos Mencia: Makes a
... More »

I Snorted Coke 40 Feet From Obama at DC Dinner: Actor

David Cross, of Arrested Development fame, says he did it on a dare

(Newser) - We’ve all done silly stuff on a dare, but probably not on the level of actor/author/comic/crazy guy David Cross, who says he snorted cocaine not 40 feet from President Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner (not, for the record, held at the White House). With cabinet secretaries, Supreme... More »

Apatow's Funny People: Insightful, Smug, Too Long

(Newser) - Judd Apatow doesn't dispense entirely with his raunchy humor in Funny People, but his venture into more serious themes meets mixed success with critics. Most, however, love Adam Sandler as a gravely ill comedian confronting the emptiness of his life.
  • Peter Travers, Rolling Stone: "Apatow scores by crafting the
... More »

Kimmel Rips ABC to Shreds

Slams own network at advertiser presentation

(Newser) - Jimmy Kimmel took the stage yesterday at a network presentation for advertisers, and promptly bit the hands that feed him—ripping into ABC, its advertisers, and even Jay Leno, writes Dave Itzkoff in the New York Times reports. “All of ABC’s late-night comedy talent is assembled here on... More »

Obama Brings Down House at Press Dinner

President plays stand-up comic

(Newser) - President Obama slayed his audience with killer jokes last night at the celebrity-studded White House Correspondents' Dinner, reports the Washington Post. Aiming zingers at everyone from Hillary to himself, Obama drew guffaws from the 2500 guests with lines like: "My next 100 days will be so successful. I... More »

Sykes to Roast Obama at Press Dinner

(Newser) - Wanda Sykes has been tapped to roast Barack Obama at this year’s White House Correspondents' Dinner on May 9. The lesbian comic will likely skewer the President’s anti-gay-marriage stance, but she has some skeletons of her own, the Los Angeles Times reports. After hearing about the engagement, “... More »

CNN Adds Laughs to News Lineup

Network recruits Hughley for Letterman-style talk show

(Newser) - The 24-hour news cycle will take a break for comedy with a Letterman-like talk show set to make its debut on CNN next weekend. Comic and actor DL Hughley, one of the "Original Kings of Comedy," will host. "When you watch as much news as our audience... More »

Seinfeld Defense: Lawsuits are Funny

Sez silly suits are fodder for routine

(Newser) - Jerry Seinfeld insisted yesterday that he didn’t slander a woman suing his wife for cookbook plagiarism because silly lawsuits are fodder for good comedy. The comic cited episodes from Seinfeld as well as his kid-friendly Bee Movie in a court filing as examples of the First Amendment-protected comedic license... More »

Cho Gung-Ho on New Show

Comedienne has a new show and plenty to talk about

(Newser) - If you've missed Margaret Cho's raunchy brand of comedy, her new "scripted reality sitcom," The Cho Show, debuts this month on VH1 and follows the comedienne and hangers-on through outrageous adventures in Hollywood. Cho sat down with Radar to talk about anal bleaching, defending Britney Spears, and winning... More »

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