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Radio Host to Trayvon Pal: College Is on Me

Tom Joyner wants to send Zimmerman trial witness to college

(Newser) - Rachel Jeantel has faced criticism for her manner of speaking and trouble reading cursive, and radio host Tom Joyner wants to do something about it. The much-discussed witness in the George Zimmerman trial should finish high school and get a college education—and he's willing to pay for it,...

Jeantel: Zimmerman Verdict 'BS'

Trayvon Martin's friend talks to Piers Morgan

(Newser) - Trayvon Martin's friend Rachel Jeantel, the last person to speak with the teen and the witness who testified that she heard Trayvon yell at George Zimmerman to "get off," has one word for the not-guilty verdict: "BS." She tells CNN she's "disappointed, upset,...

FBI Expert Can't ID Screams on Trayvon 911 Tape

Jury hears tape of cops grilling Zimmerman

(Newser) - Good news for George Zimmerman? An FBI audio expert testified today that, on 911 audio from the night Trayvon Martin died, it's impossible to tell whether the screams heard in the background came from Trayvon or Zimmerman. According to Hirotaka Nakasone, there's not enough usable sound to identify...

Witness to Zimmerman Lawyer: 'That's Real Retarded'

Jeantel takes exception to suggestion that Trayvon Martin lied to her

(Newser) - Rachel Jeantel, the last woman to talk to Trayvon Martin before he died, took the stand for a second day of questioning today, and it was once again a distinctly combative affair. Judge Debra Nelson had to step in repeatedly as defense attorney Donald West grilled Jeantel, telling the lawyer...

Trayvon's Friend Recalls Him Saying, 'Get Off, Get Off'

Rachel Jeantel was on phone with him when he saw a 'creepy ass cracker' following

(Newser) - One of the prosecution's key witnesses in the George Zimmerman murder trial began her testimony today and recounted how she spoke with Trayvon Martin by phone as he tried to evade the man he described as a "creepy ass cracker" who had begun following him. At one point,...

5 Stories
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