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Mafia 'Hit' on 3-Year-Old Rattles Italy

'Coco' Campolongo was gunned down with his grandfather

(Newser) - Little Nicola "Coco" Campolongo has become the latest focal point in Italy for anger against the mafia. As the Daily Beast explains, the toddler was executed along with his grandfather and his grandfather's companion over an apparent drug debt. The killers shot all three in the head, and...

Italian Cops Decipher Mafia Code on Initiation Rite

You'll need 5 people to do it right

(Newser) - "For the baptism, five people are needed—no more and no less," reads the coded instructions. But this "baptism" isn't the usual sort: It's for new members of the 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate in Italy, reports the Telegraph . Police discovered the instructions during a murder...

Mobster &#39;Fed Alive to Pigs&#39;
 Mobster 'Fed Alive to Pigs' 

Mobster 'Fed Alive to Pigs'

Italian cops say killing was revenge for rival's murder

(Newser) - There are fates worse than sleeping with the fishes. Police in Italy believe a Mafia boss who disappeared last year was kidnapped by a rival clan who beat him with metal bars before feeding to a herd of pigs who devoured him as he screamed for mercy, the Telegraph reports....

Italian Mafia's New Target: Pope Francis?

Mobsters 'nervous and agitated' by pontiff's anti-corruption stance, prosecutor says

(Newser) - Pope Francis' anti-corruption stance could put him at risk from "the most dangerous, most unified, and most difficult to penetrate" mafia clan in Italy, an Italian prosecutor tells the Washington Post . As "Pope Francis is dismantling centers of economic power in the Vatican," mobsters are "nervous...

Bobby Riggs Accused of Throwing 'Battle of the Sexes'

To pay mafia debts, alleges new report

(Newser) - A new report by ESPN lobs some heavy accusations the late tennis legend Bobby Riggs—namely, that he threw the 1973 "Battle of the Sexes" game he lost to Billie Jean King in order to pay off gambling debts to the mafia. A little history refresher: Riggs, then 55,...

Ex-Mob Boss Massino Will Walk a Free Man

For his 'cooperation' ratting out other mobsters, judge rules

(Newser) - Ratting out the mafia has paid off for notorious former mob boss Joseph Massino. Facing life in prison for his role in eight murders, he'll soon be walking away a free man as a reward for helping convict dozens of mobsters, including Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano, a...

Whitey Bulger Swears at Witness in Court

'F--- you,' yells Bulger after being called a 'rat'

(Newser) - Ah, now there's the Whitey Bulger his old acquaintances knew well. After remaining quiet for much of his trial , the former mob leader had this heated little exchange with old chum Kevin Weeks in court today, reports the Boston Globe :
  • Weeks: "We killed people who are rats, and

Source: Hoffa Disposed Of via Wood Chipper

Law enforcement source says there's no body to find

(Newser) - The latest search for Jimmy Hoffa's body turned up nothing , and that's exactly what any future searches will turn up, too, a law enforcement source tells DNAinfo ... because the Teamster boss's body was put through a Michigan wood chipper, and there's nothing left of it, the...

Whitey Bulger a 'Hands-on Killer,' Say Feds

Defense goes after credibility of witnesses, denies he was FBI informant

(Newser) - A federal prosecutor said in opening statements today at James "Whitey" Bulger's racketeering trial that the reputed mobster was at the center of "murder and mayhem" in Boston for almost 30 years. The defense, meanwhile, acknowledged that Bulger had been a criminal but said he was nowhere...

Crime War Brews in City Hosting Winter Olympics

Sochi remains tense after mob assassinations

(Newser) - A city with subtropical weather and palm trees already seemed an odd choice for the Winter Olympics. Now fears of an all-out mafia war are rising in Sochi, Russia's host city for the 2014 games, the Guardian reports. The assassination of top mobster Aslan Usoyan in January left a...

