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Senate Contender Blasts Opponent's 'Anti-Semitic Trope'

Georgia GOP Sen. David Perdue says pic of Dem Jon Ossoff accidentally distorted his nose

(Newser) - Election campaigning in Georgia took an ugly turn this week as the Democratic challenger to a sitting Republican senator accused the latter of running an anti-Semitic ad against him. The Hill reports that the campaign of GOP Sen. David Perdue nixed a Facebook ad that had been running since July...

Your Sense of Smell Is Just as Good as Fido's
Sniff Myth, Busted: Humans
Can Smell as Well as Dogs
new study

Sniff Myth, Busted: Humans Can Smell as Well as Dogs

Analysis of more than 1K olfactory studies challenges longtime belief

(Newser) - A dog's nose may be wetter than yours, but don't count yourself out when it comes to tracking a scent just as well as your canine companion. A new mega-study in the journal Science refutes the longtime belief that dogs' noses are vastly superior to our own, reporting...

How Climate May Have Changed Our Noses

Narrower noses appear to be better at dealing with cold, dry air

(Newser) - Don't like your nose? You can blame the weather. Kinda. Researchers have found a correlation between one aspect of nose shape and climate, according to a study published Thursday in PLOS Genetics . The New York Times explains that in addition to helping people smell, noses warm and moisten air...

Device Can Detect 17 Diseases by Our Breath
Device Can Detect
17 Diseases by
Our Breath
study says

Device Can Detect 17 Diseases by Our Breath

Including Parkinson's and multiple cancers

(Newser) - What if detecting cancer was as easy as breathing in and out? According to a study published last week in American Chemical Society Nano , it pretty much is. Scientist Hossam Haick has been working on his "electronic nose" for years, the Outline reports, and this new study shows the...

Cure for Deadly 'Superbug' May be Hiding in Our Noses

'Totally unexpected'

(Newser) - A team of German bacteriologists says our noses may contain more than boogers; there might also be a cure for the "hospital superbug" MRSA hiding up there, the Guardian reports. According to the Los Angeles Times , MRSA kills about 11,000 US patients every year and sickens another 80,...

Girl Blows Nose, Solves 6-Month Mystery

The 5-year-old forgot to tell her mom about that sandcastle of safety pins

(Newser) - A California family has finally solved the six-month mystery of what was causing 5-year-old Khloe Russell's nose to constantly exude thick, green, stinky snot—a mystery that even stumped several doctors they visited. It turns out the reason the multiple rounds of antibiotics prescribed for what appeared to be...

In Rarest of Cases, Baby Born Without a Nose
In Rarest of Cases,
Baby Born Without a Nose
in case you missed it

In Rarest of Cases, Baby Born Without a Nose

Eli Thompson was born March 4, and is thriving

(Newser) - "We're finally home & getting ready for our first real bath, then it's cuddle time!" It's the kind of Facebook post you'd expect from a new mom. Except this one, made last night, is more significant than most. Eli Thompson was born to Alabama...

Why Colds Are More Common in the Cold
 Why Colds Are 
 More Common 
 in the Cold 

Why Colds Are More Common in the Cold

Immune system is weaker in cold noses, giving rhinoviruses room to replicate

(Newser) - That old wives' tale about catching a cold in the cold may have some truth to it, according to new research out of Yale. While the common cold is still caused by viruses and not actual cold temperatures, it turns out that our immune systems become weaker when our noses...

Weird Ailment Behind 18-Year Stuffy Nose
Woman Plagued With
Stuffy Nose—for 18 Years

Woman Plagued With Stuffy Nose—for 18 Years

Loyola doctors finally give Illinois woman a good night's sleep

(Newser) - Ever have a stuffy nose you couldn't seem to shake? Now imagine that it lingers for 18 years, and you'll have a sense of Illinois resident Nadia Campbell's misery. "I used to wake up at night literally every hour to blow my nose because there was...

