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Looks Like Revolutionary War Hero Wasn't Male

Casimiar Pulaski may have been female or intersex, researchers say

(Newser) - A Revolutionary War hero dubbed the "father of the American cavalry" may well have been female or even intersex, if new research holds up. Experts analyzing the DNA and bones of Casimiar Pulaski—a Polish-American soldier who was fatally wounded in the 1779 Siege of Savannah—say the skeleton... More »

London Breed Makes History as New SF Mayor

She's city's first-ever black female mayor

(Newser) - San Francisco Supervisor London Breed emerged victorious Wednesday to become the city's first African-American woman mayor after narrowly defeating a rival who was seeking to become the first openly gay man in the position. It took eight days of counting after Election Day for Breed to build a large... More »

Reese Witherspoon Was Told It Couldn't Be Done—So She Did It

Oscar-winner starts her own female-driven media company, Hello Sunshine

(Newser) - Reese Witherspoon says she can now attend Hollywood meetings without explaining the need for female-driven content. "Part of me is incredulous," she tells Fast Company . "I can't believe people are actually listening now." It's good timing, too, since the 42-year-old actor/producer has founded a... More »

2 Big Studios, No Women Directors Through 2018

That's 47 male-directed movies

(Newser) - Nearly 50 movies from two major studios are slated to come out through 2018—and there's not a female director to be found among them, according to a tally by the Wrap . It found Paramount is set to release 25 films, while 20th Century Fox will debut 22 (that... More »

New Ride-Sharing Service for Women, Driven by Women

But there are risks of gender discrimination lawsuits

(Newser) - Starting April 19 in Boston, women will be able to hail a ride that may make them feel safer, the Next Web reports. In response to reported sexual assaults during Uber, Lyft, and taxi rides, Michael Pelletz launched Chariot for Women , providing ride-sharing just for women (as well as kids... More »

Jeb on His VP: 'She Will Be a Great Partner'

Followed quickly by, 'did I say that out loud?'

(Newser) - A "did I just say that out loud?" moment in politics usually means someone's foot has been deftly inserted in someone's mouth, but in Jeb Bush's case, it may be a harbinger of a more gender-balanced campaign. Appearing at a town hall in Waterloo, Iowa, on... More »

'Mostly Male' Woman Gives Birth to Twins

32-year-old looks female but has more than 95% male chromosomes

(Newser) - When a 32-year-old sought fertility treatment in India, she learned that while her appearance is female, her chromosomes are 95% male; the intersex condition is known as "XY gonadal dysgenesis," reports the Daily Mail . Thanks to extensive hormone treatments, she has just given birth to healthy twins—a... More »

Wild Discovery: Insects With Female Penises

Tiny creatures have sex for 40 to 70 hours

(Newser) - For the first time, scientists have discovered animals whose genitalia seem to be swapped: The female has a penis-like structure while the male has an organ akin to a vagina, LiveScience reports. The animals in question are four species of flea-sized insects from the genus Neotrogla, found in Brazilian caves.... More »

Dieting Women Should Keep a Food Log

And don't skip meals or eat out for lunch, study says

(Newser) - In a new study, scientists encourage three tips for female dieters: keep a food log, don't skip meals, and don't go out for lunch. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center analyzed the year-long dieting habits of 123 overweight post-menopausal women and found that those who stuck... More »

Only 26% of Political Donations From Women

Figure has actually dipped in recent years: Survey

(Newser) - Less than a third of political donations come from women, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed the money given to candidates, political action committees, and party committees in 2010 and discovered that only 26% of federal contributions came from female donors, a dip from 31% in 2008, and 27%... More »

The Manly History of the Color Pink

Believe it or not, baby boys used to wear pink, too

(Newser) - If ever there was a color that stereotypically symbolized the feminine, it’s pink. But the history of the girly shade hasn’t always been so ladylike. Slate takes a look back:
  • Financial Times: Its salmon-pink pages have turned “salmon press” into British shorthand for any newspaper business section.
... More »

'Lesbian' Albatrosses Raising Baby

Father is out of the picture, but baby is doing fine

(Newser) - Two female partners recruited a sperm donor and are now successfully raising a baby together—but no, they're not witnesses in the recent Prop 8 trial—they're not even human. The ladies are a pair of royal albatrosses living in a New Zealand breeding colony, and a head ranger calls... More »

Sandra Bullock's Blind Side Hits Record $200M

Becomes the first flick anchored by a female star to cross barrier

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock has become the first female star to carry a film past $200 million in domestic box office. Her football flick, The Blind Side, has made $208.5 million in seven weeks of release. Earlier star vehicles like Julia Roberts’ Erin Brockovich have fallen short; that movie made just... More »

Serena Williams Named AP's Female Athlete of Year

US Open tirade seems to not have influenced editors

(Newser) - Playing her best at the most important events, Serena Williams re-established herself as the top player in women's tennis in 2009 and was the landslide choice as Female Athlete of the Year by members of the AP. She received 66 of 158 votes cast by editors; no other candidate got... More »

Daughters Are Great, But ...

Retro preference for sons is alive and well

(Newser) - Aaron Traister is thrilled to have a daughter—“I was just as excited about my daughter as I was about my son,” he writes. “And she's even better out of the belly.” But the nagging preference for male children in our society has him doubting his... More »

High Court Pick's Gender, Race Not an Issue: Poll

Proportion wanting female appointee shrinks from 2005

(Newser) - Americans don’t feel strongly that the next Supreme Court appointee should be a woman, Hispanic, or black, Gallup Poll results suggest: most say it’s a non-issue. Some 64% say it “doesn’t matter” whether the appointee is a woman; 68% say it doesn’t matter whether he... More »

Men Hit With 80% of US Layoffs

The gap between male and female unemployment is the widest on record

(Newser) - Of the 5.1 million US jobs that have evaporated since the recession began, men have lost nearly 80% of them, the Financial Times reports, resulting in the widest gap between unemployment rates for men and women since recordkeeping began a half-century ago. Layoffs have nudged the male unemployment rate... More »

UK Performs First 15-Minute Female 'Vasectomy'

Procedure uses radio waves instead of knife

(Newser) - A revolutionary new 15-minute female sterilization procedure has been performed for the first time in the UK, reports the Daily Mail. The procedure uses radio waves instead of incisions and in US trials most patients were able to go home within 30 minutes of receiving local anesthesia. The more invasive... More »

More Girls Get Into Gaming

Half of Wii users and majority of PC puzzle gamers are female

(Newser) - After years of male dominance, the video game industry is seeing a growing number of girls pick up the controllers, SiliconValley.com reports. More than half of "casual" PC card and puzzle-type game users are female, but girl-play goes further: More than half of Nintendo Wii players are now... More »

'24' Will Elect Female Prez in '08

Cherry Jones to inhabit Oval Office in Fox thriller

(Newser) - The United States will have a female president next year—and on Fox, no less. The political thriller "24" will feature Tony Award-winning actress Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor when the seventh season of Jack Bauer's technological derring-do kicks off in January.  More »

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