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Thirdhand Smoke Is a Big Problem

HVAC systems carry thirdhand smoke indoors: study

(Newser) - You've heard of secondhand smoke, but thirdhand smoke needs to be on your radar, too. "Just because you're in a nonsmoking environment, it doesn't mean you aren't exposed to tobacco," says Peter DeCarlo of Drexel University, whose study was published Wednesday in Science Advances,... More »

Toxins Hang Around Homes Months After Smoke Clears

'No level of exposure to tobacco is safe'

(Newser) - A home's air may seem cleaner after a smoker has quit, but researchers report in the journal Tobacco Control that toxins from tobacco smoke can linger for months. "We tend to see smoke in the air and then it’s out of sight, out of mind," lead... More »

Now You Have to Worry About Thirdhand Smoke, Too

Study: It settles into everything, damages DNA

(Newser) - Smoking is bad, inhaling secondhand smoke is bad, and now the trifecta: Thirdhand smoke can mess up your DNA. Thirdhand smoke? It's the residue that lingers everywhere—in carpets, in dust, in drapes, you name it—long after a smoker has left a room, explains Science Daily . And now... More »

3 Stories