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Scientists: Be Lazy, Don't Rake Leaves

Yes, they're giving you a valid excuse to get out of the chore

(Newser) - Your honey-do list just got one item shorter, and you can tell your spouse he or she can't argue it—because scientists say so. Washington state's KING picks up some fresh advice offered by the National Wildlife Federation in a blog post titled "What to do With...

Upside to Drought: Gorgeous Fall Leaves

Less water leads to less chlorophyll and more colors

(Newser) - The lack of rain this year could elicit a dazzling side effect in the fall: exceptionally colorful leaves. That's because below-average rainfall in the Northeast may cause trees to shut down production of a chemical called chlorophyll earlier than usual. Without it, various pigments like carotenes and xanthophyll (yellow...

2 Stories
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