Johnny Depp Will Star as Whitey Bulger

Actor signs on to play notorious Boston mobster in 'Black Mass'

(Newser) - Whitey Bulger is cooling his heels awaiting trial, but his game of "who gets to play me in the movie" just got fun: None other than Johnny Depp has signed on for Black Mass, reports Sky News , the movie delving into the underworld of Boston's mafia and the...

Alleged Mobster: Jimmy Hoffa Is Buried Here

Former Cosa Nostra No. 2 Tony Zerilli breaks his silence

(Newser) - Jimmy Hoffa's body might be found at long last. A man the FBI believes was once the second in command of the Detroit Cosa Nostra has broken his silence about Hoffa's disappearance, showing NBC 4 New York a field that he claims is the Teamster boss's final...

Italy Fires City's Entire Council Over Mafia Ties

Reggio Calabria will be run by 3 commissioners until elections

(Newser) - Reggio Calabria has really cleaned house: The entire government—meaning the mayor and all 30 council members—have been fired in the southern Italy city after some were suspected of having mafia ties. Officials say that's a first for a provincial capital, although smaller cities have seen the same...

Detroit Cops: Sorry, We Didn't Find Jimmy Hoffa

Soil samples from Michigan property show no human remains

(Newser) - Jimmy Hoffa's mysterious disappearance remains a mystery. Police in Roseville, Michigan, say their much-ballyhooed dig for the former Teamsters boss has turned up nothing, reports CBS Detroit . Acting on a tip, police dug up the concrete beneath a driveway shed in the Detroit suburb, but soil samples turned up...

Is Jimmy Hoffa Buried Under a Michigan Driveway?

Police taking a soil sample Friday after getting a tip

(Newser) - Police will take a soil sample from beneath a driveway in Roseville, Michigan, on Friday in the hopes of solving the Jimmy Hoffa mystery, reports the Detroit Free Press . An unidentified tipster says the former Teamster boss might have been buried there after he went missing in 1975. Authorities have...

Celeb Lawyer 'Threatens' Ex-Client With Mafia

Dominic Barbara admits to leaving intimidating message

(Newser) - A celebrity divorce lawyer is under investigation for allegedly threatening a client with Mafia violence on a recorded voice message, the New York Post reports. Barbara left the message for truck driver Ray Young Jr, who had claimed in a complaint that Barbara was holding onto $200,000 in unearned...

Goodfellas Mobster Henry Hill Dead at 69
 Goodfellas Mobster 
 Henry Hill Dead at 69 

Goodfellas Mobster Henry Hill Dead at 69

Long illness whacks famous informant

(Newser) - Henry Hill has died at the age of 69—young for an American male, but a Methuselah for a mob turncoat. The former gangster, whose life story was made into the 1990 movie Goodfellas, died in Los Angeles after a long fight with an undisclosed illness, TMZ reports. Testimony from...

Bomb at Italian School Kills Teen, Injures Others

Speculation links bomb to anti-Mafia judge or anti-austerity protests

(Newser) - A bomb exploded in front of a school in southern Italy today, killing a teenage girl and injuring at least six others, reports Reuters . Few details have been released yet, but the bomb appears to have placed inside a garbage can near the entrance of the school and exploded at...

Mobster's Tomb Opened in Quest to Solve Vatican Mystery

Bones removed from Roman basilica in search for missing teen

(Newser) - Italian cops cracked open the jewel-encrusted tomb of a murdered mob boss yesterday in a bid to solve the 1983 disappearance of a Vatican employee's teenage daughter. Experts opened the casket of Enrico de Pedis inside the crypt of a prestigious Roman basilica and discovered that he was the...

Feds Nab Alleged Head of New England Mob

Anthony DiNunzio reportedly bragged he would consider burying people alive

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors have arrested the man they believe is the acting head of the New England Cosa Nostra crime family, identifying him publicly as such for the first time. Authorities nabbed Anthony DiNunzio, 53, in the wee hours of yesterday morning at a social club in Boston's North End;...

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