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They're Back: NFL, Refs Reach Deal

Regular ones will be back in place for Thursday's game

(Newser) - The NFL apparently didn't want to give replacement refs a chance to ruin one more game . The league reached a deal tonight with the regular refs to end their walkout, reports . A crew will be in place for Thursday night's game between the Ravens and Browns,... More »

NFL, Refs Close to Deal

They could be back for Sunday's games

(Newser) - The public ridicule seems to have worked: The NFL has resumed talks with its regular referees, and both the ESPN and New York Times say they're on the brink of a deal. One of the last sticking points is figuring out how quickly they could return, but it seems... More »

New Jersey Looks to Ban Replacement Refs

NFL has gotten 70K calls complaining about game

(Newser) - New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney has introduced a bill that would make it illegal for replacement referees to work in the state, arguing that they are a danger to players' safety, the Bergen Record reports. "We wouldn’t allow a factory or construction site to operate without fully... More »

Even Scott Walker Wants NFL's Union Refs Back

Wisconsin governor wants the real referees back on the field

(Newser) - Just how bad was that NFL call by replacement refs last night? It's got Wisconsin's union-busting governor clamoring for an end to the labor dispute and a return of the union refs, reports Yahoo Sports . "After catching a few hours of sleep, the #Packers game is still... More »

Careful, NFL, Your League Is Becoming a Joke

Bring back the real refs, cry sports columnists

(Newser) - The NFL says it supports the decision by replacement refs last night to give Seattle a game-winning TD on the final play—or, more specifically, not to overturn it upon review, reports ESPN . (It notes that the refs should have called the Seattle player for pass interference, but that's... More »

Seahawks Beat Packers 14-12 in Replacement Ref Mayhem

Was it a touchdown or a touchback?

(Newser) - "We wuz robbed" by crazy replacement refs, the Green Bay Packers were thinking last night when a bewildering end of the game call left them scratching their heads. Seattle beat the Packers 14-12. But MD Jennings was certain he had intercepted a late-game pass, and even had the ball... More »

6 Stories