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Occupy's Rose Parade Float: Giant Octopus

It symbolizes the greedy clutches of Wall Street

(Newser) - Occupy Los Angeles activists are staging a protest at Monday's Rose Parade in Pasadena with their very own float: a 70-by-40-foot octopus made of recycled plastic bags. More than 1,000 Occupiers are expected to join the demonstration, reports the Los Angeles Times , and organizers promise to keep it... More »

Occupy Los Angeles Protesters Can Avoid Trials...

...by taking a $355 class on free speech

(Newser) - To avoid court trials, all many arrested members of Occupy Los Angeles have to do is pay $355 … for a course on free speech. Protesters who opt to take this route will apparently learn that "the First Amendment is not absolute," as a city attorney explains, adding... More »

Undercover Cops Infiltrated Occupy LA Before Raid

About a dozen mingled among protesters to look for potential trouble

(Newser) - The Los Angeles police had nearly a dozen undercover officers mixed in with the Occupy LA protesters in the weeks before Wednesday's pre-dawn raid, gathering information about stashed weapons or other potential problems, reports the LA Times . (Confirming a story in City News Service.) None of the undercover... More »

Occupy LA Leaves Behind 30 Tons of Trash

And ... bottles of urine

(Newser) - When the protesters of Occupy LA vacated their encampment , they left behind 30 tons of debris. Sanitation workers have already removed 25 tons of garbage, clothes, and random belongings—all of which went to a landfill, the Los Angeles Times reports. Protesters, who lived in the tent city for two... More »

Cops Storm Occupy LA, Arrest 200

Ditto that in Philly, with 50 arrests

(Newser) - More than 1,000 police officers moved in late last night to clear out the Occupy LA encampment on the lawn of City Hall. Police swarmed into the camp from several directions and began dismantling tents as protesters chanted, reports the Los Angeles Times . By early this morning, the site... More »

Occupy LA Files Complaint to Stop Eviction

Protesters use 'Twilight' fans as legal precedent

(Newser) - The battle over a patch of grass outside Los Angeles City Hall is about to involve lawyers. Granted a reprieve from eviction earlier this morning, Occupy LA organizers said today they would file a federal injunction to stop the city from removing protesters. In return, the city threatened to file... More »

Occupy LA Camp Gets Reprieve

Occupy Philly protest still calm as well

(Newser) - The Occupy LA encampment got a stay of execution this morning—though a few arrests have been reported beyond the boundaries of City Hall Park. Two hours after protesters defied city hall's order to vacate the park by 12:01am, lawyer and Occupy supporter Jim Lafferty told Reuters he... More »

Occupy LA Steels for Showdown With Cops

Tense standoff as 12:01am evacuation deadline passes

(Newser) - Time has run out for Occupy LA protesters, who were ordered to pack up their 500 tents and leave by one minute past midnight this morning, reports AP . But the deadline has passed, and most protesters show no signs of moving. Some have been teaching resistance tactics and how to... More »

City Hall to Occupy LA: You've Got Till Monday

Plus, Occupy Xmas splinter group emerges

(Newser) - The political tide at Los Angeles City Hall has turned on the Occupiers. Having already offered them free farmland , the city warned protesters today that they have until 12:01am Monday to leave City Hall park, the Los Angeles Times reports. In a public statement, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa cited damage... More »

LA to Occupiers: We'll Give You Farmland if You Leave

City officials offer office space, housing for homeless, too

(Newser) - Perhaps aiming to catch more flies with honey than pepper spray, officials in Los Angeles are offering Occupy LA protesters incentives to dismantle their City Hall camp. The city has offered a 10,000-square-foot office space near City Hall for $1 per year, plus farmland elsewhere and housing for homeless... More »

Can Occupy Survive Without Zuccotti Park?

Plus, an update on yesterday's arrests

(Newser) - What’s the future of an Occupy movement that doesn't have a space to occupy? Experts offer a range of suggestions for those who have been booted from Zuccotti Park: "At this point, I think they should quickly migrate to the Washington Monument," an NYU professor of... More »

Occupy LA Seeks Restraining Order Against Cops

They have right to 'peaceful' encampment, say attorneys

(Newser) - Occupy Los Angeles protesters have gone to court to demand a temporary restraining order to stop police from clearing out their encampment without prior notice. Attorneys say demonstrators have a right to notice because the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution in support of them as they long as... More »

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