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In Bitter Divorce, Michael Moore Calls Superagent

Filmmaker accuses wife of causing them 'serious financial losses'

(Newser) - Talk about a high-powered breakup: Filmmaker Michael Moore plans to bring in superagent Ari Emanuel—the inspiration for Entourage's Ari Gold character—to help in his divorce trial next month, Fox News reports. Moore and Kathleen Glynn, his wife of 23 years, have tens of millions in assets to... More »

Michael Moore Divorcing Producer Wife

Says he and wife of 21 years, Kathleen Glynn, don't live together

(Newser) - Michael Moore is calling it quits with his wife of 21 years, Kathleen Glynn. The famously controversial director filed for divorce last month, citing "no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved," MLive.com reports. Glynn, who worked with Moore on Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11,... More »

11 Celebs Who Aspired to Be Priests, Nuns

Including, oddly enough, Michael Moore

(Newser) - Can't really picture Tom Cruise as a priest ? Well, he's far from the only celebrity who ever aspired to the religious order. Huffington Post rounds up 10 more:
  • Jack White: At 14, the musician thought he "might have had the calling to be a priest,"
... More »

'Base' Michael Moore Ad Riles Conservatives

Feisty seniors use some salty language

(Newser) - Michael Moore and MoveOn.org put together a pro-Obama ad, and it’s predictably controversial. It features a message from the Greatest Generation to the GOP and Mitt Romney: “If your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama, we will burn this motherf***er down,... More »

Judge to Assange Backers: Pony Up $150K

Meanwhile, Assange looking into suing Australian PM

(Newser) - Sorry, Michael Moore . Today a judge ordered the filmmaker, and the rest of the cadre of supporters who posted bail for Julian Assange, to pay $150,000 now that the WikiLeaks founder has skipped bail and taken refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy, the AP reports. The supporters have argued that... More »

Michael Moore, Bigwigs Are Out $317K on Assange Bail

They're down $317K so far, could lose another $222K

(Newser) - The bigwigs who put up bail for Julian Assange— including Michael Moore —have already lost $317,000 of that money, and could lose another $222,000 if the WikiLeaks founder does not surrender to UK police. The first $317,000 was lost after Assange fled to Ecuador's London... More »

Eastwood Was Either 'Delusional' ... or 'Terrific'

Count Michael Moore as voting for 'delusional'

(Newser) - Clint Eastwood's peculiar speech at the Republican convention has left prominent liberals and conservatives smiling, albeit for very different reasons. Writing for the Daily Beast , Michael Moore thanked the actor for making his night by casting the GOP as "delusional and detached from reality." He added that... More »

Palin Thanks God for ObamaCare Ruling

Ruling 'fires up the troops,' she says

(Newser) - One of the loudest cheers for yesterday's Supreme Court ruling upholding ObamaCare came from none other than Sarah Palin, who described it as a heaven-sent gift to the Republican Party. "Thank you, SCOTUS,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “This ObamaCare ruling fires up the troops... More »

Sarandon: Gov't Tapped My Phone

Actress says she's been 'under surveillance'

(Newser) - Susan Sarandon says she's had her phone tapped by the government, she revealed at a Tribeca Film Festival forum with Michael Moore yesterday. "We know we were under surveillance," Sarandon said during the audience Q&A. "I’ve had my phone tapped," she added, claiming... More »

Occupy Movement Plans Benefit Album

Jackson Brown, Crosby & Nash to appear on Occupy This Album

(Newser) - Big names including Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind, Crosby & Nash, Devo, and Lucinda Williams will appear on an album being released to benefit the Occupy Wall Street movement, The musician organizing the benefit album—to be called Occupy This Album—says the movement aims to raise at least $1... More »

Michael Moore Urges Boycott of Georgia Over Execution

Don't do business with state in the name of Troy Davis, he writes

(Newser) - Michael Moore wants all his fans to boycott "the murderous state of Georgia" because of the Troy Davis execution . "I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, to never do business in Georgia," he writes on his website . Moore... More »

Moore to Obama: 'Show Some Guts,' Arrest S&P CEO

At least President Matt Damon might stand up for his beliefs

(Newser) - Michael Moore wants President Obama to arrest the head of Standard & Poor's, blaming the company for the 2008 financial crisis and saying their downgrading of US government debt is threatening to create another one, reports the Washington Times . “Pres Obama, show some guts & arrest the CEO... More »

Michael Moore Twitter-Blasts Obama

Left-wing filmmaker outraged over US military intervention in Libya

(Newser) - Michael Moore ripped into President Obama yesterday for taking military action in Libya , reports the Hill , unloading a barrage of criticism via Twitter . A sampling of Moore's outrage:
  • "It's only cause we're defending the Libyan people from a tyrant! That's why we bombed the Saudis last wk! Hahaha. Pentagon=comedy"
... More »

Moore: Wis. Protesters 'Aroused Sleeping Giant'

Says only thing broke is the 'moral compass' of the super-rich

(Newser) - "America is not broke ... Wisconsin is not broke," said liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to more than 30,000 cheering protesters in Wisconsin yesterday, adding, "The only thing that's broke is the moral compass of the rulers." Moore said that the wealthy elite had overreached with Gov.... More »

Michael Moore Sues Over Fahrenheit 9/11

Filmmaker says Harvey and Bob Weinstein kept profits from him

(Newser) - Fahrenheit 9/11 cemented Michael Moore’s reputation as a high-profile documentary filmmaker—but he claims he didn’t get enough money for the 2004 movie, and now he’s suing Harvey and Bob Weinstein over it. In the suit, Moore seeks at least $2.7 million and accuses the Weinsteins... More »

Whine All You Want: Obama Gets It Done

He's no Michael Moore—he's a pragmatist, and he keeps scoring

(Newser) - Frank Rich and Paul Krugman can rail all they want, fueled by their disappointment that President Obama is no “Michael Moore in chief.” These “brilliant men" are “profoundly resistant to the core rationale of the Obama presidency"—a strategy that’s working well as Obama... More »

Sicko Was Not Banned in Cuba

Michael Moore: Media should have questioned bogus WikiLeaks cable

(Newser) - Michael Moore was as surprised as anyone when WikiLeaks revealed a US cable asserting that Cuban officials banned his Sicko documentary because it depicted a "mythical" view of health care there. He was even more surprised when the media picked up on the cable and reported it as gospel... More »

Olbermann Quits Twitter Over Assange Flap

Blogger accused him, Michael Moore of 'rape apologism'

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann stormed off Twitter in a huff yesterday, after finding himself the recipient of a barrage of tweets condemning him and Michael Moore for defending Julian Assange . Olbermann had Moore on his show Tuesday to talk about the WikiLeaks founder, and nodded in sympathy as Moore declared the rape... More »

Michael Moore: Why I Put Up Bail for Assange

Openness and transparency are vital to keep corruption in check

(Newser) - Michael Moore is among the celebrities putting up money to try to get Julian Assange sprung on bail, and he writes on his website that he eagerly made his $20,000 pledge—along with the offer of his servers and domain names—because transparency is "among the few weapons... More »

Michael Moore Checks Into Miami Fat Camp

And the Daily Caller points out all its luxuries

(Newser) - The conservative Daily Caller is tickled that Michael Moore is back for a return visit to a luxury fat camp in Miami. It ticks off features of the $4,500-a-week spa such as "aqua-thermal bathing experiences" and "Finnish saunas" and concludes: "It is unknown whether the Communist... More »

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