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Al-Qaeda Militants, Syria Rebels Call Truce— in One Town

Syrian regime, opposition ceasefire may not be far off either, says Assad official

(Newser) - The fighting between al-Qaeda militants and Syrian rebels, which "has raised fears of a war within a war," may now be over, at least in one town, the BBC reports. After seizing the town of Azaz this week, the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) agreed... More »

'Smell of Death' Permeates Daraya

Meanwhile, rebels say they shot down government copter as revenge

(Newser) - A government helicopter crashed today in Damascus, with rebel groups claiming they shot it down. "It was in revenge for the Daraya massacre," a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army told AFP . A video posted online shows the burning helicopter falling to the ground, reports the AP . Syria'... More »

CIA Guiding Weapons to Syrian Rebels

Help for rebels balanced by fear of al-Qaeda getting weapons

(Newser) - Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are buying and funneling automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition, and even antitank weapons to Syrian rebels—and in the middle of that shadowy network, a small number of CIA officers are helping to coordinate who gets those weapons, reports the New York Times . The CIA... More »

Were Rebels Able to Poison Top Syrian Officials?

Israel, rebels say yes; Syria says no

(Newser) - Syria is denying it, but Israeli officials say there's truth to the claim that Syrian rebels attempted to kill top government officials with poison last Saturday. According to Haaretz , the rebels were able to turn the bodyguard to Syria's national security chairman, and that bodyguard was able to... More »

2 Bombs Rock Damascus; 27 Dead

Violence returns to Syrian capital, suburbs

(Newser) - Two car bombs rocked Damascus this morning around 7:30 local time, killing civilians and security forces, report al-Jazeera and AP . State media reports 27 dead and more than 100 injured. One bomb hit the criminal security department and the other the aviation intelligence department. The usual blame game unfolded:... More »

Russia: Syria Is Ready to Talk

But opposition rejects offer, as fighting rages outside Damascus

(Newser) - With fighting raging outside Damascus , Syria's regime has indicated that it is open to "informal" talks with opposition leaders in Moscow, Russian officials announced today. But the Syrian National Council swiftly rejected the idea, saying it wouldn’t talk until President Bashar al-Assad stepped down, al-Jazeera reports. Russia'... More »

Syrian Rebels Escalate, Shell Baath HQ

Rebels takes credit for big escalation of violence against Assad regime

(Newser) - Two rocket-propelled grenades rocked the Baath party headquarters in Damascus this morning just before dawn, the first insurgent attack in the Syrian capital since unrest began in March, reports the Telegraph . The Syrian Free Army took credit for the attack, although the AP said that it could not confirm the... More »

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