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Ben Carson Raised the Most. But How'd He Spend It?

More went to fundraising, consultants than mass media advertising

(Newser) - Ben Carson ran for president, and his consultants won. The political newcomer, who said Friday that he was ending his bid for the White House , raised $58 million, more money than any other GOP contender raised. ( Time notes Ted Cruz is No. 2 in terms of direct fundraising.)...

Ben Carson Officially Drops Out

He'll move on to chair position at My Faith Votes

(Newser) - Ben Carson has officially ended his presidential campaign, two days after unofficially ending it . Carson got a standing ovation after making the announcement during an appearance at CPAC Friday and adding that he would remain "heavily involved in trying to save the nation," NBC News reports. His new...

Carson Admits Campaign Is Hopeless, Will Keep Running Anyway

But he's skipping Thursday's GOP debate in his hometown

(Newser) - Ben Carson doesn't believe he has any way to win the Republican nomination for president and won't be attending Thursday's GOP debate in his hometown of Detroit, the Washington Post reports. But he's still technically going to keep running for president anyway, it seems. "I...

Trump Projected to Take First Early State for GOP
 Trump Takes 
 7 States; 
 Cruz Wins 3 
super tuesday

Trump Takes 7 States; Cruz Wins 3

Rubio notched a single Super Tuesday win

(Newser) - Donald Trump had his expected strong night on Super Tuesday, but he didn't post a clean sweep. He won seven states—Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, and Vermont—but Ted Cruz defeated him in the senator's own home state of Texas, in neighboring Oklahoma and in Alaska,...

Carson Calling Fellow Candidates to Set Up Meeting

He wants to agree on a code of conduct for Thursday's debate

(Newser) - Ben Carson is apparently wondering why we all can't just get along. The GOP presidential candidate released a statement Tuesday saying that the presidential race "has taken a turn for the worse, to the point of embarrassment on the world stage," and noting that Carson is calling...

Winners, Losers From GOP Debate
 Winners, Losers 
 From GOP Debate 
the rundown

Winners, Losers From GOP Debate

Will Rubio's attacks on Trump matter?

(Newser) - The debate post-mortems have a clear theme Friday morning: Marco Rubio is the consensus winner after his relentless attacks on Donald Trump, with the big question being whether it's too late to stop the frontrunner's momentum. Some highlights:
  • "This was not only Rubio's best debate performance.

Ben Carson Dismisses Obama as 'Raised White'

'He didn't grow up like I grew up,' says presidential contender

(Newser) - Ben Carson has strong words about the first black American president: "He's an 'African'-American. He was, you know, raised white," Carson tells Glenn Thrush in a Politico interview published Tuesday. "He didn't grow up like I grew up," says Carson, who was...

Carson's Travel Plans Again Under Scrutiny

The GOP candidate left New Hampshire in the afternoon

(Newser) - Ben Carson's New Hampshire primary evening started a lot like his Iowa caucuses one: with chatter about his travel plans. This time, picking up fresh clothes apparently isn't involved, but Politico reports by way of his campaign that the GOP candidate decamped the state in the afternoon. He...

Who Won, Lost the GOP Debate
 Who Won, Lost  
 the GOP Debate  
the rundown

Who Won, Lost the GOP Debate

Common theme: Good night for governors, bad for frontrunners

(Newser) - The Republicans wrapped up their last debate before New Hampshire votes on Tuesday, a particularly feisty affair in which Marco Rubio took the biggest hits . One theme emerging is that it was a good night for governors but not for frontrunners:
  • Dan Balz of the Washington Post : "Marco Rubio

Debate Introductions Could Not Have Gone Worse

Bad acoustics blamed for confusion

(Newser) - The Republican debate Saturday night began generating buzz before the first question was even asked, thanks to a comically confusing opening. (See the video .) It began when Ben Carson couldn't hear his own introduction because of noise in the New Hampshire auditorium and stood off stage—with a...

Ben Carson Is Headed Home for 'Fresh Clothes'

He's 'not standing down,' says spokesman

(Newser) - The first actual results of the 2016 election are finally coming in, candidates are plotting their post-Iowa trips to New Hampshire and South Carolina, and Ben Carson is ... taking a break to go home and get fresh clothes? So says campaign spokesman Jason Osborne, reports the Hill . Carson is "...

Trump Impersonation Opens GOP Debate

'Everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly'

(Newser) - There was no empty podium for Donald Trump, but his absence was immediately acknowledged as the 7th GOP debate kicked off Thursday night. The first question went to Ted Cruz, via Megyn Kelly, who said, "Senator Cruz, before we get to the issues, let's address the elephant not...

Carson Volunteer Killed in Campaign Van Crash

Candidate canceled events and flew to hospital

(Newser) - A sad day for the Ben Carson campaign: The GOP candidate canceled Tuesday and Wednesday campaign events after the death of a volunteer in a car crash in western Iowa. Braden Joplin, a 25-year-old from Midland, Texas, was fatally injured and three other campaign workers were hurt Tuesday afternoon when...

Who Won, Lost GOP Debate
 Who Won, Lost GOP Debate 

Who Won, Lost GOP Debate

This could be curtains for Carson, pundits say

(Newser) - Thursday night's GOP debate in South Carolina may have been the last good chance for low-polling candidates to shake things up a little—but while it was a feisty affair, it was short on surprises, with front-runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz dominating. Here's what the pundits are...

Cruz Turns Tables on Trump Over Birther Question
Cruz Turns Tables on Trump Over Birther Question
GOP debate

Cruz Turns Tables on Trump Over Birther Question

'I’m not going to use your mother’s birth against you,' he says

(Newser) - Ted Cruz got the birther question about 30 minutes into Thursday night's debate, and he used his response to ridicule the notion that he might not be eligible for the White House because of his birth in Canada. He's eligible, he reiterated, because his mother was an American...

Carson Reveals Reasons for Campaign Shake-up

He's now got a retired general running the show

(Newser) - Ben Carson says last week's shake-up of campaign staff was because he is "in a different ballgame" now—and the previous campaign leaders apparently weren't ready for the big leagues. The candidate told ABC 's This Week that the campaign always had good ideas, but lacked...

Carson Campaign Turmoil: 2 Top Aides Quit

Campaign manager and communications chief are gone

(Newser) - Signs of trouble in the Ben Carson campaign Thursday: His campaign manager and his communications chief quit effective immediately, reports CNN . Both were clashing with conservative radio host and Carson adviser Armstrong Williams about the direction of the campaign, reports the New York Times . “Dr. Carson is back in...

Big Lines From the Debate
 Big Lines From the Debate 

Big Lines From the Debate

"Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency."

(Newser) - Here are some of the more memorable lines emerging from Tuesday night's debate, culled from CNN and the Washington Post transcript:
  • Jeb Bush: "Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency." (Bush has gone after Trump repeatedly, labeling him a

Debate's Big Question: Will Anyone Go After Trump?

What to watch for in Tuesday night's Republican contest

(Newser) - Tuesday night brings the last debate of the year for Republicans, and one common theme in previews is that in a year of relatively lively debates, this one might be the liveliest yet. Some things to watch:
  • Will anyone hit Trump? "Easily the biggest question" of the night is

Larry Flynt Offers $1M for Dirt on Carson Adviser

Porn kingpin says candidate is a 'hypocrite'

(Newser) - Ben Carson is a hypocrite who is "partnering with an accused sexual predator" while attacking same-sex marriage, according to Larry Flynt, who's offering up to $1 million for proof that Carson campaign chief Armstrong Williams sexually harassed men. In an ad to be published in the Las Vegas ...

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