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'Trump Train' Members Sorry for Harassing Biden Bus

Group surrounded campaign bus on Texas highway in 2020

(Newser) - Two members of a so-called "Trump Train" have apologized for their role in harassing a Biden campaign bus on a Texas highway days before the 2020 election. Three campaign events were called off after vehicles displaying Trump flags surrounded the bus , forcing it to slow down. According to a...

Last Night's Major Victor: McConnell

 Last Night's 
 Major Victor: 
midterm elections

Last Night's Major Victor: McConnell

NRSC, RGA also pull off major coups

(Newser) - Last night's victory for Mitch McConnell was a big one: He was expected to face a neck-and-neck race, but instead he was called the winner just after the polls closed, Chris Cillizza writes in the Washington Post . Starting next year, he's the Senate majority leader. Among the night'...

Governors: Scott Walker, Rick Scott Win; Wendy Davis Loses

Charlie Crist's comeback falls short

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Rick Scott will not hand his job back to former Gov. Charlie Crist. The Republican Scott fended off the challenge from Republican-turned-Democrat Crist tonight in one of the higher-profile races of the 36 gubernatorial contests on the ballot. Elsewhere, Wisconsin's Scott Walker defeated Mary Burke to keep...

Most Texas Abortion Clinics Shut Down Overnight

Court decision closes 13 of 21 clinics

(Newser) - All but eight of the remaining 21 abortion clinics in Texas were forced to shut down overnight after a federal appeals court upheld the state's tough restrictions on abortion. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the law's requirement for abortions to take place in expensive ambulatory...

Wendy Davis Reveals Abortion in Memoir

Defender of abortion rights discloses decision made on medical grounds

(Newser) - Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis ' new memoir is dedicated in part to daughters Amber, Dru, and Tate, and those familiar with Davis' life story might be puzzled by the last name on that list. That's because Davis is revealing for the first time that Tate is the unborn...

Texas Primaries: Wins for Wendy, Kinky, a New George Bush

Tea Party largely sent home in 2014's 1st vote

(Newser) - Election season has kicked off with the nation's first statewide primary, in which 26 GOP candidates jostled for the nominations for six of Texas' top jobs—and another George Bush was among the winners. Some highlights from the Texas primaries:
  • Sen. John Cornyn and several House Republicans were able

Wendy Davis: I'd Support a 20-Week Abortion Ban

...But only if it gave 'deference' to a woman and her doctor

(Newser) - Wendy Davis may have become famous by filibustering a law that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, but now the would-be governor tells the Dallas Morning News that she could support such a ban—if it were written correctly. Less than 0.5% of Texas' abortions occur that late, and...

Wendy Davis' Daughters Defend Their Mom

Amber and Dru write open letters after critics lash out at Davis

(Newser) - Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis has been taking flak of late from critics who say she was a lousy mom who has embellished her story of being a single parent, but two people very much in the know came to her defense today, reports the Washington Post . Her grown daughters....

Will Bio Fibs Hurt Wendy Davis?

Conservatives gleeful over reports

(Newser) - Wendy Davis finds herself at the center of a firestorm this week, after being forced to admit that she'd embellished or omitted some details of what's generally been depicted as an inspiring personal biography. If you've missed the fracas, here are the CliffsNotes: The Original Story:
  • Davis

Wendy Davis' Secret Weapon: GOP's Misogyny

Judith Warner thinks Texas candidate is a distinctly sexualized politician

(Newser) - Wendy Davis officially announced her candidacy for governor of Texas yesterday, and Judith Warner thinks she's exactly what Democrats need—and not just because of her filibuster-generated fame. "Blonde, strikingly pretty, outspoken, and female, Davis is, to put it bluntly, invaluable as bait," Warner writes at Time...

Rick Perry Says His Wife Misspoke on Abortion

Anita Perry called it a woman's choice

(Newser) - Texas first lady Anita Perry seemed to make the point pretty clearly last week that she believes women have the right to choose an abortion. But today, her husband said she misspoke, reports Bloomberg . “From time to time we’ll stick the wrong word in the wrong place, and...

Wendy Davis Is Running for Governor: Report

She'll announce it officially next week, says Politico

(Newser) - Texas' most famous pro-choice lawmaker won't disappoint the Democrats who were hoping she'd run for governor. Wendy Davis' advisers have begun telling major Democratic players that Davis intends to run, sources tell Politico . One Davis consultant says she'll announce next week. Davis' filibuster of an anti-abortion bill...

Post-Filibuster, Wendy Davis Rakes In $1.2M

But she won't announce if she'll run for governor for a few weeks

(Newser) - If Wendy Davis does decide to make a run for governor , she'll have some cash in her pockets to help fund the way. The Texas state senator raked in $1.2 million in the six weeks following her marathon filibuster , reports Politico . Most of it came from small donors—...

Perry Signs It: Texas Abortion Bill Now Law

New requirements will take effect in October

(Newser) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry made Texas' sweeping new abortion regulations law today, signing a bill that spawned weeks of protests, a legislative three-ring circus , and Wendy Davis' last-ditch filibuster . The law, which takes effect in October, bans abortions after the 20-week mark and requires abortion doctors to have hospital-admitting privileges;...

Amid 'Circus' Scene, Texas Senate OKs Abortion Bill

It heads to Perry, who will sign it; Dems vow courts will overturn

(Newser) - Texas' Senate passed its contentious abortion bill last night in no uncertain terms, reports the Houston Chronicle , voting 19-11 to send the legislation to Gov. Rick Perry for final approval. Perry has left no doubt that he'll sign "our historic effort to protect life," and yesterday praised...

Contentious Abortion Bill Clears Texas House

GOP dissenter blasts it as 'de facto ban on abortion;' expected to pass Senate

(Newser) - Despite the best efforts of Wendy Davis , the Texas abortion bill is back. The Texas House has finally (this was the third attempt this year) approved new abortion restrictions, including a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, restricting the procedure to surgical centers, and requiring doctors performing abortions to have...

Rick Perry: 'Texas Is a Place Where We Defend Life'

Predicts GOP has got the votes to pass abortion ban

(Newser) - It's Sunday, which means there's a Texas politician discussing the state's abortion bill on national television. Wendy Davis took her crack last week, and Rick Perry said today that his state is "going to support protecting life . I'm pretty good at counting votes and I...

Texas Lawmakers Return for Abortion Battle, Take 2

Second special session begins today

(Newser) - Less than a week after Wendy Davis filibustered the Texas bill that would shutter most of the state's abortion clinics, state lawmakers have returned to the Capitol to take up the bill again. The first time around, the bill failed on the last day of a special legislative session;...

Wendy Davis: Perry Kicking Women to Curb for Politics

Plus, Pelosi on Snowden in the airport: 'He can stay there'

(Newser) - Wendy Davis took her 10 hours of filibustering fame and extended it by at least 15 minutes, appearing on three Sunday shows today and unloading on Texas Republicans trying to push through a 20-week abortion ban. “Gov. Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst are willing to … put women in...

Perry: What If Wendy Davis' Mom Had Aborted Her?

Davis says governor's remarks are 'without dignity'

(Newser) - Rick Perry set tongues wagging today with some rather personal remarks about legislator-turned-liberal-folk-hero Wendy Davis. In decrying Davis' filibuster, Perry pointed out that Davis was the daughter of a single mother, and had herself been a single teen mom, WFAA reports. "She didn't come from particularly good circumstances....

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