California drought

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California Lake Goes Dry, Kills Thousands of Fish

And residents say something smells rotten

(Newser) - A popular Northern California fishing hole went dry overnight last weekend, leaving residents scratching their heads and demanding answers, CBS Sacramento reports. Walker Lake, also known as Mountain Meadows Reservoir, is owned by the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, which uses it for hydroelectric power. A spokesperson for PG&E...

Group to Calif. Water Bottling Plant: See You in Court

Nonprofit wants an environmental impact report from Crystal Geyser

(Newser) - Complaints about a planned bottled water plant in Mount Shasta, Calif., have been cemented in a lawsuit. Nonprofit group We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review (WATER) claims Crystal Geyser doesn't have the proper permits and is violating land-use provisions in getting the plant up and running in a drought, reports...

Shade Balls to the Rescue? Hardly

 Shade Balls to the 
 Rescue? Hardly 

Shade Balls to the Rescue? Hardly

If they're strictly for water conservation, they're a bad investment: Grist

(Newser) - Los Angeles' 96 million shade balls are bizarre to say the least—which is partly why the media pounced on the story of their role in conserving water, as officials had hoped, Grist included. Now, the website does a careful walk-through of just why these balls aren't so hot....

Drought Is Causing California to Sink Fast

Some areas of Central Valley dropping 2 inches a month

(Newser) - Vast areas of California's Central Valley are sinking faster than in the past as massive amounts of groundwater are pumped during the historic drought, state officials say, citing new research by NASA scientists. The data shows the ground is sinking nearly 2 inches each month in some places, putting...

LA Fighting Drought With Millions of Black Plastic Balls

They prevent evaporation, keep water clean in reservoirs

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Reservoir has now turned black, but not from any kind of pollution. Over several months, city officials have been unleashing 96 million black plastic balls into the city's 175-acre reservoir in an effort to fight the effects of California's drought. The final 20,000 were...

Cost of Tom Selleck's Alleged Water-Swiping: $21,685.55

Selleck, water district didn't agree on everything, but settlement reached

(Newser) - The settlement deal in Tom Selleck's very own Watergate was finalized last night, with the actor agreeing to cough up $21,685.55—the cost of the PI hired by California's Calleguas Municipal Water District to investigate Selleck's alleged water-pilfering from the district, the AP reports. The...

Tom Selleck Reaches Deal in Water War

Details are confidential until water district's board approves

(Newser) - The water war is apparently over: Calleguas Municipal Water District says it has reached a tentative agreement with Tom Selleck after accusing the actor of stealing water from Ventura County to use on his 60-acre estate and avocado farm in Hidden Valley, Calif., amid a drought. The details of the...

Tom Selleck Accused of Stealing Water in Drought

Actor allegedly had truck fill up at hydrant in California

(Newser) - Brace yourself for lots of Magnum PI jokes today: Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing water amid California's drought to keep his sprawling estate and avocado farm well-watered. The Calleguas Municipal Water District, with help from a real private investigator, accuses Selleck of sending a water truck to...

Withering in Relentless Drought: the Joshua Tree

Drier than usual conditions in desert mean seedlings aren't taking root

(Newser) - The latest casualty in California's ongoing and massive drought comes from a rather arid place to begin with: The iconic Joshua tree, which grows only in the Mojave desert, is in trouble, reports the Los Angeles Times . "For Joshua trees, hotter, drier conditions are a problem—but a...

Calif.&#39;s New Rage: Fake Grass
 Calif.'s New Rage: Fake Grass 

Calif.'s New Rage: Fake Grass

As drought rages on, it begins to make more sense

(Newser) - From the same drought that brought the nation lawn-painting comes yet another fad in faux greenery: Fake lawns, nicknamed "frass," are gaining popularity in parched California, which is cracking down on water use. With live grass requiring 55 gallons of water a year per square foot, and with...

California Farmers Make Historic Water Concession

Some with rights going back a century agree to 25% cuts amid drought

(Newser) - Another sign of the severity of California's drought: Farmers who hold some of the oldest and thus strongest water rights in the state have agreed to voluntarily cut their water use by 25% this season. The move by the farmers in the delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin...

California's New Class Warfare: Drought Shaming

Snitching on water wasters goes viral as green lawns separate haves, have-nots

(Newser) - As California enters its fourth year of drought, with fines that the Los Angeles Times reports could range up to $10,000 for water wasting, citizens are taking to social media to not only rat on their neighbors but call out the state's wealthiest, some of whose magnificently manicured...

Nestlé Boss: Close Plant? I'd Use More Calif. Water

Tim Brown: 'We feel good about what we're doing'

(Newser) - Starbucks may have succumbed to pressure and moved its bottled water operation out of parched California, but Nestlé will "absolutely not" follow suit. In fact, despite demonstrations and a slew of online petitions (like this , this , and this ) aimed at getting Nestlé to stop what it's doing,...

Now Walmart Under Fire for Bottling Calif.'s Precious Water

Great Value's water comes from Sacramento municipal supply

(Newser) - First Starbucks , now Walmart is awash in complaints about its bottled water operation in Sacramento, which has been hard-hit by conservation measures amid California's drought. CBS13 reports the company's Great Value brand water comes from the Sacramento Municipal Water Supply and is sold to bottler DS Services...

Starbucks Bottled Water Exits Parched California

Ethos operation moves temporarily to Pennsylvania

(Newser) - Starbucks will shift its bottled water operation out of California as the state's lengthy drought intensifies . The coffee chain says it will move production of its Ethos water to Pennsylvania for six months while it searches for an alternative West Coast source, NBC News reports. "We are committed...

'Beyond Worst-Case Scenario,' California Makes Water Move

Drought regulations will aim to cut usage by up to 36%

(Newser) - Tens of millions of California residents must drastically cut back on their water use, according to new emergency drought regulations . The most drastic measures so far will force a statewide reduction in usage by 25% from 2013 amounts, with some inland regions forced to cut consumption by up to 36%...

NOAA: El Nino Is Here Too Late

Weather pattern won't do much for California drought

(Newser) - El Nino is here for the first time since 2010, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration —but it's too late and too weak to be much use where it's most needed. It won't provide "much relief for drought-stricken California, as California's rainy...

NOAA: Don't Blame Climate Change for Calif. Drought

Lack of rain caused by natural patterns, report says

(Newser) - Is humanity off the hook for California's record-breaking drought? A new federal report says the drought, "while extreme, is not an uncommon occurrence for the state," and is the result of natural weather patterns instead of man-made climate change, reports USA Today . NOAA researchers say a major...

California's Drought Worst Since 800 AD

Analysis of tree rings puts current spell at No. 1 over last 1.2K years

(Newser) - How's this for perspective: The drought currently being endured by Californians is the worst in 1,200 years. Researchers who analyzed tree rings going back to 800 AD found that the three-year period from 2012 to 2014 ranks as the most severe over that span, reports the Los Angeles ...

California Drought Perk: Better Wine

A vintage 'for the ages': winemaker

(Newser) - The long drought in California is, of course, bad news for most in the agriculture business—but winemakers are seeing some real benefits. The lack of rain is actually leading to some of the best wine Napa and Sonoma counties have seen in a while, the Wall Street Journal reports....

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