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Scientists Want to Head Off a Gold Rush in Space

Report calls for setting aside 85% as wilderness

(Newser) - The resources of the solar system only seem infinite. They're not, say scientists who have proposed declaring more than 85% of the solar system "space wilderness," safe from human development. The primary goal, the Guardian reports, is to keep us from using up all the resources within... More »

Coming in 2015: Asteroid Miners

Space materials can 'expand the civilization of Earth out into the cosmos,' firm says

(Newser) - Asteroid mining is just a few years away, according to a US company, but there won't be any jobs for pickaxe-wielding spacemen just yet: The first probes will only be the size of laptops. Deep Space Industries plans to send the probes on prospecting trips to some of the... More »

James Cameron's Next Trick: Mining Asteroids?

He, Google execs back new space venture

(Newser) - After hanging out in the deepest depths of the oceans , how does a Hollywood super-director top himself? By space mining, of course. James Cameron has teamed up with two Google billionaires, several ex-NASA officials, and some other ambitious investors to form Planetary Resources Inc., a space exploration company that seems... More »

3 Stories