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Delta Flight Attendants: Uniforms Causing Big Issues

Joining their American Airlines counterparts, Delta staffers say new garb causes rashes, hair loss

(Newser) - American Airlines has already pumped more than $1 million into toxicological tests to see why its recently introduced flight attendant uniforms are causing what appear to be allergic reactions . Now Delta is joining the itchy fray, with that airline's flight attendants saying their own uniforms have been leading to... More »

Steinem Feature a Disaster for Lands' End

Backlash, apology, more backlash

(Newser) - Gloria Steinem appears in the recently released Spring catalog for Lands' End, discussing her quest for women's equality. The interview "was innocuous, focused on women, in keeping with the brand, and in support of a charity," writes Laura Heller for Forbes , noting the company offered a way... More »

Customers: Lands' End Sent Us 'Pornographic' Mag

Not everyone was pleased with free copy of 'GQ' featuring Emily Ratajkowski

(Newser) - Lands' End has been rewarding customers who spend $100 or more by sending them free magazines—but the promotion turned sour when the issue of GQ that most recently landed in customers' mailboxes featured a topless Emily Ratajkowski with just a lei covering her breasts, the Huffington Post reports. Dozens... More »

3 Stories