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Vast Trove of Nazi Art Headed to Swiss Museum

But will go through Gurlitt collection, return any pieces that were looted

(Newser) - A Swiss museum today confirmed that it will accept a priceless collection of long-hidden art bequeathed to it by German collector Cornelius Gurlitt, but it said it will work with German officials to ensure any pieces looted by the Nazis from Jewish owners are returned. German authorities seized 1,280...

Museum Ready to Take $1.3B in Nazi-Looted Art

Swiss will help find owners of Gurlitt hoard

(Newser) - A small Swiss museum is ready to take on a huge collection of art looted by the Nazis—and the mammoth task of finding the rightful owners of the paintings. Insiders tell the Wall Street Journal that the Kunstmuseum Bern is preparing to accept the $1.3 billion collection of...

New Treasures Found in Nazi-Art Hoarder's Home

Including sculptures possibly from Degas and Rodin

(Newser) - German authorities have uncovered a third stash of artwork belonging to the late Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of a Nazi-era art dealer who died in May . An initial stash of paintings , worth $1.3 billion, was discovered in his home, followed by an even more significant hoard in Gurlitt's...

How the Nazi-Art Hoarder's Secret Will Came to Be

A government official's suggested idea came to life as a 'snub' on Germany

(Newser) - How did Cornelius Gurlitt, who vowed never to let his paintings go willingly, end up cutting a deal with Germany that will see pieces of his Nazi-era art stash returned to their rightful owners? As the Wall Street Journal reveals, it's a story "filled with legal maneuvering, delicate...

Nazi-Art Hoarder Leaves $1.3B in Paintings to 'Sole Heir'

Cornelius Gurlitt wanted museum to sort out ownership

(Newser) - A Nazi-era art hoarder who died yesterday has left his entire $1.3 billion collection to the Bern Art Museum—which now has the unenviable task of deciding who owns which paintings, the BBC reports. Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of Adolf Hitler's art dealer, had no close relatives and...

Nazi-Art Hoarder Dead at 81
 Nazi-Art Hoarder Dead at 81 

Nazi-Art Hoarder Dead at 81

Cornelius Gurlitt died following major heart surgery

(Newser) - The final six months of Cornelius Gurlitt's life were ones spent under a scrutiny that clashed with the reclusive years that preceded them. The German collector, who died this morning at age 81, was in November revealed to have a cache of art stashed amid expired cans of food...

Nazi-Art Hoarder, Germany Cut a Deal

Team will spend a year reviewing nearly half Cornelius Gurlitt's stash

(Newser) - Germany and Cornelius Gurlitt, who made headlines last year when his trove of Nazi-era art was uncovered, have hammered out a deal that could send some of the works back to their rightful owners, the New York Times reports. Under the official agreement announced yesterday, government-selected investigators will, over the...

Nazi-Art Hoarder's 2nd Trove Even More 'Significant'

Cornelius Gurlitt's Austrian home includes 60 works from Manet, Monet, Pissarro

(Newser) - If you thought the $1.3 billion in art discovered in 2012 in Cornelius Gurlitt's Munich apartment was impressive, this week's find may top it. Among the 60 or so artworks found in the Austrian home of Gurlitt—son of Nazi-approved art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt—are pieces from...

Art Stash Found in Nazi-Art Hoarder's 2nd Home

A rep for Cornelius Gurlitt says they do not appear to have been looted

(Newser) - In November came the news that German tax inspectors investigating an elderly loner in 2012 uncovered a cache of 1,406 works, at least some since confirmed to have been looted by the Nazis, stashed amid expired cans of food in the man's squalid Munich apartment. That man, Cornelius...

Nazi-Era Art Hoarder: I Want My Pictures Back

Cornelius Gurlitt relents, gives interview

(Newser) - A German man caught hoarding $1.3 billion in Nazi-era art has relented to the media glare and given an interview—in which he describes himself as a sad, lonely man who had nothing but great art to keep him company. "I'm just a very quiet person,"...

Hoarder of Nazi-Seized Art Tracked Down

Germany under pressure over $1.3B trove

(Newser) - The reclusive German who sat on a $1.3 billion stash of Nazi-seized art for decades has been tracked down by reporters—but Cornelius Gurlitt isn't talking. "Approval that comes from the wrong side is the worst thing that could happen," the 79-year-old son of a leading...

Recluse Who Held Trove of Nazi Art Has Vanished

Prosecutor says officials don't know where Cornelius Gurlitt is right now

(Newser) - Yesterday came the news that German tax inspectors investigating an elderly loner in 2011 uncovered a stash of Nazi-looted art believed to be worth $1.35 billion. Today come the details: The BBC reports the total haul recovered from Cornelius Gurlitt's Munich apartment was 1,258 unframed works and...

$1.3B of Nazi-Seized Art Found in Squalid Apartment

Dealer's son sat on huge stash for decades in Munich

(Newser) - German tax inspectors investigating an elderly loner were staggered to find a cache of 1,500 masterpieces stashed amid expired cans of food in the man's squalid Munich apartment. The art—believed to include works by Matisse, Picasso, and Chagall—was confiscated by Nazi authorities or bought for rock-bottom...

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