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Ladies, Go Get a Husband— Who Earns More Than You

Susan Patton: 'You're not getting any younger'

(Newser) - Love it or hate it, it's Valentine's Day and that means, ladies, it's time to find yourself a husband. That's the word from Susan Patton at the Wall Street Journal , who notes you're probably spending much too much time on your career and not nearly... More »

No, Ivy Mom, College Is More Than Putting a Ring on It

Donna Brazile joins critics of motherly advice in letter to school paper

(Newser) - Donna Brazile joins the brouhaha over a letter a Princeton mother wrote to the school newspaper urging female students—"the daughters I never had"—to make sure they find their future husbands on campus before graduating. Gee, writes Democratic strategist Brazile at CNN , if only that letter came... More »

2 Stories