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8 Best Parts of Miley's W Interview

Ronan Farrow interviews Cyrus for magazine

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus was interviewed by another boldface name, Ronan Farrow, for W magazine . Our favorite parts:
  • "I don't love kids," Cyrus tells Farrow at one point while, as he puts it, "ashing a cigarette" in her living room. "They’re so f---ing mean. Sometimes I
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Dylan Farrow: Allen Abuse 'Haunted Me'

Adopted daughter recounts sex assault, blasts Hollywood for celebrating director

(Newser) - After last month's Golden Globes tribute kicked up controversy over decades-old allegations of sexual abuse against Woody Allen, his accuser—adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, now 28 and living under a different name in Florida—is stepping forward to give her side of the story. In an open letter to... More »

Hollywood Blew It With Tribute to Woody Allen

Michelle Dean: Golden Globes event came off as 'blatantly dishonest'

(Newser) - By Twitter standards, one of the biggest, or at least loudest, stories out of this year's Golden Globes was the tribute to Woody Allen. That's largely thanks to the zinger of a tweet from Mia Farrow's son Ronan: "Missed the Woody Allen tribute—did they put... More »

5 Weirdest Things About the Golden Globes

The layout! The swearing! The random singing!

(Newser) - Last night's Golden Globes ceremony was filled with as many bizarre moments as you'd expect from an awards show fueled by alcohol. rounds up the head-scratchers that had people talking:
  • Worst management decision: the layout. Some of the winners appeared to be seated in Siberia. It
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Ronan Farrow Set to Be Face of MSNBC

He's close to a deal with the network, sources say

(Newser) - Ronan Farrow, definite son of Mia Farrow and alleged son of Woody Allen, has already gained a degree of fame thanks to his mom's admission that he just might actually be Frank Sinatra's love child . But soon the 25-year-old could be a household name: Page Six reports that... More »

Frank Sinatra Might Be Dad to Mia Farrow's Son

And more revelations from Farrow and her kids

(Newser) - In an extensive Vanity Fair interview, Mia Farrow and eight of her children offer up some intimate stories. Two getting a lot of play:
  • Might Frank Sinatra (whom Farrow calls the love of her life) have actually fathered Ronan Farrow, not Woody Allen? "Possibly," says Mia Farrow, adding
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Woody Allen's Son Rips 'Brother-in-Law' Pop

Ronan Farrow zings dad again for marrying sis

(Newser) - Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's brainiac son has ripped his famous dad as "my brother-in-law" because of the aging director's marriage to one of Farrow's adopted daughters. The zinger came on Father's Day. "Happy father’s day—or as they call it in my... More »

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