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2 Reasons Why This Python's 7 Eggs Are Totally Weird

First, she's 62 years old. Second, she hasn't been near a male python for 2 decades

(Newser) - A 62-year-old ball python surprised experts at the St. Louis Zoo by laying seven eggs, despite not being near a male python for at least two decades. Mark Wanner, manager of herpetology at the zoo, says it's unusual but not unheard of for ball pythons to reproduce asexually. The... More »

After Years Without Mate, Shark Makes Her Own Babies

It's the first time a shark has switched from sexual to asexual reproduction

(Newser) - Australia's Reef HQ aquarium had hoped to scale back its shark breeding program. Its female sharks had other ideas. Over the course of six years, Leonie the zebra or leopard shark had produced more than two dozen offspring before she was separated from her mate in 2012. But in... More »

Florida Fish Have Babies by 'Virgin Birth'

Smalltooth sawfish stun scientists with offspring

(Newser) - Looks like female sawfish don't need the guys so much anymore. Scientists have discovered seven examples in Florida of virgin-birth offspring by smalltooth sawfish, an endangered species whose members grow up to 25 feet in length and have long snouts studded with teeth, LiveScience reports. Their offspring may provide... More »

Japanese Artist Serves Up Own Cooked Genitals

Mao Sugiyama charged $250 a plate

(Newser) - A Japanese artist recently cooked and served up his own genitals for diners at $250 a plate—to raise awareness about sexual minorities and pay for his hospital bills, the AFP reports. Mao Sugiyama, who calls himself asexual, had his private parts removed this spring and kept them frozen until... More »

The New Stigma: Asexuality

In hypersexual West, 'no sex' can be biggest taboo of all

(Newser) - With all the debates over homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, and just plain sex, it's hard to believe any group could be left out. But there is one—the asexuals. People with no interest in any sort of sex are estimated to be 1% of the population, but thanks to the... More »

5 Stories
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