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A Ninja Attacked Army Special Ops Unit With a Sword

It was reportedly a katana

(Newser) - Some odd reports out of California are painting a bizarre picture of an attack on a US Army special operations unit--by a ninja. Or at least a man dressed as one. Per NPR , members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment were training at the Inyokern Airport in Kern County...

Stealthy Thieves Hit Ninja Museum
Stealthy Thieves
Hit Ninja Museum

Stealthy Thieves Hit Ninja Museum

They made off with heavy safe in under 3 minutes

(Newser) - The Iga-ryu Ninja Museum in central Japan has a display that shows how "ninjas infiltrated undetected by anyone, and escaped as well." Stealthy thieves managed to do the same thing at the museum earlier this week, the Guardian reports. Authorities say the thieves broke in with a crowbar...

A Real-Life Ninja? One Guy Is Close

A Real-Life
One Guy
Is Close

A Real-Life Ninja? One Guy Is Close

A Japanese university has its first graduate in a ninja program

(Newser) - Ninjas are the stuff of lore in Japan, not to mention Hollywood. But now a 45-year-old Japanese man can lay claim to being the closest thing to an actual ninja in the modern world. Genichi Mitsuhashi is the first person to complete a rigorous master's program in the ninja...

Invisible Ink Brings an A in Ninja History Class

Student in Japan wins points for creativity

(Newser) - A professor in Japan had to concede that a student in ninja history knew her stuff when she turned in an essay in invisible ink that she'd made herself. The essay came with a note written in regular ink saying to heat before reading. Once the professor held the...

Cops Finally Catch 'Ninja' Thief, and It's a Surprise
Cops Finally Catch
'Ninja' Thief, and
It's a Surprise

Cops Finally Catch 'Ninja' Thief, and It's a Surprise

Agile crook who eluded police for 8 years is 74 years old, say authorities in Japan

(Newser) - For the better part of a decade, an agile, black-clad thief eluded police in Osaka, Japan, as he pulled off burglary after burglary. But the reign of the crook who came to be known as the "Ninja of Heisei" appears to be over, and it came with a big...

'Ninja' Breaks Into Store, Steals Just One Thing

A katana sword

(Newser) - A person dressed as a ninja broke into an Anchorage, Alaska, comics and games store Friday night and only took one thing—arguably the one thing a ninja needs most: a katana sword. The only damage left behind was at the point of entry, and when staff members reviewed surveillance...

American Is Japan's First Foreign Ninja

Chris O'Neill back-flipped his way to coolest gig ever

(Newser) - It's yet another first in the odd field of American ninja-dom: A tourism panel in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi has named American Chris O'Neill as the first foreign ninja to find paid work in Japan. The 29-year-old, who lives in Tokyo, was one of 235 people to...

Professional Ninjas Wanted, Apply Today

Japan is making childhood dreams come true

(Newser) - Japan is about to make some childhood dreams come true. That's because the country's Aichi prefecture is currently hiring six full-time ninjas, Quartz reports. According to the BBC , a neighboring prefecture has a highly successful ninja museum, and Aichi wants to bring in tourists of its own. The...

2 Ninja-Robbers Get Out-Ninjaed

They run into a sword-wielding clerk

(Newser) - Two ninja-clad teens armed with a machete and expecting an easy robbery at a Pittsburgh convenience store got quite a shock when a cashier pulled out a sword and started chasing them. Surveillance video shows the teens entering Perry Market on Friday night. One goes behind the counter with his...

Ninja Sister-Wives Busted in Crazy Home Invasion

They were ultimately defeated by guy with a Samurai sword, natch

(Newser) - "I went to the bottom of the stairs and saw a couple of ninjas coming down." So begins the crazy tale out of Utah from Thursday night. As the Salt Lake Tribune tells it, two women—variously described as either sister wives or in a polygamous relationship with...

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