Redoine Faid

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His Spectacular Prison Escapes Are the Stuff of Legend

Inside the wild exploits of Redoine Faid

(Newser) - His prison escapes were audacious and cinematic—meaning they went according to plan. In a lengthy piece for GQ , Adam Leith Gollner dives into the exploits of Redoine Faid, who answered his questions from prison via an intermediary and also supplied Gollner with an unpublished autobiography. Faid has managed two...

The Woman Looked Like a Man. It Was Their Man

French prosecutor explains how Redoine Faid was apprehended

(Newser) - How do you track down a fugitive who managed to bust his way out of prison with the aid of a helicopter and a grinding machine ? By noticing when a woman has the body of a man, apparently. The BBC reports on how police apprehended Redoine Faid in his...

His Escape Was Incredible, but His Time on the Run Is Up

Redoine Faid captured 3 months after breaking out of prison in France

(Newser) - In the Hollywood version, the criminal makes a daring prison jailbreak via helicopter and spends the rest of his life drinking wine on an island. In the real-life version, he ends up back behind bars. Such is apparently the fate of French robber Redoine Faid, who had been branded the...

Notorious French Inmate Makes Brazen Helicopter Prison Break

Redoine Faid was freed by armed men in balaclavas

(Newser) - A notorious French criminal serving 25 years for murder made an audacious escape from prison Sunday after several heavily armed men landed a helicopter in a courtyard, freed him from a visiting room and carried him away. Per AP , it was the second daring escape by Redoine Faid, who once...

Gangster Recaptured After Spectacular Prison Escape

Redoine Faid back behind bars after 6-week global manhunt

(Newser) - France's "most wanted man," the gangster who infamously broke out of prison last month by using explosives to bust through doors and holding guards hostage, has finally been recaptured after a six-week international manhunt. Notorious career criminal Redoine Faid and an accomplice were arrested in a hotel...

Gangster Blows Up Prison Doors, Busts Out

Redoine Faid sparks huge manhunt

(Newser) - A French gangster inspired by movies like Scarface and Heat broke out of prison yesterday and sparked a manhunt across Europe, CNN reports. Redoine Faid, 40, briefly held four guards hostage and blew up several prison doors before fleeing in a getaway car. He later set fire to his car...

6 Stories
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