Paralyzed Man Walks Again, Thanks to His Nose

Researchers install 'nerve bridge' from transplanted olfactory cells

(Newser) - After a knife attack, a man was left paralyzed—but thanks to his own nose, he can walk again, with the help of a walker. Darek Fidyka, now 40, had cells from his nose transplanted into his spinal cord, Reuters reports. Doctors working in Poland used nose cells known as...

Doctors Find Extra Tooth in Guy's Nose

Saudi man's extra tooth was giving him nosebleeds, report says

(Newser) - Doctors had strange news for a 22-year-old Saudi man who came in complaining of a nosebleed or two every month: He had a half-inch mass of bone in his nose, LiveScience reports. After consulting with dentists, the doctors decided he had a tooth in his nasal cavity and extracted it...

Study: Your Skin 'Smells' Odors

And at least one such odor appears to help it heal

(Newser) - It's already known that the nose is not the only part of the human body with olfactory receptors; scientists have found them in the heart, blood, and lungs, and some have suggested they could exist throughout our bodies, reports Discovery News . Now a team of scientists in Germany has...

Human Nose Can Detect 1 Trillion Odors

Some people can sniff far less, and others far more, say researchers

(Newser) - Prior to today, the official scientific answer to the question, "How many scents can the human nose detect?" was a measly 10,000. But now, thanks to a new study in Science , the answer is 1 trillion, give or take. Researchers had long assumed that the first number, based...

Why Guys' Noses Are Bigger

It's about getting more oxygen to maintain muscles: scientists

(Newser) - Men need bigger noses because they tend to have more muscle—meaning they need more oxygen, a new study suggests. Researchers followed the growth of 18 women and 20 men from age three to past 20. While kids' nose sizes weren't much different between sexes, male noses started getting...

Man Grows New Nose ... on His Forehead

Not your average nose job

(Newser) - A 22-year-old man in China needed a new nose. So a surgeon has built him one ... on his forehead. The surgeon, Guo Zhihui from Fujian Medical University Union Hospital, constructed the second nose out of cartilage from the man's ribs, then put it under the skin on his forehead...

Dogs Can Smell Lung Cancer
 Dogs Can 
 Smell Lung 
study says

Dogs Can Smell Lung Cancer

Scientists hope to build 'electronic nose'

(Newser) - Dogs are lung cancer detection experts, a study finds. They "have no problem identifying tumor patients," says a researcher in Austria, and that could lead to earlier diagnoses. Dogs who smelled 120 breath samples were able to sniff out cancer 70% of the time, a very "encouraging"...

How the Nose Really Does Give Away Liars

 Why the Nose 
 Heats Up 
 When We Lie 
study says

Why the Nose Heats Up When We Lie

Spanish scientists call it 'The Pinocchio Effect'

(Newser) - So Pinocchio wasn't that far-fetched after all: The nose may not grow when we lie, but two Spanish scientists say it does get noticeably warmer. Using thermal imaging cameras on volunteers, Emilio Gómez Milán and Elvira Salazar López found that nose temperature changed depending on their...

Scientists Find 'White Noise' for Your Nose

New scent comes from blending compounds

(Newser) - Scientists have come upon a brand-new scent, and they're calling it white noise for the nostrils. Just as white light is a combination of wavelengths and white noise blends frequencies, "olfactory white" is the result of multiple compounds. Researchers arrived at their finding via a handful of experiments....

Paralyzed Dogs Saved by Own Noses

Cell transplants may offer hope to humans

(Newser) - A group of paralyzed dogs is walking again—with a little help from a harness—after scientists injected cells from the dogs' noses into the injured portion of their spinal cords. The procedure could eventually help paralyzed humans regain some degree of movement, researchers say, though they caution that such...

LEGO Found in Boy's Nose ... 3 Years Later

Isaak Lasson had been suffering from mysterious sinus problems

(Newser) - Six-year-old Isaak Lasson has been dealing with sinus problems for the past three years, and doctors finally figured out why: He's had a LEGO piece stuck up his nose all that time. "I felt so bad," dad Craig Lasson tells . "He was sleeping with...

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